Transportation And Erection Integrated Machine 900t

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900ttransportation and erection integrated machine adopts a three-pronged designingmode with elevation, transportation and erection. It is used to transport anderect prestressed reinforced box girders of 32m, 24m, and 20m (if necessary, itcan also erect non-standard box girders between 20 and 32m) in the high-speedrailway and passenger line. It can pass the hole with the whole set of boxgirders through the tunnel of 250km/h our 350km/h. It can erect girders attunnel portal or even inside the tunnel, the method of which is the same withtasks without tunnels. It can move and erect on the normal pavement, roadbed orfinished box girders without damning anything. It can erect girder on either sideof the girder yard without the problem of transferring sites. Compared withpresent launching girder, it can erect the beam smoothly without the auxiliarymachine, which is of less weight, simple form, needless to be anchored, easyoperation and high efficiency; easy operation in the entire machine’s spantransformation, and has a stronger adaptability for the operating conditions.

Accordingto different mechanical structures, there are 900t Single-beam TransportationAnd Erection Integrated Machine and 900t Double-beam Transportation AndErection Integrated Machine.

Performance and parameters

Rated lifting weight:               900t

Applicable span:                 32m、24m、20m

Entire machine weight:              560t

Dimensions:                   92×7.1×9 m(length×width×height)
Inner net width:
Erecting girder minimum curve radius:
Entire machine working level:

All the mechanisms working level:             M4

Lifting speed:             0.5m/min
Maximum lifting height:        4.45m
Operating speed (no-load)

Operating speed (heavy-load)       4km/h

Maximum tire pressure:         22t
Allowable maximum operation longitudinal slope:     3%

Total power:                          900kw

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Q:Can construction elevators be taken by people or by goods
 yes, you can! It is to pass the authority authority to issue use card to be able to use! Construction lifts are also called elevators
Q:The construction elevator always jumps
The starting current is more than three times the running current, and your air switch is low in the maximum current
Q:Why is the construction elevator open on one side and the other on the other
Double door is feeding door, double door to the outside of the other's role is to prevent someone broke into the cage after elevator start circle accident, because outside over the door of the cage has a travel switch, when someone will ring into the cage opened the cage door, travel switch action at this moment, the elevator power cuts, you won't get elevator lay down this kind of thing. The door is open only when the lift is off the ground, as is said upstairs.
Q:Safe use of construction elevator
In the case of passenger and carriage, the loading shall be uniformly distributed, and the overload shall be strictly prohibited. When the elevator runs to the top and lowest levels, it is strictly forbidden to stop at the collision or lower limit. 7. The driver for leaving hanging basket and while going off work, should be hanging basket fell to the ground, to cut off the total power supply, and the door is locked point, prevent other undocumented workers start the hoisting cage without authorization. Wind up above 6, should stop using the elevator and bring the cage down to the ground. There must be good protection on both sides of the transportation channel. Floor door should be in a normally closed state, its height should conform to the requirements of the specification, anyone shall not open or head out of the door, when the floor door open, the driver shall not start the elevator. Ensure that the communication device is in good condition and the driver should be able to start the lift after confirming the signal. The driver should immediately execute any emergency stop signal on the floor of the operation. The elevator should be installed on a separate ground protection and lightning protection device. It is strictly forbidden to do maintenance work under the condition of the elevator. If maintenance is required, the power supply must be cut off and the sign of "check in, shut off" will be hung in a prominent place.
Q:What is the main function of elevator motherboard?
A control system includes light, machine, electric, calculate, calculate the mainboard is mainly responsible for, the equivalent of the human brain, it gathers the elevator running status, corresponding analog signal output, control of elevator running properly and safely.
Q:The elevator is banned from using elevators for more than a class of high winds
More than 6 levels of wind are forbidden to be removed and used. More than 4 levels of wind are not allowed to rise, and more than 6 winds are prohibited.
Q:How to adjust the weight limit of the construction elevator
You're not going to be without a master You still look at the instructions
Q:Construction site construction elevator and tower crane, which unit security check and acceptance?
Different but most likely is the construction elevator
Q:What is the main function of the construction elevator safety guard
Falling to a certain speed will automatically card death
Q:Elevator installation approach, need to give the total package (inspect) what data, come a master to answer the detail point
In ten days: installation company qualification (including business license, qualification certificate, safety production license, organization code certificate and company performance, etc.), installation personnel qualifications (including the principal, special operations personnel, etc.), installation construction scheme (including the construction organization design, safety and civilized construction scheme, construction progress) The installation process: in materials to submit for approval (material inspection report, certificate, etc.), play equipment to submit for approval (mechanical factory qualified certificate, safe use license, etc.) After the construction is completed, the certificate of safety inspection (which needs to be provided by the special security agency)

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