Truing and Dressing Machines are designed for the truing and dressing of flats, angles

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 Machine Features

Heavy duty construction with one-piece cast iron base.
Cross table incorporates precision linear slides, ball screws, and is fully covered for accuracy and long life.
Variable speed 2 HP (1.5 KW) motor with quick-change HSK 50, #40 Taper or customer specified spindle. Adapters are available to suit all CNC and non-CNC grinding machines.
Machine can be provided with a dust-collection system (optional).
Heavy duty rotary table pivots with two pairs of precision angular contact bearings.
Variable-speed dressing wheel and the oscillation is adjustable in position, stroke and frequency.
RushVision system allows for easy setup and for measuring wheel diameter, width, position, and inspection during or after dressing.
Full enclosure, PLC control and servo motors for automatic infeed, oscillation and pivoting of truing wheel axes.

Standard Accessories

High resolution B/W camera with zoom lens and preset magnifications (15x, 30x, & 60x.)
Automatic power zooming control system.
Video overlay (CAD generated drawing overlaid on live video image).
Onboard PC with Windows operating system and 22" widescreen display monitor.
RushVision software program.
Optical linear scales with digital display counter (.0001"(.001mm) increment) X, Y axis.
High performance swivel angle reader (0.03 degree increments).
Instruction and parts manual.
One-year limited warranty.
Quick-change wheel spindle for HSK50 or #40 Taper. Other tapers available
Machine set-up and training by Rush Machinery personnel.
Oscillation lockout brake for use when dressing concave radii.

Optional Accessories

Dust collection system. Industrial duty, quiet, low maintenance, with ¾ HP motor.
Truing/Dressing Wheel Automatic Swiveling 1-40/min (infinitely variable) (FC-250EX only).
Customer specified quick-change spindle nose adapters for most all types of grinders.
Special option available for larger diameter wheels. Contact us for a quotation based on your specific requirements.
Higher magnification zoom lens (30x, 60x & 120x).
AutoView (automatic camera positioning) System. Computer operated slides for the movement of the camera throughout the work area. Recommended when working with radii larger than 0.25” (6mm) or high accuracy work.

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