Track Type Bulldozer Used for Earth Moving SEM816LGP

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1. Engine conforms to National stage II emission regulations, featuring large torque reserve and strong power.

2. Hydrostatic drive system provides step-less speed change (0~10km/hr), pivot steering, power steering, and strong thrust force, featuring more flexible operation in wetland and high work efficiency.

3. Originally imported Rexroth drive pump and travel motor and world-class electronic control module further ensures the reliability of the hydrostatic drive system.

4. Brand new design of cooling system meets -40℃ ~ +50℃ ambient conditions.

5. Multifunctional electronic controlled handle can achieve quick speed change, step-less speed change, quick pivot steering, and precise control, which can maximally reduce operator fatigue.

6. Hydraulic pilot control system achieves quick response with minor control force, which makes the operation more easy and convenient.

7. Large capacity, low noise and ergonomic cab, integrated deceleration and brake pedal, and adjustable suspension seat provide the operator a comfortable work environment.

8. Unique combined instrument panel is more legible and it has automatic monitoring, indication and failure warning functions.

9. Chassis parts provided by first-class Chinese supplier ensure high durability of the undercarriage system.

10. Extra-wide self-cleaning track provides outstanding performance in wetland operation.

11. Multiple attachments like extra-wide straight tilt blade and large tow-bar frame make it easily adaptable to complicated work conditions.


Technical Parameters 
Operating Weight (Standard)19410 Kg
Ground Pressure31.6 Kpa
Track Center Distance2300 Mm
Min. Ground Clearance410 Mm
Min. Turning Radius (Pivot Steering)3470mm
Blade Capacity3.4 M³
Blade Width4227 Mm
Max. Depth of Cut460 Mm
Max. Output Traction280 Kn
ModelWeichai Wd10g178e25/Hangzhou D10.18ct21(Optional)
Rated Revs1850 R/Min
Flywheel Power120 Kw/160 Hp
Displacement9.726 L
Max. Torque835 N.M
Drive System 
Drive ModeElectric Controlled Hydraulic Drive
Steering BrakeHydrostatic Steering, Wet Multi-Disc Brake
Final Drive1st Spur Gear Drive, 1st Planetary Gear Drive
Travel Speed, Forward/ReverseStepless Speed Change 0-10 Km/Hr
Hydraulic System 
System Pressure19 Mpa
Flow172 L/Min
CharacteristicsPilot Control
Undercarriage System 
TypeBalance Beam, Pivot Structure
Support Rollers (Single Side)7
Sprocket (Single Side)2
Standard Track Width1050 Mm
Track Length on Ground2925 Mm

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