Truck and Bus Radial Tyre BT968

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Application:The tire can be used to truck and bus.

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Q:The car tire is broken. Can I just change it?
The same pattern of different tire tread wear, not only have the difference, and the adhesion of the ground is not the same, the car around the tire tread is not consistent, will affect the vehicle ride comfort, emergency braking will be unilateral and tail phenomenon.6., the same brand, manufacturers are different, tire hub size, tread width, pattern shape, cord material are certain differences. Different brands of tires mixed together will affect the use effect.
Q:How much gas does the truck tire?
The truck is currently equipped with a high-pressure tire.The air pressure is 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa (5~7kg/cm -), high pressure tyre for large cargo / passenger cars, the air pressure is about 0.5MPa, steel wire tire can be properly increased to about 0.6MPa.
Q:What's the difference between truck tires and car tires?
Heavy duty tires are basically divided into 3 kinds, one is all steel tire, such as: truck, truck, engineering vehicle (such tyre needs inner tube), etc., one kind is half steel wire tire, for example
Q:What tires do big trucks use?
The long distance truck is equipped with all steel wire radial tire. The characteristic of this kind of tyre is that it can run quickly and can save oil more than inclined tire.
Q:Is the front and rear tires the same?
The general case is the same, such as our common red flag, Audi, golf, Jetta, Passat, polo and so on; but there is not the same as: Mercedes Benz CLS350 245/40 R 18Y 275/35R [18Y], Benz E350, BMW X5 3.0i and so on, the front and rear tire is not the same, later than in front of the wide.
Q:Can I change the tires of a car?
Even if there is no indication of partial wear, the proper number of tires is adjusted so that the performance of all tires is consistent. When all the tires are operating at the same time, you can replace a new tire without having to change a pair of tires.
Q:How to identify the specifications of car tires?
The tire specifications are usually represented by a set of figures. The first figure represents the width of the section of the tire, and the latter represents the diameter of the rim, in inches. For example, 165 / 70R14 represents a tyre width of 165 mm, a flat rate of 70, and a radial tire of 14 inches in diameter. Some tires also contain other letters or symbols that have a special meaning: "X" means a high-pressure tire; "C" indicates an enhanced type; "B" indicates an oblique tire; "1" represents a low-pressure tire. M and S are abbreviations in English, Mud and Snow, which indicate that this kind of tire is suitable for use on ice and muddy roads. Some tires have an arrow or OUTER SIDE on the wall, which indicates the direction of the wheel's rotation. If a small umbrella sign is painted on the tire wall, it shows that the tire is suitable for traveling on rainy or slippery roads. The DOT mark indicates that the tire has passed the certification of the United States and Canada * * * transport department. Behind the DOT mark is usually followed by a 4 digit number, and unlike other text, it is not an early die, but it is later pressed on the tire, such as (0518), which means the date of production of the tire.
Q:Truck vacuum tire assembly and disassembly process
Directional tire attention: correct installation for best performanceAn arrow with a directional tread design is provided with an arrow at the shoulder edge of the truck tire to indicate the direction of installation when the tire is transposed. For optimum tyre performance, directional tyres must be properly mounted to the rims to ensure that they are mounted on the vehicle in accordance with the requirements of orientation.For example, when a directional drive tire is fitted to the 8 wheel rim, you can use the rim groove as a reference. The four tyres shall be mounted to the left of the operator according to the arrow, and the other four tyres shall be mounted on the right side of the operator according to the arrow. This ensures that when the wheels are mounted to the vehicle, all the tires point to the correct transposition direction.When the wear of the directional tire exceeds 50%, generally, it is installed in the opposite direction of the transposition direction, which has no negative influence on the driving.On the other hand, the direction of tire wear from 50% new tires into the period, according to the reverse direction of the tire installation, will lead to an early start to tire irregular wear, excessive noise, and will shorten the life of the tread.
Q:Which brand is good for the car tire?
There's no best tire, only the best tire brand. When Michelin F1 sponsors, it is the leader and Bridgestone tires, is second, now Bridgestone is a sponsor of the F1.
Q:How do you deflate your car tires?
Special toolsNo, switching tools can be, but very slowlyThere is a relatively small, hard thing to press down the inner seal

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