TRUCK CRANE TC200, Comfort and Safety,Easy to Maintain

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Overall Length12410 mm
Overall Width2500 mm
Overall Height3300 mm
Dead Weight in Travel26215 kg
Front Axle Load6795 kg
Rear Axle Load19650 kg
Engine ModelISDe230 30
Engine Rated Power169 kw (227 hp)@ 2,500 rpm
Engine Rated Torque900 Nm @1,200-1,600 rpm
Max.Travel Speed80 km/h
Min. Turning Radius20 m
Approach Angle18
Departure Angle13
Max. Gradeability40%
Lifting Performance
Max. Lifting Load 20 t
Min. Working Radius 3 m
Max. Rated Torque of Main Boom 850 Kn.m
Basic Boom Height 10.5 m
Fully Extended Boom Height 33 m
Extended Boom + Jib Height 41.8 m
Outrigger Longitudinal Distance 5010 mm
Outrigger Lateral Distance 5680 mm
 Working Speed
 Boom Elevating Time 72 sec
 Boom Telescoping Time 50 sec
 Max. Swinging Speed 2.5 rpm
 Main Winch max. speed (single line)130 m/min
 Auxiliary winch max.speed(single line)130 m/min



Comfort and Safety

  • Dust and water proof halogen lamps are mounted on the crane to ensure safety for night work. Halogen lamps have large lighting area and offer very uniform lighting.

  • New wider metal  control room structure, open design for visibility safe and comfortable.

  • Flat metal cabin structure, fullview windshield, adjustable seats,  luxurious interior, CD, MP3, air conditioning, foldable sleeping bed.

  • Height weight, heigh ground clearance, more safe and practical.

Easy to Maintain

  • The rotary bearing is an  external gear slewing mechanism, with strong bearing capacity is strong. This design is very easy to maintain.

  • Self-sealing, oil return filter, is easy to repair and replace, without needing to drain the hydraulic oil.

Always Reliable

  • DELPHI brand electic plug-in boards  for better electric system reliabilty

  •  First-class master control valves ensures work is stable and reliable.

  • 5.01 m x 5.68 m spacing, 1.33 times overload performance operation is stable and reliable.

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