TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

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1. Movable center rolling jack
2. Build in motor overload protection device


  1. 1.       4ton ultra-thin max scissor lift design for alignment, car checking and repair. On-ground or in-ground mounted

  2. 2.       Four hydraulic design and differential hydraulic is convenient for balance, and keeps good synchrony

  3. 3.       Self-mechanical lock ensure the safety up work, and pneumatic unlock, lowest noise

  4. 4.       Parallelism of two platform can be adjusted within 1mm to guarantee the precision of the alignment

  5. 5.       24V low-tension safety control

  6. 6.       Movable center rolling jack

  7. 7.       Build in motor overload protection device

  8. 8.       Manual emergency lowering pump for the release of the safeties

  9. 9.       Various turntable plate as optional

  10. 10.   Safety photocell for the position of the two platform as optional for balance and safety

  11. 11.   CE certificate


Technical Specifications

Lifting capacity           4000kg

Max Lifting Capacity       (main) 1800mm

                        (jack) 375mm

Lowest Height            200mm

Length of the platform     4440mm

Power Requirement       110V/220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3h    

Hydraulic Pressure        25Mpa

Air Pressure             6-8bar

Lifting Time              60s



Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall Width


Length of Platform


Runway width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift


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Q:Will getting new shocks lift my car a little?
Not unless you get air shocks and adjust them to the height that you want. The suspension is at a set height. If yours is 'squatting on one side, you may have something broken, something is wrong for sure. The only thing regular shocks do is control the amount of rebound on your suspension when driving down the road. EDIT, It may not necessarily be your springs. You need to get your whole suspension looked at. It could be a combination of several different things. I would take it the place where you were going to get the shocks and get them to look at it. It could be something simple.
Q:Lift up to their own whereabouts
Hydraulic cylinder back to the hydraulic tank check valve sealing problem
Q:How is the double column of the double lift lifter synchronized?
Bottom cover plate lift is the use of tubing to connect two cylinders, hydraulic oil through the one-way valve in the two cylinders inside the flow, play a synchronous role.
Q:What are the brands of the lift equipment?
SPX is the United States, but not the most famous in the United States, the best in the United States is Rotary, Halfman.
Q:An hydraulic car lift at a repair shop, the area of the large piston is 100 times?
Assuming g = 9.8 m/s², the weight of the car is 19600N. A force of 19600/100 = 196N on the small piston would balance the car.
Q:Car spoilers?
They produce downforce in the same way that 'plane wings produce lift - just in reverse. The shape of the spoiler causes the airflow to be faster on the top than on the bottom, thus causing downforce.
Q:Lifting machine hydraulic pump work but not oil how to do?
There may be gas inside the pipeline, venting try.
Q:What kind of lift is there?
Kind of Tingzhi, two columns, gantry, small cut, big cut, four columns, each have their own advantages
Q:What are the types of lifts?
Double column, four post, scissor lift Car repair commonly used double column, double column is divided into gantry and general type! Which is the best stability of the gantry! Four-column universal for four-wheel positioning! All lifts have lifting weights! Generally 3.5 tons! Often off-road vehicles have 4 tons of better!
Q:What is the working principle of a car lift?
When the motor button is pressed on the motor, the motor starts, drives the pump, sucks the pressure oil from the mailbox into the cylinder, moves the piston rod. At this point the relief valve is closed, the pressure has been adjusted before the factory. To ensure the lifting of the rated load requirements. But the system pressure exceeds the limit, the automatic overflow oil unloading. Release the start button, stop the oil supply, lift the end, start work. If you drop, pull the two mechanical safety locks on the slide, press the manual valve, start unloading oil drop.

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