Top Quality PPR ball valve with steel from Chinese factory

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Product Features

Lever Handle
1/2"F*20 , 3/4"F *25 , 1F*32,1 1/4"F *40,1 1/2"F *50
Material Brass
Fields of applications Water
Guarantee time 10 years
MOQ1 piece
Packaging Standard export package or Customized

1. Corrosion resistance
PPR pipes and fittings can resistant to most chemical corrosion; it can withstand PH value range 1-14 high concentration of acid and alkali corrosion over a wide temperature range.
2. Installation performance
PPR pipe PPR pipe is light in weight, and the operation installation is easy, which make it available to weld again. It is very important that pipe and pipe fittings can be welded together in seconds with a simple tool. Compared to traditional connection methods it can save 40%~50% of the time.
3. Safety Indicators
The basic component of PPR is carbon and hydrogen which is simple. It keeps in line with food hygiene regulations, non-toxic. If you use PPR pipe, there will no dirt in the inner wall or “secondary water pollution” caused by rust any more.PPR pipe ,green building materials, is more suitable for transporting drinking water.

Top Quality PPR ball valve with steel from Chinese factory

Advantages of PPR pipe
1. Maximum operating temperature can up to 95℃; it can work in a long term under the condition of 70℃ and 1.0Mpa.
2. PPR pipe density is only 1/8 of metal pipe; pressure resistance strength test is up 5Mpa, with good toughness, impact resistance.
3. Inner diameter of PPR pipe is little bigger than that of pipe fittings, which can ensure not to increase the resistance to fluid flow.
4. Inner wall of PPR pipe is smooth, no rust, no scaling, small fluid resistance
5. PPR pipe has excellent insulation properties, can significantly reduce the vibration and noise caused by the flow of liquid.
6. PPR pipe energy consumption is only 20% of steel pipe; its thermal coefficient is also only 1/200 of steel pipe, reducing heat loss greatly.
7. PPR pipe is poor electrical conductor material, which can avoid galvanic corrosion phenomena.
8. With poor thermal conductivity, PPR pipe can reduce condensation.
9. PPR pipes, fittings are recyclable.

1. Hot and cold drinking water supply system of civil and industrial buildings
2. Clean, pure water piping system
3. Beverage production and transport systems
4. Industrial liquid delivery system
5. Central air conditioning system
6. Hot water circulation Heating System
7. Compressed air piping system
8. Garden and greenhouse irrigation systems

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Personally would replace with copper as plastic does not look as good and the fittings are too bulky, als the plastic fittings rely on the rubber o ring inside them which after 10 or so years tend to dry out and perish causing small leaks which if pipe work is in awkward places or hidden can cause big problems later.
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Q:How to mend a hole in a plastic pipe?
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