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1Specifications of TOYOTA Fuel Pump:


Production Name



TOYOTA metalbody parts 


Autoclave technology,straight weaves, nice flexibility 
Non-fading glossy look,good fitting 


Africa, South, America, Mideast, Europe, etc




2Applications of TOYOTA Fuel Pump:



 3 Advantage of TOYOTA Fuel Pump:


 1.Small  MOQ: It can help your marking business very well.


2.Continuous development of new products   .


3.Good Service : We treat clients as friends.


4.Good Quality :We have strict quality control system & good reputation in the market.


5.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have great discount from forwarder (Long-term contract ).


4Packaging & Delivery of TOYOTA Fuel Pump:


Packaging Detail: strong cartons and wooden cases, can pack according to customer's requirements.


Delivery Detail: in 20 days




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Q:Why does the car clean the fuel system? What is the effect on the engine?
The main reason is the fuel itself contains glial, impurities, dust, moisture, etc., over time in the fuel tank, into the tubing and other forms of sludge and other sediments; followed by the oil and gas, As the volatile components of olefins and other unstable components in the high temperature oxidation and polymerization reaction, the formation of colloidal and resinous viscous material, the sticky material to stay in the nozzle, intake valve and other parts of the sediment when the sediment Will become a hard carbon deposition. In addition, traffic congestion, cars are often in the low speed and idle state, but also increase the formation of carbon deposition and sediments. Fuel system does not clean will cause a lot of harm to your car: First, carbon deposition and sediment will plug the nozzle needle valve, valve hole, the impact of precision parts of the jet system performance, resulting in poor fuel injection, Power performance and so on. Second, carbon deposition and sediment will cause the intake valve to close lax, cylinder pressure drop or even tempering, resulting in engine idle instability, fuel consumption and accompanied by deterioration of exhaust emissions. In the piston and cylinder head and other parts of the carbon deposition, easy to make the combustion chamber local overheating, gasoline preheating caused by engine knock and other failures. These faults will shorten the engine life. Therefore, regular maintenance of the fuel system is important.
Q:Judgment and Solution of Common Faults in Automobile Fuel System
The most common faults in the fuel system are: oil pump aging (poor service). Fuel injector dirty block. Steam filter dirty block. Should pay attention to the regular replacement of gasoline filter. Use a good point of oil to check the fuel system is a problem. Pressure to see if the oil pressure is normal .. to check the oil pressure at idle. Acceleration of the oil pressure. After the flame .. Can determine the pump is not good. Oil is smooth. Bus filter is blocked. The simplest method can be judged by pulling out the plug of the injector, such as the apparent jitter of the engine after unplugging, indicating that the injector is working well, such as the engine no reaction, indicating that the injector is working poorly. Under the cleaning or replacement
Q:Is the petrol fuel supply system the same as the fuel supply system?
the same
Q:Automotive fuel system
First, from the front to the front to see, fuel tank → tubing → fuel pump → fuel filter (fuel grid) → finally to the combustion chamber, there are control for the injection of electronic control system ECU
Q:What is the composition of the car fuel system?
Fuel tank, oil pump, oil compartment, tubing, oil return valve, nozzle
Q:How the car fuel system is generally maintained.
Fuel system is divided into fuel tanks, oil, fuel injectors, in the system of gasoline pumps, petrol filters and other parts, fuel through the pump, fuel filter, injector into the combustion chamber combustion, resulting in source power. The piping of the fuel system is filled with the gums produced by the oxidation of the fuel, and the moisture, such as the physical phenomena of the atmosphere, the rain, the car washing, and so on, inevitably cause moisture to enter the tank and the oil. Excessive gums can cause premature damage to the gasoline filter and clogging of the injector, and the presence of moisture is prematurely worn by the petrol pump, which is the corrosion of the metal components in the oil path.
Q:The working principle of diesel engine fuel system
Engine fuel supply system components are: gasoline tank, petrol filter, petrol pump, oil and gas separator, tubing, fuel oil and other auxiliary devices!
Q:How long the car fuel system is cleaned is not a car without failure can not be cleaned
Wait until the steering wheel jitter needs to be cleaned
Q:The role of automobile fuel system
The role of the fuel system is the engine for the different conditions: temperature, speed and timely and accurate to provide the best air-fuel ratio required gasoline.
Q:How the truck fuel system is depressurized
Disconnect the pump power, start the engine several times, you can!
The company leading product for the passenger door lock and micro car door locks, car locks and the ignition switch, the overall scale in the national rankings, one passenger door ranked in the top three, especially in the door of the market share of more than 60%, won several golden dragon, Yutong, Jinhua youth, Beiqi Futian, Changan automobile, GIO auto, Maple Automobile, Zotye auto, Yuchai group, Liugong host plant" excellent parts factory" honorary title.

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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
Annual Output Value
Main Markets Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America
Company Certifications ISO9000 :2000

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