Truck Natural tire flap 900/1000-20

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1.Materiaal:Natural rubber inner tube

3.Performance:good gas tightness.anti-aging anti-corrosion,excellent wearing resistence


5.Valve:as per customers requirement

tyre flapweight


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Q:How to choose car tires
If you are most concerned about the wear resistance of tires, choose a relatively hard, high wear resistance index, such as Hankook, etc., but you have to endure its noise; if you open high-end cars, the main can be comfortable and safe, you can choose Dunlop , Michelin and other peaceful tires; if you like sports, Pirelli, horse card strong grip for you. And each big brand with the same tire specifications have several different patterns to deal with different markets.
Q:Does siping your tires really work?
Renegade, I have been driving for 46 years myself and never heard of siping . Must be something the yuppie crowd has come up with.
Q:Why is it easy to fall in the car tires?
In summer, tires made of rubber material withstand high temperature friction, and therefore easy to become fragile, prone to premature aging. So the season also do not have to maintain the tire. Tire maintenance work in the fall is the first time to add air pressure to keep it within the specified standard pressure range. It is recommended that the owner should check the air pressure and do not drive when the tire pressure is insufficient. It should also be careful to check if the tire has any other damage. In addition, if the tire surface wear serious, to timely replacement of new tires, repeated repair of the tire also try to replace. When the temperature drops rubber tires also become brittle, reducing the friction coefficient, easy to leak, Zhan Tire, even the replacement of new tires, but also often the tire surface pattern of debris clean up, check whether there are scratches, Drums.
Q:Tyre Recycling?
Have worked in tyres for 30+ years so have got a bit of knowledge now! Many ways to recycle tyres....... Tread rubber is 'crumbed' and made into soft surfaces for playgrounds, horse exercise yards etc. The rubber crumb is now being used in tarmac to resurface roads. Whole tyres are sometimes used to 'engineer' groundworks but it is illegal to landfill whole or part tyres. Whole tyres are strung together and sunk of the coast to form artificial reefs for fish breeding. The most environmentally friendly disposal method is to use the tyres cut up into 2" squares and then used as a fuel in cement kilns. The volcanic temperature attained ensures the tyre and any residue actually dissappears! It also provides a readily available cheap fuel for the kiln. Want to know any more - give me a shout
Q:are rotalla tires good?
This Site Might Help You. RE: are rotalla tires good? Price 260 all 4 tires
Q:Chinese car tires which brand the best
Positive tires,then according to Michelin tire product positioning to choose the right of your tires
Q:What are the common problems with car tires?
Know the tire wear mark "△" pattern depth generally can not be less than 1.6mm At present, many owners do not know the extent of the tire tread to replace the tire, but do not know the importance of pattern on traffic safety. Research shows that the tread pattern is too shallow, in addition to poor drainage, the crown of the heat can not be discharged in a timely manner, so that the tire temperature rise, emergency braking, it is easy to scratch the crown rubber and lead to puncture; shallow. Especially easy to be hard to pierce the tread, causing the accident. So, what kind of pattern should be grinding to the extent of it? Under normal circumstances, every tire on every 60 degrees in its sidewall has a small "△" symbol, a total of six small "△" (Michelin tires are small snow standard), in the small "△" symbol In front of the crown part, the pattern is engraved with the residual depth limit of the pattern. When the pattern wears to this residual depth limit, the tire should be replaced and should not be used. Experiments show that the tire tread depth of the general can not be less than 1.6mm, otherwise, both the tire driving force or braking performance should be greatly reduced, and encountered waterway, there will be "water taxiing" phenomenon.
Q:Beverly should change the brand of car tires
Beverly tires original specifications for the 165 / 70R14 recommended comfort pull back R699 pattern price of about 200 wear resistance Han Tai RA08 pattern price of 200 or so other not recommended Hubei taxi with the ratio of the two patterns the highest conversion can be changed to 185 / 60R14 aluminum Alloy wheels a 240 tires can be changed for Michelin VIVACY pattern 380 or so Citroen original wear and comfort performance high Michelin ENERGY XM1 + pattern price of about 400 fuel-efficient comfortable quiet private car preferred
Q:What causes a bubble in a sidewall of a tire?
GOOD TIRES SAVE LIVES! OF brand tires are JUNK usually! The BEST newer tires are FUEL EFICEINT ONES and a BUBBKLE in the sidewall happens , CONTIENTAL, BRIDGESTONE, YOKOHAMA, HANKOOK or even KUMHOP! If youa re TRYING to save moeny, try JUNK YARDS! many times a car gest SMASHED and JKED< but ha PERFECTLY NEW tires on it in a SET! This is MUCH BETTER thatn BUYING BAD TIRES with NO NAME and RISKY reputations! SEND THEM BACK!<<<HARDLY EVER BAD MOUNTING! The MACHINE does notusualy touch the SIDEWALLS and BUBLES indiacte WEAKNESSES in MANUFACTURE! WHAT DID YOU GET??
Q:Are used tires safe to buy?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Are used tires safe to buy? I just want to know how safe are used tires? And also how to know if you are purchasing good used tires.

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