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We mainly engaged in manufacturing PHC concrete piles with diameters of Φ600~Φ1400 for wharf. Every year, the company produces various types of concrete piles of over 150,000 meters with single-section pile of 41meter long and annual gross output value up to RMB 600 million.
With years’ manufacturing experience of concrete piles and a great number of excellent technological and management talents, the company persists in technical innovation and research of new products. The large-diameter PHC concrete piles with merits such as good bending strength, large bearing capacity, fine resistance against the external force and so forth have been the preferential choice of structural materials for foundation engineering construction  such as large ports, wharfs, shipyard, huge bridges, high-rise buildings, heavy factories, high-speed railway, etc.
The company holds the operation philosophy of “honest, practical and harmonious for win-win” and persists in the quality guideline of “constant improvement with prohibition of non-conforming products into construction site” to provide you sincerely with superior products and service.

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Q:What is the welding method of rail butt joint?
When welding, advance the end to be welded two workpiece fixed in the mould, then the aluminum and iron oxide powder mixture (called thermite) is heated in a crucible, the reduction of the exothermic reaction, become liquid metal (iron) and slag (Al2O3), injection mold. The liquid metal flows into the gap of the joint to form the weld metal, and the slag floats on the surface.
Q:How many kinds of steel are needed to build the building?
Definition: Steel (Steel): material of various shapes, sizes, and properties required by pressure processing for ingots, billets, or steels.
Q:The type of silicon steel sheet silicon steel plate
Hot rolled silicon steel sheet (GBH46002-90) for household appliancesThe grades of hot-rolled silicon steel sheets for household appliances are expressed in J (home) D (electric) R (hot rolled), i.e. JDR. After JDR, the number is iron core value *100, the line number is the steel plate thickness (mm) *100. The electromagnetic properties of hot rolled silicon steel sheets for household appliances can be slightly lower, and the minimum value of iron loss (P15/50) is 5.40W/kg. General delivery without delivery.Used in all kinds of electric fans, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, hoods and other household appliances such as differential motors.
Q:Is there any difference between the rigid and rigid connections in the design of steel structures?
However, the rigid joint generally refers to the upper structure, the horizontal and vertical components, joints and constraints, generally referred to as a point.
Q:What is the difference between general steel and special steel?
Pu steel: full name ordinary steel, mostly with plates, profiles and wire form. Ordinary steel is the basic material of the earliest, the largest amount of use in industry, widely used in architectural structure, bridge components, hull structure, transportation, machinery manufacturing, agriculture, textile, defense industry, metal products, food industry, household appliances and other various departments of the national economy.
Q:Building height is 5m, the main dry hanging stone square spacing value should be how much better?
Man, I specialize in this industry. You are not very clear, some data depends on how thick you use, what specifications of stone. More important is to see how large the main keel (channel or Fang Gang) you use, and how far the stone faces are separated from the structural surface.
Q:At the same time, cut aluminum and silicon steel sheet material, what NC blade?
The main problem of aluminum alloy is that it is easy to stick the knife in cutting, that is, serious accretion. Usually rely on large front angle, large back angle, and sharp blade, the front face of the knife, smooth surface, to ensure non stick knife, that is, by the angle of the tool to solve the problem, rather than material.
Q:In the welding of steel structure, the welding between I-beam and stiffener needs three sides to be welded
The welding between the I-beam and the stiffener can strengthen the action! Intermittent welding in visual condition.
Q:Steel structure component assembling method
A method of assembling a part of a component with a die in its assembly position. This assembly method is suitable for large volume and high precision products.
Q:Seamless steel pipe 8162 and 8163 what is the difference?
GB 8162 is the structure of the tube, there is no need for flaw detection, the use of mechanical processing, stents;

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