Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Patterns DD909

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Product Description:

1,Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Pattern Description:


The tyre is used to used on expressways and urban roads.Used for all-wheel positions of passenger cars and front wheels of trucks.


Four-rim tread design of the tyre with unique zigzag grooves on sides ensures excellent driving force, braking force and drainability, increasing the steering stability.


The unique groove bottoms on tread surfaces offer the tyre excellent self-cleaning capability.


The tyre Wide grooves on shoulder and low-heat rubber formulation ensure high-speed driving and long-term durability.



2,Main Features of the Truck and Bus tyre:


• Full steel


Long Mileage


• Low heat rebber formulation


•Excellent wear-resistant tread


3.The Truck and Bus Tyre Specification of Pattern DD909:


Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Patterns DD909


4,Truck and Bus Tyre Images:



Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Patterns DD909Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Patterns DD909Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Patterns DD909

Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Patterns DD909







Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Patterns DD909



We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely


1,How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We will give clients compensation if the tyre is manufacture defect.The clients just povide the tyre NO. and pictures of defact position.


2,How long time delivery tyre?


We can delivery the tyre within 30days after receive down payment or LC.


3,How many containers can get the sole agent?


Upon to the market,the quantity will be more if big country,oppositely,it should be less.For example,three containers per month for UAE,but 15-20 containers for USA.




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Q:What tires do you use for pickup trucks?
Sub strengthening type and ordinary type, but also the traffic conditions, patterns different gravel road, ordinary road with reinforced type of about 700 yuan, high-speed road, ordinary road with ordinary tires 600 yuan or so, you have to talk about your road condition
Q:Truck vacuum tires, or have a good tube?
The use of tubeless tires, trucks, and its wear resistance, safety, comfort and stability are higher than the use of ordinary tires.All steel radial vacuum tires have the following three advantages over conventional tubeless tiresA: = Safety - vacuum tire puncture resistant surface is a layer of high-quality rubber, inflated surface tension increases, the inner surface of a certain pressure, improve the ability of self to break, once broken, unlike ordinary tire as gas in an instant all discharge end, will persist for some time, guarantee the high speed when driving safety.
Q:Four tires on the same truck have different loads, can they be used?
The use of mismatched tyres has major effects:1, affect the transmission, traction and braking torque, the impact of wheel and road adhesion;2, affect the vibration and impact of the car in running, automobile parts are subjected to severe vibration and early damage,3, affect the driving safety, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.4, the tire does not match, affect the steering, easily lead to traffic accidents.
Q:How do you keep your car tyres in good order?
New tires, or the removal of unused tires, are not simply placed, and, if improperly placed, will affect the service life of the tires. The storage environment of the tires should also be considered as an aspect of improving the management of the tire shop.
Q:What's the difference between a steel tire and an ordinary one?
The main difference between a steel tire and an ordinary tire is the structural difference.
Q:Which brand is good for the car tire?
There's no best tire, only the best tire brand. When Michelin F1 sponsors, it is the leader and Bridgestone tires, is second, now Bridgestone is a sponsor of the F1.
Q:How many layers are the tires of the car?
It depends on what kind of tyre you are. I've seen tyres up to 18 stories, but that's truck. Cars are generally made of nylon. This is not the level of the group.
Q:Why aren't tires solid?
However, the real main tire without inflation, not to puncture under load tire leakage, small deformation, and large load, start small resistance, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, so it is suitable for low speed and high load of vehicles, vehicles such as industrial trucks, forklift trucks, cargo a trailer or special purpose. In addition, small solid tires are also widely used in human pull such as cargo handling carts between various kinds of baby stroller, indoor or workshop and assembly in a variety of instruments, testing equipment, household appliances, easy to move indoors. A small solid tire; used as a support wheel in some mechanical rotation. Therefore, solid tires still have a wide range of uses.
Q:What brands do you have in truck tires?
The large global enterprises have a production bus card forum products, including HANKOOK, Bridgestone, including Michelin, Goodyear, Germany, Japan, Sumitomo, Pirelli, Cooper wheel etc.. Because the domestic road is more complex, Bridgestone, Michelin, the German horse brand of these imported products in high load still does not fully meet the market Chinese, China truck overload is a common thing, so in the truck in the choice of tyres or choose a domestic brand more suitable when some, but now the domestic international brands like HANKOOK. But it depends on what kind of performance you are concerned about, because the tires are not perfect.
Q:Chaoyang truck tires four months flat tire, you can change it?
Blowout prevention1. preferred radial tiresTubeless tire and soft radial tire carcass, belt use of high strength, tensile deformation of a small cord or steel cord fabric, so the ability to impact the tire, rolling resistance, less energy consumption, the most suitable for traffic on the highway.The tubeless tyre has the advantages of small quality, good tightness, small rolling resistance, and the tyre pressure can not drop sharply when the tyre is punched, and can continue to run completely. Because the tyre can be directly cooled through the rim, the working temperature is low, the tire rubber aging speed is slow, and the service life is long.2. use low pressure tyres as much as possibleThe cars and trucks using low-pressure tires almost all; because of good elasticity, low tire section width and road, large contact surface, thin wall, good heat dissipation, these features can improve the vehicle ride comfort and steering stability, greatly prolong the life of the tire, prevent the occurrence of car tire.3. pay attention to speed level and carrying capacityEach tire has different speed and load limits due to its different rubber and structure. In the selection of tires, the driver should see the tire speed level mark and bearing capacity mark, choose the highest speed and maximum carrying capacity of the tire, in order to ensure the safety of driving.

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