travel blenderVT-17 travel blenderVT-17

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$90.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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 Travel Blender surface:baking varnish mills                   power:400W  frequency:50-60Hz Voltage:220-230V 3 bottle capacity:800ml/RPM:24000/min with LED button(New) it can be automatically cease working after 20 Seconds


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Q:Electric kettle has peculiar smell, how to do?
Many people buy electric kettle, boil water to drink up, there is always a kind of burning rubber flavor. I also bought a new stainless steel electric kettle, burning water also has a taste, it is difficult to drink, always afraid of what harmful substances.
Q:are all vacuum cleaner spares universal?
Sorry to tell you, but no universality for vacuum cleaners spare parts. Different manufacturers, difference parts.
Q:How do you make juice and milkshake with a blender, please?
Blender makes juiceStart by putting the fruit in and adding the fruit first. The water at the height of 4 of the blender is ready to stir. If the blender doesn't work properly, add a little more water. That's all right. How long the stirring depends on observation, the fruit is broken, you can, turn off the lid, take a spoon, stir it out.When it's stirred, filter it, so you don't eat the dregs.Then, if you like sugar, add sugar, or add sugar.Blender makes milk shakeThe first egg milk shakeIngredients: milk, egg, sugar, the amount of ice, a ball of ice cream (can be a variety of flavors) methods: blender add egg, half a cup of milk, ice (about half cups), a ball the size of the ice cream, stir into the mud like ice. This shake randomness is very large, can choose coriander flavored ice cream, then add love fruit (fruit to cut smaller), or just what flavors of ice cream can be, although it is a raw egg, but did not drink raw egg flavor, and very refreshing.Second ingredients: ice cream, milkMethod: mix and mix with mixer. This milkshake tastes a little sweet and a sweet tooth will love it.The third is a self made red bean milk shake. The ingredients are: red bean paste, milk and ice cubes. Mix the red bean paste with the ice milk and stir it until it is mashed. Red bean sand general supermarket will have to sell, drink up the feeling of rustling, and red bean sand itself is sweet, so do not put sugar, and drink it is also very good. In fact, a milkshake is originally a very casual Dongdong, summer in the home to do some to drink, I feel much better than eating popsicles and ice cream. It should be noted that the mixture can not be solid, otherwise it is difficult to break, and must put a little water or milk and so on.
Q:My rice cooker is the most common, want to know the inside of the liner is wet, do not rub, direct power, cooking, whether or not tight?
Don't do that... Is it because there is no cloth? Whether it is low or the working principle of high-grade electric cooker are the same, once contact electricity into the water, the pot on the existence of security risks, reduce the service life of course, if you think this pot is not how much money do not care that it doesn't matter.
Q:How to repair air conditioning compressor?
The inspection results for the compressor power supply cord is damaged, the compressor terminal generally will rust, if simply replace the compressor wiring card terminals, due to poor contact, and the compressor when working current is large, easy to cause the fire, not a long time or will appear again the same fault, so when replacing the wiring card, must use sandpaper compressor terminal surface rust polished and clean.
Q:Are Dyson vacuum cleaners usually worth their cost?
Q:Why are diesel locomotives noisy?
They're noisy because they're huge machines that have no reason to be built to be quiet.
Q:Water dispenser does not flow out of water, how to do? ah
To the supermarket to buy detergent, add water dispenser, boil, bubble an hour or with vinegar soak one to two hours, can be cleaned repeatedly.
Q:How do you use ice cream?
5, ice machine must be two months to unscrew the inlet hose head, cleaning the inlet valve screen, to avoid sand, mud, impurities, blocking the intake, and cause water inflow, small change, resulting in no ice.6, ice machine must clean every two months condenser surface dust, condensation, poor heat will cause compressor parts damage. Cleaning, the use of vacuum cleaners, brush and other cleaning surface condensation of oil and dust, can not use sharp metal tools to clean, so as not to damage the condenser.
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners usually have lights on the front, do they expect you to vacuum at night?
It's so that oncoming vacuums can see you approaching.

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