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Overall lengthMm13790
Overall widthMm2800
Overall heightMm3675
Dead weight in travel stateKg42490
Front axle loadKg16490
Rear axle loadKg26000
Engine modelWD615.334
Engine rated outputKw(r/min)247/2200
Engine rated torqueN.m(r/min)1350/1400
Travel speedKm/h80
Min. turning diameterM24
Min. ground clearanceMm327
Approach angle21
Departure angle15
Max. gradeability%40
Fuel consumption of per 100kmL≈42
Lifting performance  
Max. total rated lifting loadT50
Min. rated working radiusM3
Turning radius at swing table tailMm3500
Base boom max. load momentKn.m1838
Base boomM11.4
Full-extend boomM43.3
Full-extend boom+Jibm59.3
Outrigger longitudinal distance spanM5.91
Outrigger lateral distance spanM6.9
Working speed  
Boom elevating timeS88
Boom telescoping timeS180
Max. slewing speedr/min2
Main winch max. speed(single line)m/min130
Auxiliary winch max.speed(single line)m/min130


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