Traffic Light indicator

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At the crossroads, surrounded by all hung with red, yellow, green, three-color traffic lights, it is not silent "traffic police." Traffic lights are internationally uniform traffic lights. Red stop signal, the green light is a common signal. Intersection, several directions to the car are brought together here, and some want to go straight, some want to turn, in the end who should go first, which is the command to obey traffic lights. Red light, line, or turn left at the situation not hinder pedestrians and vehicles, to allow vehicles to turn right; green light to allow the vehicle straight or turning; yellow light, stop at the intersection stop line or crosswalk lines within, has continued to pass; Huang when the light flashes, warning vehicle safety.

Signal lights and non-motorized vehicles

Motor vehicle lights are a group of lights from red, yellow, green, three non-patterned circular units, guiding motor vehicles.

Non-motor vehicle lights from red, yellow, circular units of a group of light green bicycle pattern consisting of three inner guidance of non-motorized traffic.

When the green light to allow vehicles to pass, but the turning of the vehicle may not hinder the release of the straight vehicles, pedestrians.

Yellow light when a vehicle has crossed the stop line can continue to pass.

When the red light vehicular traffic.

In non-motor vehicle is not set intersection lights and crosswalk lights, bicycle and pedestrian lights should be in accordance with the instructions of motor vehicle traffic.

When the red light, turn right vehicle was released without prejudice to the vehicle, the case of pedestrians can pass.

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