Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

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Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

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Shanghai, China (Mainland)

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elevator lift motor


Construction Hoist

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Maximum Lifting Weight:

elevator lift motor

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elevator lift motor




1 year

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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Single, Double

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Bare and wooden boxes in container
Delivery Detail:7-15 days after receiving T/T payment

construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor,we are factory of  construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor and construction hoist spare construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor.

construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor,we are factory of  construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor and construction hoist spare construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor.

Product Description


Brand RuiBiao
ColorAs your requirement
Rope speed   22m/min


PackingWooden case
Delivery7-15days after receiving T/T payment

Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

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Q:What is called stepping motor?
What is called stepping motor?Anonymous browsing | 2451 timesRecommended for 2016-07-27 14:15:34 best answerBrake stepper motor, also known as the brake, brake at gate, ordinary stepper motor power without self-locking, electricity will lock, to achieve self-locking, the stepper motor is installed in the tail of a brake device (brake), and in parallel with the circuit of the stepping motor device, when the power is on, also on the brake electric brake device from the output shaft of the stepping motor, the normal operation of the motor, when power-off, hold the motor shaft brake release.Brake step motor is mainly suitable for driving the vertical movement of the brake, only need to connect to the 12~24VDC, when the stepper motor power, brake moment start, to fix the motor shaft, solve the stepper motor power motor can still maintain the locked state, the 57, 86110 series of two-phase or three-phase motor the brake device can be installed. The electromagnetic brake to form the air gap, and applies the brake torque to be so heavy objects moving in a short period of time to slow down or restricted stay and provide the (even when the power is interrupted in all areas).
Q:What are the differences between the two parameters of the maximum static torque and the positioning torque in the stepper motor?
The output power also varies with the speed, so keeping torque is one of the most important parameters to measure the stepper motor. For example, when people say that 2N.m stepper motor, in the absence of special instructions, refers to the torque of 2N.m stepper motor.
Q:What is the maximum speed that a stepper motor can achieve?
The two reason for losing step is:First, the control pulse frequency is high, at this time the rotor acceleration is smaller than the stepper motor stator rotating magnetic field speed.In the stepper motor power supply design, stator coil charging time constant is basically fixed, assuming that the time constant is 0.02S (0.02S is charged to the maximum value of 63%), if the pulse period of stepper motor can be greater than 0.04S (50% duty cycle, frequency of less than 25HZ), the stator coil can be obtained enough energy to produce enough torque to drive the rotor. If the pulse frequency is too high, such as 50HZ (50% duty cycle, pulse cycle is greater than 0.02S), the charging time of stator coil was 0.01S, charging time is less than half of the torque generated is much less, the rotor can not keep up the speed of the stator rotating magnetic field, every step backward in the equilibrium position should arrive, and from the equilibrium position is more and more far. The accumulated result is a step out of step
Q:The difference between a servomotor and a stepping motor
Two, low frequency characteristicsLow frequency vibration is easy to occur in stepping motors at low speeds. Vibration frequency is related to load and drive performance. Vibration frequency is generally considered as half of the no-load take-off frequency of motor. The low frequency vibration, which is determined by the working principle of the stepper motor, is very harmful to the normal operation of the machine. When stepping motor works at low speed, damping technology should be adopted to overcome low frequency vibration, such as adding damper on motor or subdividing technology on drive.AC servo motors operate very smoothly and do not vibrate even at low speeds. AC servo system has resonance suppression function, it can cover mechanical rigidity shortage, and the system has frequency analysis function (FFT), it can detect the resonance point of the machine, so that it is easy to adjust the system.
Q:Six wire stepper motor, 6 wire and 4 wire, to the distance, speed
There is no effect on the step angle and the effect on the speed and torque. If you want to see how the 4 wire is connected.
Q:How to test the speed of stepper motor with PLC?
The PLC can measure the speed of a stepper motor by either an encoder or a tachometer generator.The stepping motor is an open loop control element which transforms the electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. In the case of non overloading, the motor speed,
Q:Stepper motor 50 torque is equivalent to the ordinary motor how many watts?
Stepper motor torque can be equivalent to 50 general motors - how to measure.1, stepper motor is not measured by power, and all are to maintain the torque of this parameter to measure, the unit is NM.2, if you must know the stepper motor power can be applied formula, power = voltage, X current (w=vXa). Motor generally has rated current and resistance, calculated power rating, but the actual power must be measured by dynamometer.
Q:What is the stepping angle of the stepper motor 5.625*1/64?
I used the same type of motor, too. Exactly the same as yours. I tried, and I took 2025 steps in a full circle. I use the four drive mode.
Q:What are the problems with stepping motors?!
The reaction stepping motor is generally three-phase, and can achieve large torque output. The step angle is generally 1.5 degrees, but the noise and vibration are very large. The rotor magnetic path of the reaction stepping motor is made of soft magnetic material, and the stator is provided with a polyphase exciting winding, and the torque is generated by the change of the permeance.Hybrid stepping motors refer to the advantages of mixing permanent magnet and reactive type. It is divided into two phases and five phases: two phase stepping angle is generally 1.8 degrees, while the five phase stepping angle is generally 0.72 degrees. This stepper motor is the most widely used, but also the subdivision of the drive program used stepper motor.
Q:Can stepping drives drive different stepping motors?
There is the phase must match, the five phase of the driver can not take other phase of the motor, can only drive five phase stepper motor. As the driver can drive the 3 phase and 5 phase motor, with only two phase stepper motor.

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