TK106 vehicle gps tracker support camera,fuel sensor,ACC alarm,door alarm,SOS alarm

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TK106 vehicle gps tracker support camera/fuel sensor/ACC alarm/door alarm/SOS alarm sim card vehicle gps tracker




Product name

long battery life gps tracker

GPS Module





< 5m




12-24V DC


Normal mode: <20mA

Power Save mode: <10mA

Cold Startup

< 33s

Warm Startup

< 3s

Working Temp



1000mAh Polymer battery

Water proof


GSM/GPRS module

Simcom Sim340 or Simcom Sim300

Car charger

12~24V input,5V output

Home charger

110-220V input,5V output


TK106 vehicle gps tracker support camera/fuel sensor/ACC alarm/door alarm/SOS alarm sim card vehicle gps tracker *

1.GPS tracker for auto (12V-24V).

2.Location based service(LBS).

3.Support camera.

4.Support fuel sensor.

5.Support SD card.

6.Remote control for "ARM" &" DISARM".

7.Compatible with car original anti-theft alarm system.

8.Real time tracking, voice listen in function.

9.Remote shutdown vehicle engine and resume.

10.Geo-fence, movement, over speed, low batter alarm.

11.fuel and shock sensor, ACC, Door, SOS alarm.

12.SMS tracking on cell phone with Google maps link.

13.Aboslute address including street name by sms.

14.Free PC based software for live tracking.

15.Web based online tracking server.

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Q:How much does it cost to install a concealed GPS locator? Which brand is good
2, my car is installed in two, is a car of grain security, gt02d, this is the terminal, is installed in the control inside, also one hundred or two hundred, another is gt03c, with the magnet is very good, sorption, throw in the car, do not install the wiring should be simple, many, but this is the more than and 300, two add up to about five hundred.
Q:How to cancel my Samsung mobile phone GPS positioning
Samsung mostly Android mobile phone system, cancel the GPS positioning method is as follows.Pull-down menu. Boot, the finger down from the top of the draw, the drop-down menu. Find GPS, click, turn gray, you can cancel.
Q:How to close millet 3 GPS locator
Top down can be expanded menu, locate the button to touch.Or in "Settings" - "all settings" - "location service" - "GPS satellite positioning"
Q:GPS locator if the thief was removed how to do
Yeah, that means you've been stolen, 110.
Q:My phone does not have a GPS positioning system
With the next mobile phone software system is not necessary so much trouble
Q:How Android phone and GPS locator binding
Download a car online APP software can ahOnline APP software installation method:
Q:GPS and tracking locator are two different things,
The information sent to the software platform, you can check your car through the platform position. The effect of GPS tracking anti-theft is really very good, I would like a fitted, because my bike is stolen, I have lost two bikes, Xiangqilaijiu sad, so I must want to buy a GPS locator, the running track of who would come to steal you can see the car through the platform to find the car.
Q:I bought a real carpenter car GPS locator, and then I clearly insert the boot how to display is not enabled? Which God knows?
(3) it is necessary to insert the card before the boot, the boot state will not be able to identify the card can not be used properly(4) to see if there is no electricity, the equipment charge.
Q:What is the difference between wired GPS locator and wireless GPS locator?
Wired need to install wiring, wireless installation, direct use, like the night cat is wireless, without installation, easy to use
Q:How to judge the quality of GPS locator
The more effective satellite number GPS can receive the instructions, its current signal is strong, the working state is more stable, which is good;

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