TSJ1000/435 Drilling Rig

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TSJ1000/435 drilling rig is mainly used for drilling and exploration of water resource, medium and shallow petroleum, natural gas, CBM and geothermy, also used for geology, mine construction and other engineering borehole.

Structure Features
1.Mechanical transmission, rotary table rotation,low center of gravity, smooth transmission, strong and durable, reliable operation, good sealing

2.Reasonable structure for easy maintenance and repair

3.Available to match with cathead device to tighten and loosen drilling tools

Main Technical Parameters

Drilling depth(Φ89mm Φ73mm Φ60mm drill pipe )     (m)

1000  1500  2000

ID of rotary table                                   (mm)  


Rotating speed of rotary table(forward ,reverse)         (r/min)                        

48  69  110  190

Max. output torque of rotary table                    (kN.m)  


Max. hoisting capacity of single rope                   (kN)              


Hoisting speed of winch (second layer)                 (m/s)              

0.84  1.90  3.3

Input rotating speed of clutch                        (r/min)    


Traveling system


Matching Power

Diesel motor

4135AN     120Ps

Electric motor

Y315S-4     90kW

Overall dimensions                                (mm)    


Net weight (exclude power)                          (kg)


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