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Triangle  china truck tire R22.5

1. This pattern offers good traction.

2. Applicable for high-speed drive and with long service life.

3. Designed for driving axle of trucks on express way or city roads.

Product Certifications-  Triangle alibaba china truck tire R22.5

With the excellent performance of its products, Triangle gained official product certifications from over 60 countries and organizations, include: CCC ECE DOT ECE-Noise INMETRO LATU GSO SEI and others.

Certificate of Honor- Triangle alibaba china truck tire R22.5

A) Triangle passed the stringent performance tests of Goodyear, Caterpillar and Volvo, and has since established strategic partnerships with them.

B) Triangle Group was award Goodyear’s “OUTSTANDING PROVIDER”in 2009.

C) Triangle Group obtained the highest prize from Caterpillar-Platinum Medal of SQEP and Triangle was the first enterprise to get this prize among all the global suppliers.

Professional Production Line- Triangle alibaba china truck tire R22.5

A) Triangle has obtained more than 200 achievements through independent innovation.

B) We have hired more than 50 experts and talents from all over the world to further strengthened company's technology.

C) The company has already passed EU's REACH regulation.

D) Develop new energy-saving and environment-friendly materials.

Who we are and what we can do:

  We have been specializing in tire export business for 15 years and yearly export US dollars 0.45 billion worth Triangle brand tires, which are over 9,000 containers.

C) We offer the best services as you can imagine.

I. We value every inquiry sent to us, ensure quick competitive offer.

II. We put your order into our tight production schedule, ensure punctual dispatch time.

III. Shipping notice/ insurance to you as soon as your order is shipped.

IV. We respect your feed-backs after receiving the goods.

V. We provide 12 months warranty after goods arrive.

VI. We deal your complains within 48hours.

VII. We cooperate with customer to bid tenders. Provide all necessary documents.

VIII. We are a sales team, with all technical support from the engineer team.

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Q:How do I see if the tires are single oriented?
Tell me about the classification of the tread patterns:1, single oriented pattern: pattern ditch is connected with each other, showing an independent pattern block structureAdvantages: excellent braking performance, excellent drainage performance, excellent stability in rainy days, suitable for high speed driving.Fault: the mounting position of the tyre must be the same as the direction of travel.Purpose: high speed car tire.
Q:How are the tires classified??
2, according to the cross section can be divided into narrow base tires, wide base tires, ordinary section tires, low section tires and ultra-low section tires.3 tread tread pattern can be divided into ordinary pattern tires, cross-country tread tires, mixed pattern tires:
Q:How about the tread?The pattern is based on the safety line
Stripe patternThe direction of the groove is consistent with the circumference.Advantages: low rolling resistance, not easy to slip, can provide good handling stability, because in the running process of low heat, can show good high speed performance, low noise, good ride comfort.Disadvantages: poor braking performance and stability of the wetland, and prone to cracking under load.Use: Well Road, truck and bus front wheel.
Q:How does the video bus wait for validation members?
I registered, received mail, and then openedThere's only a few composing lines for the mail:Dear XXX, you have been registered as a member of the video game Bus Forum. Please comply with the laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of the forum. I wish you a pleasant exchange in the forum!
Q:Will the luxury bus wheel blow up? What will happen?
This situation is still very likely to happen, so it is necessary to regularly check tire pressure, generally after the flat tire, the vehicle will lose control, it is easy to roll over
Q:What is the difference between truck tires and car tires
There is a truck tire inner tube, the compressive load of tire tread, vacuum tire, tire pressure is small, it is slower after puncture
Q:In World War II, there was an armored car with wheels in front and a track behind them
However, semi tracked vehicles have the disadvantages of both wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles. Therefore, with the development of post-war vehicle technology, semi tracked vehicles have not developed.
Q:What's the mix in the bus tires
4. reduce fuel consumption and protect the environment. Insufficient tire pressure and heated rolling force will cause the increase of Yin, the car at the time of increased fuel consumption; and nitrogen addition can maintain the stability of the tire pressure, tire pressure to reduce the delay, the dry and no oil is not moisture, low thermal conductivity, slow heating characteristics, improve the temperature reduced tire when walking well, small deformation grip raise, lower rolling resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption. In the United States, a comparison experiment of tire filling with nitrogen and air was carried out. After the experiment, the statistical results showed that more than 26% of the mileage of the air filled tire was filled with nitrogen. The nitrogen filled tire can be inflated according to the designed tire pressure, and the fuel consumption index can be reached when the automobile is designed. The experiments proved that the nitrogen filled tire was more fuel-efficient than the air filled tire 2-10%. Effectively reduce air pollution. Brazilian practice, nitrogen gas filled fifty thousand kilometers, still do not need air. Nitrogen tires are more resistant to wear than air tires, and the average mileage of a nitrogen filled tire is 48% more than that of an air filled tire before the tread loss index is reached
Q:Kindergarten large class art bus lesson plan
The 4. bus came and drove to the road at the entrance of the kindergarten. What kind of graphics does the big bus consist of? What do you need to add to the big bus?Summary: graphics can make up the outline of the big bus, and then add doors and windows. The big bus is coming. With a bus driver, it is more convenient to go out.Two, appreciate creationValue analysis: try using a circle, square, triangle combination of graphics to show the object features, and simple painting, showing the front of the kindergarten road around the scene.Transition language: there is only one big bus in front of the kindergarten. It's really cold. What else can I do? (PPT)Summary: you can still have so many things. Now, please be a little designer and let the front of the kindergarten become lively!Design requirement:Please ask each child to choose a design planFigure out the objects on the side of the road by combining and adding pictures• return the design drawings to their original place after the designKey guidance:Square body, round for wheelsTwo small rectangles combined into a wall
Q:What's the pattern of the car tyres? Its principle is briefly described
At present, there are 7 kinds of tread patterns in automobile tires. What are the differences and advantages and disadvantages of different patterns?1, single oriented pattern: pattern ditch is connected with each other, showing an independent pattern block structure.Advantages: the pattern has obvious direction, mole is larger, so it is less cutting lines, born with small resistance, high speed level and control good performance characteristics, suitable for high speed.Disadvantages: loud noise, only for sports tires, because the direction of the installation must be the same as the direction of travel, so it should not be used as a spare wheel.Main applications: sports cars and sports SUV.

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