Truck Natural tire flap 900/1000-20

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1.Materiaal:Natural rubber inner tube

3.Performance:good gas tightness.anti-aging anti-corrosion,excellent wearing resistence


5.Valve:as per customers requirement

tyre flapweight


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Q:How to detect the tire pressure of car tires
Landlord, you go to OKorder to buy a tire pressure watch on the Well, do not know what you are car, Jia Tong technician friend told me that the car's tire pressure in general 2.2, full load 2.4 (generally refers to the rear wheel). And the general car fuel tank cover or driver under the door will be marked,
Q:What is the level of car tires?
Tire thickness, pattern, material
Q:What does the car tires represent above?
Above that basically correct, 235 / 70R16 235 is the cross-sectional design of the tire width is 235 mm actually there will be positive and negative 3% error, 70 is the flat ratio, that is, high cross section and width ratio, also known as high width The smaller the number, the more flattened. R is the representative of the radial tire structure, 16 on behalf of the tire steel ring is 16 inches. Followed by the English alphabet is the speed level.
Q:what is the best tire pressure on a ford tauras 97 with goodyear viva 2 205/65/15
it really is stamped on the area of the tire the motor vehicle manufacture has a plate commonly on the door it truly is for the most gentle vacation and coping with skills no longer for the existence expectancy of the tire i run what the tire producer advise.
Q:How long can a car tire be used?
Even if the tires look good, the proposal is still to be replaced, because the tire material is the main material of rubber, rubber in the case of long time will be aging, not to mention the use of the environment often used by the wind and sun it. Tire aging, the hidden dangers of a lot, ranging from normal driving in the case will increase fuel consumption, while the weight will be because of the tire tread traction, adhesion decreased significantly, resulting in increased braking distance, wet road Prone to "drift situation", if not replaced in time, traffic safety risk will be greatly increased, for security reasons, the timely replacement is very necessary.
Q:Flat Tire? sound funny ?
you could desire to have bought a minimum of two tires in the different case you could desire to get a issue like that. What you could desire to have completed became into taken it to the dealership the tires could desire to have nonetheless been under guarantee. you probably did replace the inspite of the undeniable fact that once you replace a tire you could desire to re stability all the different tires, all tires could desire to be balanced by one gadget of else the single tire replace is purely no longer balanced to all others, inflicting a vibration. i choose for to propose you flow get all 4 tires balanced and force it around. if the issue persist replace the tire on the different facet of the automobile which you already replaced.
Q:Which brand of car tires is good?
Michelin, but my tires are Goodyear
Q:Tire sizing...?
Depends on how (which system) is used to size tyres. With old inch designation (EX 28X4.00X18) the first number is the OD of the tyre (from this subtract the ID or wheel size then divide by two,now figure the percentage of the width and this is aspect ratio) Used on older bikes through about 1940. Some Coker MC tyres still use this, so do some LT and SUV tyres. With newer inch designation (EX 5.10H16 4pr) the aspect ratio is normally 90% (the ply rating is not always added) Used on most Anglo and American bikes. With alphabetical (alphanumeric) designation (EX MT90-16 B) the number following alphas is the aspect ratio in percentage. Used on most Euro bikes. With SI (although it is incorrect this is usually refered to as metric) designation (EX 130/90-16 67 H) it is the number following the / Once used on only Jap bikes, has now become common on all newer bikes including HD
Q:What is the size of the car tires (including: large, small)?
You say is the wheel bar car tire steel ring, commonly known as the "wheel" when the wheel diameter remains unchanged (tire tread outer diameter), and increase the hub diameter, will make the "thin side of the tire" tire is rubber Manufacturing, is a flexible tire thick, in the car during the process, you can absorb the road from the stimulation, and can play the role of shock absorption, increase ride comfort. But at high speed, easy to produce tire resonance, affecting the stability of the suspension; Similarly, in the high-speed cornering, flexible tires in the body of the "centrifugal force" and "roll" under the action of deformation, affecting the wheel Earth and thin tires, its advantages and disadvantages and the thick tires just the opposite, but also to provide a good sense of road racing, is conducive to their play. The use of cars to increase the diameter of the hub, most of them are racing or sports car, its excellent suspension system, can greatly eliminate the tire after the resulting weakness.
Q:How to maintain the best tire tires?
Energy - saving tires can choose the current green and environmental requirements more stringent, environmental protection will become a permanent theme, some tire manufacturers have to produce energy - saving tires, this tire is not only long life, and fuel - efficient, environmentally friendly, can reduce the car exhaust Emissions, in future car production, energy-saving tires or will become mainstream.

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