Top Brand Cummins Engine Series Diesel Generator Set

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1.Structure of Diesel Generator Set

Generator set adopts Y&C Engine high-quality engine as power, selects name brand alternator .It has advantages of compact structure, high degree of automation, smooth and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, etc. Mainly parts were made from high strength Vermicular cast iron, this make 15% weight lighter than traditional engine.Emission standard reach national standard third class,higher than the national non-roadway standard.The engine was finished 50000 hours reliability testing, more than 90% mass production engine life over 125000 hours .Within 2,500 hours don't need to adjust valve clearance.

2.Main Features of Diesel Generator Set

European brand Engine 
Low Fuel consumption 
OEM, Good Price 
Global Warranty 
CE, ISO, Son cap Certificate

3. Diesel Generator Set  Images 


Top Brand Cummins Engine Series Diesel Generator Set

Top Brand Cummins Engine Series Diesel Generator Set

4. Diesel Generator Set Specification   

 OEM Genset factory with best price(7kva-2000kva) 
-excellent quality,competitive price 
-automatic control 
-1000 H warranty



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Q:How does the motorcycle burn the oil?
White exhaust generally represents the car's burning condition is good, with the engine temperature, driven by the exhaust system around the temperature, white exhaust gradually disappear.
Q:How to maintain the car engine
If the engine is not maintained for a long time will affect the life of the car.
Q:What are the hazards of carbon deposition on car engines?
Much more harm, such as fuel consumption increases, idle jitter, poor performance, it is best to use a good point of cleaning agents on a regular basis, I generally force the extension of the LA112, cost-effective okay
Q:What about SQR484F?
Because it is an early production of independent research and development model, more attention to reliability and peace of nature, so in the power adjustment aspect is more conservative, at present the engine is already very mature, is Chery's flagship 2.0L engine.
Q:What about the engine material, iron and aluminum, please?
Generally speaking, steel will think of good toughness. Cast iron, as expected, usually with high stiffness. Used as engine block, aluminum alloy, cast iron, and so on, the strength can be guaranteed. The more high-grade engines, the more aluminum alloy. Because the aluminum alloy cost is high, the processing difficulty is big, uses in the low-grade vehicle is quite few.
Q:Car engines: what does V12 mean?
First, take a look at one of the most common engine parameters -- engine displacement. Engine displacement is the sum of the working volume of each cylinder of the engine. It is generally expressed in L. While the cylinder working volume refers to the volume of gas piston from TDC to BDC swept, also known as single cylinder displacement, it depends on the bore and piston stroke. Engine displacement engine is a very important parameter, it can represent more than the number of engine and the cylinder bore size, the engine of many of the indicators are closely related with the displacement. Generally speaking, the larger the displacement, the greater the output power of the engine.
Q:On the car engine, V8R6W12 what is the meaning?
Advantages: stable, low cost, simple structure, good balance of operation, small size, high stability, low speed torque characteristics, fuel consumption, compact size, more widely used.
Q:What is the problem of engine torque failure?
According to your feedback, it may be caused by clutch slipping. It is suggested that you contact the local 4S shop for inspection and maintenance. Torque sensor can consult Lan Ling technology procurement.
Q:What kind of engines does the airplane have?!
Turbo jet engines (oil, but high speed thrust), turbofan engines (integrated turboprop, low speed fuel and high speed turbojet thrust), use the culvert to solve the cusp supersonic problem.
Q:The high-end car's engine is made of aluminum or cast iron
The engine, the generic LS1 and the Polaris V8 engine, the Peugeot 2-liter four-cylinder engine and the universal new inline four-cylinder engine are all made of aluminum.

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