Traffic indicator screen Light

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Product Description:

Product Name 203 full screen lights

 Model WDM-JD203

 Product voltage AC 85-265V

 Product Power 22W

 Product size 250 * 850 * 140mm

 Translucent surface diameter 200mm

 Housing material PC

 Horizontal or vertical mounting equipment installed

 Protection class IP53

 Standard GB14887-2006

 2-year warranty

Product wiring brief description:

When you are connected to 220V voltage, the black wire to the zero line, the red line connected FireWire,

When you connect 12V voltage, the black wire to the negative, then positive red,

After power product red yellow and green according to set a good time automatic cycle conversion.

Technical Parameters

Red plateful: 90 LED, single brightness: 4360-5250, wavelength: 620-625nm, and down about perspective: 30 °, Power: ≤8W

Yellow plateful: 90 LED, single brightness: 4620-5545, wavelength: 592-594nm, and down about perspective: 30 °, Power: ≤8W

Green plateful: 90 LED, single brightness: 8667-10400, wavelength: 503-506nm, around and down Angle: 30 °, Power: ≤8W

Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃ Operating voltage: AC185V-265V 60HZ / 50HZ

Light Box Case Material: PC visual distance ≥300m

Motor vehicle lights are a group of lights from red, yellow, green, three non-patterned circular units, guiding motor vehicles.

Non-motor vehicle lights from red, yellow, circular units of a group of light green bicycle pattern consisting of three inner guidance of non-motorized traffic.

When the green light to allow vehicles to pass, but the turning of the vehicle may not hinder the release of the straight vehicles, pedestrians.

Yellow light when a vehicle has crossed the stop line can continue to pass.

When the red light vehicular traffic.

In non-motor vehicle is not set intersection lights and crosswalk lights, bicycle and pedestrian lights should be in accordance with the instructions of motor vehicle traffic.

When the red light, turn right vehicle was released without prejudice to the vehicle, the case of pedestrians can pass.

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Q:Electrical install question?
Driving a ground rod is not the answer. The circuit should be grounded at the panel. a lot of the older homes do not have a ground. Just hot Neutral. If you are just running a light fixture it will work with-out an equipment or earth ground,While it is a lot safer to have an earth ground.
Q:Is it safe to use household electrical equipment rated for AC in DC power systems?
Wiring wise there is no problem. If you use a bulb to light up, no problem. Do not use fans, and other inductive loads that require an ac. Even a microwave should not be used in dc.
Q:What is car owners legal responsibility, when selling their vehicle to an individual?
It's not illegal as such, but it is in a way infringing upon the trade description act if it's a serious enough fault(s). Time will tell, however, as the buyer is entitled to return the van within 14 days of buying it for any reason. If the electrical equipment keeps cutting out or whatever, then that will get noticed and the buyer will probably be demanding a refund soon enough. As the other guy said, it's not a cool thing to do, but I suppose if you believe in karma, then it'll probably bite this guy in the ***!
Q:Which of the following is a step you should take to properly lockout/tagout electrical equipment and machienry?
picked B and got it wrong. :( its either D or C
Q:Is my house haunted and what can I do?
First off eliminate all rational explanation before jumping to supernatural possibilities. TV channels changing by themselves are usually caused by batteries going in your remote control, so change the batteries in your remote control to eliminate this possibility. If the batteries in your remote are brand new try changing channel through a brick wall - go into another room and see if you can change the channel - not all remote controls are infra red. If you can change channel through a brick wall chances are your neighbour has the same TV as you and his remote is changing your channel. If those possibilities have been eliminated you will need to take your TV to a repair shop to get it checked for faulty wiring. As for the playstation remote just falling off by itself, that is likely caused by what I call catastrophe theorem. You think something is stable on a surface because it doesn't look like it's moving but in reality it is moving just very very slowly. Over time it moves to a tipping point where more of the weight is over the edge than is holding it in place so it suddenly drops off. Often sudden inexplicable movements are the result of the cumulative effects of tiny imperceptible movements. As for the door opening by itself, you need to check that all the windows are closed and the house isn't drafty. If the doors are light weight and a window is open or the house is drafty a decent gust of wind can open doors and slam them shut. For your peace of mind you should check into all these things, and hopefully that will put your mind at rest and your children will stop being scared.
Q:How will I use an equipment which works at 110 V to work at 220 V?
There are some things that Radio Shack is good for. Converters for foreign travel is one of them. You'll need an adapter for the different plug configuration AND you'll need a voltage converter. Both are also available as a package. And a lot cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable than trying to build your own.
Q:latest booming electrical engineering seminar topics?
Q:CPU fan problem?
Since it's a brand new fan, that's all the more reason to look into replacing it. See what kind of warranty you've got with it, or just take it back. For all we know, it could have been a dud straight from the factory.
Q:what equipment is needed to set up macbook when playing music live?
In order to get the most from your Mac as sound generator use a reasonably good audio interface (like the E-mu 0404 usb or something from M-audio). This should be connected to a mixer and this one to the PA system. You also should connect your microphone and guitars to the mixer too, so you can control the volume of each instrument, including the Mac. Although you can connect the mac directly to an Amp I won't do that in order to get control of volume and have better sound. Computers generally don't like live performing. Electric voltage can be unstable (heavy power consumption and lights on-off pattern). Use the appropriate electric equipment to make sure the computer always receive the correct amount of voltage. If not, it can fail and ruin your performance. Make a test where possible.
Q:1.what is an earth leakage ciruit?
*Many electrical installations have a relatively high earth impedance. This may be due to the use of a local earth rod (TT systems), or to dry local ground conditions. These installations are dangerous and a safety risk if a live to earth fault current flows. Because earth impedance is high, 1. not enough current exists to trip a fuse or circuit breaker, so the condition persists uncleared indefinitely 2. the high impedance earth cannot keep the voltage of all exposed metal to a safe voltage, all such metalwork may rise to close to live conductor voltage. These dangers can be drastically reduced by the use of an ELCB or Residual-current device (RCD). The ELCB makes such installations much safer by cutting the power if these dangerous conditions occur. This approach to electrical safety is called EEBAD. In Britain EEBAD domestic installations became standard in the 1950s. In non-technical terms if a person touches something, typically a metal part on faulty electrical equipment, which is at a significant voltage relative to the earth, electrical current will flow through him/her to the earth. The current that flows is too small to trip an electrical fuse which could disconnect the electricity supply, but can be enough to kill. An ELCB detects even a small current to earth (Earth Leakage) and disconnects the equipment (Circuit Breaker). Go through the source links. Also read and seach for residual current device.

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