Transportation And Erection Integrated Machine 900t

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900ttransportation and erection integrated machine adopts a three-pronged designingmode with elevation, transportation and erection. It is used to transport anderect prestressed reinforced box girders of 32m, 24m, and 20m (if necessary, itcan also erect non-standard box girders between 20 and 32m) in the high-speedrailway and passenger line. It can pass the hole with the whole set of boxgirders through the tunnel of 250km/h our 350km/h. It can erect girders attunnel portal or even inside the tunnel, the method of which is the same withtasks without tunnels. It can move and erect on the normal pavement, roadbed orfinished box girders without damning anything. It can erect girder on either sideof the girder yard without the problem of transferring sites. Compared withpresent launching girder, it can erect the beam smoothly without the auxiliarymachine, which is of less weight, simple form, needless to be anchored, easyoperation and high efficiency; easy operation in the entire machine’s spantransformation, and has a stronger adaptability for the operating conditions.

Accordingto different mechanical structures, there are 900t Single-beam TransportationAnd Erection Integrated Machine and 900t Double-beam Transportation AndErection Integrated Machine.

Performance and parameters

Rated lifting weight:               900t

Applicable span:                 32m、24m、20m

Entire machine weight:              560t

Dimensions:                   92×7.1×9 m(length×width×height)
Inner net width:
Erecting girder minimum curve radius:
Entire machine working level:

All the mechanisms working level:             M4

Lifting speed:             0.5m/min
Maximum lifting height:        4.45m
Operating speed (no-load)

Operating speed (heavy-load)       4km/h

Maximum tire pressure:         22t
Allowable maximum operation longitudinal slope:     3%

Total power:                          900kw

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Q:How to save the elevator accident
The elevator is an important vehicle in high-rise buildings, and if a failure occurs, passengers may be trapped, falling, and other hazardous accidents. Emergency point When the elevator is not normal, the legs are slightly bent and the upper body is tilted forward to cope with the possible impact. When the elevator is suddenly stopped, don't walk out the door easily, in case the elevator suddenly starts. When trapped in an elevator, stay calm and immediately use an elevator alarm bell, a walkie-talkie or telephone to contact with the relevant personnel and wait for outside help. If the alarm doesn't work, you can call loudly or intermittently tap the elevator door. If a fire broke out on the way, the elevator should stop at the nearest floor and escape quickly from the stairs.
Q:How many kw is the sc construction elevator
A double cage, the three-drive is 11 * 3 * 2KW and the two drives are 12 * 2 * 2KW
Q:Why is the construction elevator not so close to the structure?
The distance between the moving parts and the building and the fixed construction equipment shall not be less than 0.25 m. The main thing is to prevent the person from the point of view. For example, workers are on the third floor to look down, hanging cage, where is the result now hanging basket is go down from the fourth floor, if not the 25 cm, likely to brush "cut".
Q:How large a leakage protector is used for the construction elevator
A leakage switch with a rated current of 100-160a. The rated action current of the second class is 50-75hm. The rated action current is 30-45hm. The action time is less than or equal to 0.1 s. Comply with safety specification according to this construction.
Q:The construction elevator can not operate during the use of several stages of wind power
Well, there are no definite rules. It's up to you to decide whether to use it or not
Q:What are the requirements for the construction elevator
So for safety device factory test is very strict, before delivery by the statutory inspection unit for torque measurement, critical speed measurement, measuring the amount of spring compression, each with the test report, after assembly to the construction lifter for drop test under rated load, and the site to use the elevator must be every three months to conduct a drop test. For safety device to the factory for two years for safety device (delivery date), must also be sent to the statutory inspection unit to carry on the test, after testing once a year.
Q:The construction elevator is commonly used in the process of the project
Basically: completed from the main body - - complete completion
Q:Whether the construction elevator is a dual-purpose elevator
The vertical transportation machinery in construction is mainly the material elevator and construction elevator. Material hoist can slide can't manned, suitable for multilayer use, construction elevator is used only for the top, both manned and can slide, in general the construction elevator for dual-use goods of choose and employ persons outside the elevator.
Q:What procedures and procedures will be required to re-use after the construction elevator overhaul?
Important parts replacement needs to be changed to the qualification, the procedure is like the new ladder, according to the new ladder standard test.
Q:Construction elevator positioning should consider which problems
It is convenient to install the wall with the wall

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