Tower Crane of TCP6015 with 12Ton Max Load and Span 65M

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Product Description:

TCP6015 Description

Feature: Tower Crane               

Condition: New

Application: urban construction  

Rated Loading Capacity: 10T

Max. Lifting Load: 18T

Max. Lifting Height: 206M           

Span: 65M

Model Number: TCP6015

Certification: ISO9001:2000; CE;Ukraine & Belarus Certificate

Colour: Orange/ Yellow

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available

TCP6015 Features

1.Thirteen years of experience in supplying new self-erecting tower crane with Huiyou Brand.

2. Export to more than 20 countries with CE/ISO/GOST Certificates.

3. Stationary/Travelling, external/ internal climbing tower crane 

4. Impeller blasting/rust protection paint

5. Advanced painting process

6. Potain masts designed with dismountable panels, making teansport easier and cheaper. 

TCP6015 Specification

Tower Crane of TCP6015 with 12Ton Max Load and Span 65M 


TCP6015 Pictures

Tower Crane of TCP6015 with 12Ton Max Load and Span 65M

Tower Crane of TCP6015 with 12Ton Max Load and Span 65M

Tower Crane of TCP6015 with 12Ton Max Load and Span 65M



TCP6015 FAQ.

Q: What can we do for the clients in the market and after-sale service?

A: There is branch office for us in the kingdom and she could provide any commercial assistance for the clients; our exclusive agent would fully represent our lifting machinery for business communication and rapid & professional technical support.


Q: What certificate does the tower crane get?

A: our certificate for lifting machinery mainly includes:  ISO9001 Certification, / Manufacture License of special equipment by AQSIQ, / The Installation, Alteration, and Repair & Maintenance License of special equipment from AQSIQ, UAE certificate issued by UAE Authority, / CE certificate for the motors adopted on our construction equipments, and so on.

Now, our hoist has passed CE certificate and CMAX tower crane will pass the CE certificate soon.

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