Tractor Bulldozer with 220HP Cummins Engine (WD220)

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Product Description:

Tractor Bulldozer with 220HP Cummins Engine (WD220)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WD220



Usage:Universal Type


Scraper Type:Tractor-Scraper

Transmission:Hydraulic - Mechanical Transmission


Walking Mode:Crawler

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:147~515kw

Certification:ISO9001: 2000





Tractor Bulldozer:Bulldozer

Dozer Blade Capacity:5m3


Engine Brand:Cummins

Working Pump:Gear Pump


Track Width:560 Mm

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:by Roro Vessel




HS Code:84295100


Production Capacity:1000PCS/Year

Product Description

Tractor Bulldozer with 220hp cummins engine (WD220)

WD220Y bulldozer is manufactured base on the technology of Komatsu D85A-18 and D85A-23 Japan. It passed the examination of the experts group of shanghai economy committee. Its layout is well designed, its appearance is nice and modern, it has a high working performance and is reliable in safety. The machine has used in civil industry widely including large mine ground, port, electricity, road building.


ModelCummins NT855-C280S10
TypeStraight vertical, 4 stroke, water cooling, PT pump injection, turbocharged
Flywheel power162 kw
Rated speed1800 rpm
No. of cylinder-bore x stroke6-139.7x152.4 mm
Starting methodStarting motor, 24V, 11kw
Air cleanerDry horizontal type with precleaner
Min fuel consumption ratio218 g/kw.h
Transmission system
Torque converter3 element, single stage, single phase
TransmissionHydraulic shift, planetary gear, multiple disc clutch, forced lubrication by gear pump, 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds
Bevel gearHelical bevel gear, splash lubricated
Steering clutchWet type, multiple disc, spring loaded, hydraulic released
Steering brakeWet band brake, operated with hydraulic booster and valve inner linkage
Final driveSpur gear, double reduction, splash lubricated
Working hydraulic system
Working pressure13.7 Mpa
Rated flow257 L/min (2000rpm)
PumpCBT3160 gear pump
Control valveHand-operated, plunger, servo controlling
Cylinder bore x rod x stroke120x70x1054 mm

Tractor Bulldozer with 220HP Cummins Engine (WD220)

Tractor Bulldozer with 220HP Cummins Engine (WD220)

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Two, transmission common faults and troubleshooting1, missing gearMissing gear means one gear or a few blocks, and other gears are normal. If I stop missing, is to move forward and backward 1. I have no other gear, gear normal; if the lack of forward block, each block is not forward and back, each block is normal; if the lack of gear is forward and backward 4.5 are not, and the other is the block normal etc..The cause of lack of transmission gear mainly has the following two kinds: one is the missing gear hydraulic cylinder seal ring (PTFE ring) damage or against; two is the lack of gear oil supply passage with oil or other forms of crack damage. If there is no one gear, there are two reasons besides the difference of the oil supply path of the clutch, that is, the ball check valve is falling off and the rotating seal ring on the oil path is damaged.In addition, if the pressure valve leading to the small piston cavity of the small hole blocked, then the pressure relief valve will lose effect, into the first gear will be 2.5MPa pressure oil. This will cause premature wear of the rotary seal ring in the oil block, resulting in a lack of first gear. After the new ring is replaced, the pressure relief valve must be thoroughly cleaned to solve the problem.In order to find out the real reason is not within the transmission assembly, can be disassembled in the transmission valve, with air pressure of about 0.8MPa to 5 oil inlet air, at this time should be able to hear the transmission clutch engage, if not the sound, will hear the leak sound obvious, indicating that the clutch failure.
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its called vanishing point. made 1971...and the cool as fu#k anti-hero was played by barry newman.

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