Tri-dimension Compound Geonet /plastic drainage matting

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900000 m²/month

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Tri -dimension composite geonet  / geonets and geocomposites


Be made of tri-dimension geonet coated geotextile on both sides, has the property of geotextile (filtration) and geonet (drainage and protection), and has the complete function of "filtration--drainage-- protection"





landfill drainage 


hignway roadbed


railaway drainage


tunnel drainage


underground structure drainge


retaining walls drainage


garden and playground drainage 




- stronger drainage function and can bear high press load for a long time 


- high tensile strength and shear strength


- keep stable water conductivity 


- can bear compression load of more than 2000kpa


-  larger anti-compression capacity than common geonet 


Tri-dimension composite geonet technical specifications


Tri-dimension Compound Geonet /plastic drainage matting

Tri-dimension Compound Geonet /plastic drainage matting

Tri-dimension Compound Geonet /plastic drainage matting


How about the delivery time?Lead time since receipt of 30% T/T deposit payment: 3 weeks.(Samples will be prepared within 3 days.)

2.What's are the MOQ?Generally speaking, the MOQ is one container, but we can provide you samples for quality inspection.

3. Do you charge for the samples?Accordeing to our company policy, the samples are free, we only charge the freight fee. And we will return the freight fee during the next order.

4. Can you produce according to customers' design?Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome.

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Q:Hdpe film why not in winter construction
Geomembrane is hot-melt welding connection, geomembrane impermeable construction is mainly in accordance with the design and site conditions using hot melt welding machine to cut the membrane coil welding. Less than 4 degrees, the impact of welding, the temperature is too low welding difficulties, the general welding temperature is 400 degrees, the ambient temperature is too low to heat the film to 400 degrees difficult, too much heating can cause film heat damage, so 4 degrees or more Ambient temperature is appropriate. Winter in the winter when the ambient temperature below zero, not easy to geomembrane welding construction.
Q:Which one is better between eletric-membrane type electric warming oven and oil tincture?
Benefits of electric warming oven and oil heater; 1, appearance design, the design of electric oil heater is old-fashioned, which basically has no change, its body is heavy, and use method is single. The electric warming oven electric heater which has small and exquisite body compact and is very portable, can be hung on the wall or put on the desktop, conforming to the requirements of home life. 2, detail design, the covered edge of electric oil heater has rigorous technology and very good workmanship. The design of bottom winding is convenient for us to fold the wires. The covered edge of electric heater in contrast is rough, with no winding design, which is not conducive to clear it away when using. 3, Main function, electric oil heater has obvious advantages in function, with three gear of power regulation, among which the maximum power is 1600W. And the size of each gear of power can be adjusted to meet the actual requirements during use. The electric warming oven electric heater has only one gear of regulation, whose maximum power is 1200W, having relatively small applicable area. 4, heating time, power consumption, noise, under this circumstance of same area and same temperature rise, the heating time of electric oil heater is longer than that of electric warming oven electric heater, the power consumption is also higher than that of electric warming oven, and electric oil heater has obvious noise. Electric heating oven 5, heating rate, heat dissipation effect, safety, in these aspects, electric oil heater has slower heating rate and slightly inferior heat dissipation effect, electric warming oven electric heater has three layers of safety protection settings which is better than that of electric oil heater.
Q:Speaking of renovation of small dam pond , is it necessary to cover anti-seepage geomembrane in the dam base with soil ? if so, then how thick do we need?
Yes, of course. we had better ensure that the thickness is insusceptible to stone or other sharp objects. We don't need too thick, 5cm is enough.
Q:What is the construction technology of geotechnical engineering?
(1) Geological surveying and mapping. (2) Exploration and sampling. (3) In-situ test and laboratory test. (4) On-site inspection and monitoring. Engineering geological mapping is the basis of geotechnical engineering investigation and is usually carried out in the early stages of the investigation. The essence of this approach is to use geological and engineering geological theory to observe and describe the geological phenomenon, analyze its nature and rules, and thereby infer the geological condition of the subsurface providing evidence for other investigation methods like exploration and testing. In sites that have complex topography and geological conditions, engineering geological mapping must be carried out. However, for sites that is of flat terrain, simple geological conditions and relatively small space, engineering geological mapping survey can be replaced by investigation. Engineering geological mapping is the most economical and effective way to know the engineering geological conditions. High-quality mapping work can be fairly accurately infer the subsurface geological condition and effectively guide other investigation methods.
Q:How is rexva electrothermal film?
Anti-aging: The materials for manufacturing rexva electrothermal films are specially dedicated materials with good properties, and they are anti-aging, non-degenerate, stable performance, and the service life is the same as the building. Moisture resistance: Rexva electrothermal film is waterproof in the whole, and in the test of soaking for 48 hours and resistant to 3750V high-pressure test, its performance is normal and has no leakage of current. Therefore it can be used in wet environment, but do pay attention to the insulation and waterproofing process of he connecting portion and the cut portion.
Q:Is the mobile phone laminator useful
Sticking the film for mobile phone must have its advantages, it can prevent the screen scratching. If it is thetoughened glass film, it can also protect your phone screen. But sticking the film also have some impacts. The membrane of high grade of transparency is very clear, but is easy to leave fingerprints; frosted membrane is good, and is not easy to leave fingerprints, but you must buy the good quality products, the screen particles of some poor quality look very large
Q:Why the drain-pipe below rubber dam base plate is covered with geomembrane?
This allows water to enter the drain pipe and keeps the soil out of it.
Q:Is there any need to install screen protector on Vivo mobile phones?
It is OK to not install screen protector on the phone. Now the quality of screen protector (light transmittance and other indicators) at the street is poor and is harmful to the eyes. There is no need to install screen protector on middle and high-end mobile phones (such as vivo cell phone).
Q:What is the carbon resister
The carbon resister is made by heating polymerization, which uses an organic adhesive to make a suspension liquid by the carbon ink, graphite and the filling material and then be coated on the insulating substrate. Gaseous carbon with high voltage resistor. the large diameter resistor has a great power. The carbon film resistor has an axial lead, a tie lead and non-lead wire. the values carbon film resistor range from 1Ω~10MΩ. Rated power has 0.125W, 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, 2W, 5W, 10W, etc.. the common carbon film resistors has a larger body, in order to adapt to the needs of small volume resistance device, and now it has produced a small carbon film resistor RTX type, the power is only 0.125W and the most are colour coded resistors. Carbon film resistors is commonly used the symbol RT, R represents the resistor, and T represents that the material is carbon film. The main function is to impede the flow of current, and is applied to the current limit, shunt, buck, partial pressure, load and capacitor matching filter and resistance matching, etc.. Because it is the lead resistance, it is convenient to manual installation and maintenance, but also the price of lead resistance is the cheapest. And now, most use the low value of low-end products or early products, such as power supply and adapters.
Q:Scope of geomembrane
Zhoutou reservoir dam is core-wall dam: // h, taking the bedrock curtain grouting for vertical seepage-proofing. According to the safety argument and analysis this time of Zhoutou dam: // h, but because of the collapse .hiphotos. Specific location and project quantity see design drawing, originally added the anti-seepage sloping core.97m) .0m elevation (higher than maximum flood level of 0, up to contact surface grouting, in order to solve the leakage weakness plane and dam foundation leakage caused by repeated landslide of dam, in order to solve the upper anti-seepage problem. The top sloping core part use composite geomembrane bedding seepage-proofing.

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