Truck Natural tire flap 900/1000-20

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1.Materiaal:Natural rubber inner tube

3.Performance:good gas tightness.anti-aging anti-corrosion,excellent wearing resistence


5.Valve:as per customers requirement

tyre flapweight


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Q:What does car tire t mean?
Speed level
Q:After the car tires fill, can not use?
See how to make up, and small nails do tire repair, of course, no problem, the sidewall rupture of the tire is best not to use, when the temporary use of spare tire it.
Q:What are the tires for car tires?
The main material of automotive tires is rubber, the most widely used natural rubber, butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butyl rubber and so on. Early car tires are inside and outside the tire structure, which is made of rubber tire, tire from the rubber and multi-layer curtain fabric made. Now the tubeless tires are mostly radial tires. The early radial tires were reinforced with steel wires. With the development of chemical technology, the steel radial meridians were gradually replaced by Kevlar, which was lighter than the synthetic fibers.
Q:What brand of car tires good?
For SUV is the English sports Utility Vehicle acronym, that is, "sport utility vehicle." There are three main types of tire for this type: HT, AT, MT, which represent high-speed pavement, all terrain, mud three use orientation. HT fetal wall crown thin, thin tires, the body is softer, basically is the increase in the size of the car tires, very suitable for urban and highway asphalt pavement. The AT tires are a moderation, walking in the asphalt road is not noisy, wear and tear is not fast, in the bad road to go and not easy to be nails tied to climb the sand slope over the dirt road is also easy. MT is the other extreme, the noise on the road, wear, stability, security, regardless, it is only concerned about the slippery in the mud can pull a few tons of heavy body.
Q:What should I go by for filling up my tires?
Go by the trunk sticker.
Q:Tire sizing...?
Depends on how (which system) is used to size tyres. With old inch designation (EX 28X4.00X18) the first number is the OD of the tyre (from this subtract the ID or wheel size then divide by two,now figure the percentage of the width and this is aspect ratio) Used on older bikes through about 1940. Some Coker MC tyres still use this, so do some LT and SUV tyres. With newer inch designation (EX 5.10H16 4pr) the aspect ratio is normally 90% (the ply rating is not always added) Used on most Anglo and American bikes. With alphabetical (alphanumeric) designation (EX MT90-16 B) the number following alphas is the aspect ratio in percentage. Used on most Euro bikes. With SI (although it is incorrect this is usually refered to as metric) designation (EX 130/90-16 67 H) it is the number following the / Once used on only Jap bikes, has now become common on all newer bikes including HD
Q:Car tires with 2 years have a drum package, and with four tires all change it?
Do not need four are for, only need to also drum tires can be, if the conditions can be left and right tires are for.
Q:Car tire oil seal
Well, the abnormal leakage of oil on the car is certainly not a good thing, you said the oil seal on the impact of the oil, oil seal oil, it will lead to lack of bearing bearings, bearings will be issued, heat, Stuck, to this step on the impact of the car on the big
Q:What is the steel thing in the middle of the tires of the car?
The wheel is a cylindrical metal part with a shaft as the center for supporting the tire. In layman's terms, the position of the axle in which the axle is installed is the important zero point of the brake drum (brake disc), the wheel and the axle part.
Q:True or False: Your tired?
False...Not now and,NOT this one, but some questions weary me in that they are mis-placed or just a drain due to repetition and people posting the same question,in different form/avatar so it is a chore to know what is a question, a troll or an interrogation. lol, anyway, hope you are all on top and energised.

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