TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

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1. Movable center rolling jack
2. Build in motor overload protection device


  1. 1.       4ton ultra-thin max scissor lift design for alignment, car checking and repair. On-ground or in-ground mounted

  2. 2.       Four hydraulic design and differential hydraulic is convenient for balance, and keeps good synchrony

  3. 3.       Self-mechanical lock ensure the safety up work, and pneumatic unlock, lowest noise

  4. 4.       Parallelism of two platform can be adjusted within 1mm to guarantee the precision of the alignment

  5. 5.       24V low-tension safety control

  6. 6.       Movable center rolling jack

  7. 7.       Build in motor overload protection device

  8. 8.       Manual emergency lowering pump for the release of the safeties

  9. 9.       Various turntable plate as optional

  10. 10.   Safety photocell for the position of the two platform as optional for balance and safety

  11. 11.   CE certificate


Technical Specifications

Lifting capacity           4000kg

Max Lifting Capacity       (main) 1800mm

                        (jack) 375mm

Lowest Height            200mm

Length of the platform     4440mm

Power Requirement       110V/220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3h    

Hydraulic Pressure        25Mpa

Air Pressure             6-8bar

Lifting Time              60s



Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall Width


Length of Platform


Runway width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift

TJST-8140 4.0T Alignment Scissor Lift-Car Lift


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Q:Mercedes-Benz 450 with the lift after the chassis lift does not work
Running on it
Q:how much would this car lift cost?
so it is easier to roll in all situations. unless you do extreme 4wding there is no need for it.
Q:The type and working principle of the lift
Mechanical lift is mainly a single motor-driven screw drive lift and dual motor-driven screw drive lift. Mechanical lifter popular in 1992-1998, mainly by the treasure in the treasure, Heng Chen, Zhongda, Shen Xia production, the lift is characterized by good synchronization, as generally more for the motor drive, screw drive, it There is no oil spill pollution problems, and self-locking protection is simple. However, due to the high cost of mechanical wear and maintenance (often need to replace the gong mother and bearings), an annual lift maintenance needs of about 1,000 yuan, the customer will eventually replace the product for the maintenance of small hydraulic lift.
Q:Question about a body lift on my car?
relies upon on what form of jeep you have. Wrangler is the only 95 jeep you need to use a physique raise on. Others are unibodies. i might propose against a physique raise. Theres no upside, till you like clearance for a mechanical replace. Your greater useful off with different mods.... solid shocks, gears, locker, winch and so on.
Q:Jacking & Lifting Procedure on a car?
When you lift a car using a jack, you are at most only taking one wheel off the ground. You are also shifting the weight of the car by jacking it up. You always want to keep the car in park so it doesn't roll backwards and slide right off the jack or the jack stand that you put on it. You should chock (place obstructions like a brick or block of wood) behind the two wheels that remain on the ground to further decrease the likelihood of the car rolling or moving around. Whoever told you to put the car in neutral to jack it up is a complete idiot.
Q:Two post rotary car lift?
bell housing'll know where the balance point is when you start to lift
Q:Lifting machine of the four - column lift product features
safe and reliable insurance device.
Q:In a car lift, compressed air exerts a force on a piston with a radius of 1.47 cm. Find force. Please help!?
This Site Might Help You. RE: In a car lift, compressed air exerts a force on a piston with a radius of 1.47 cm. Find force. Please help!? In a car lift, compressed air exerts a force on a piston with a radius of 1.47 cm. This pressure is transmitted to a second piston with a radius of 12.9 cm. A- How large a force must the compressed air exert to lift 13900 N car? Answer in units of N. B- What pressure produces this force?...
Q:Four-wheel positioning dedicated scissors lift what brand is good
Now the market four-wheel positioning brand is very complex, we must choose a good quality point, and done accurate. The price of course, have to consider, now the car after the market, four rounds of the brand a lot, like Miller, Keao, Li Ge, can, cost-effective, after-sales service is also good, the last car will not be transferred, technical staff Came to deal with, and do not come out of the car deviation. Specific reference can be consulted. 18665423308 Manager Zhang, his shop called billion into the car in Foshan Nanhai District, you can go and see!
Q:What are the types of lifts?
Double column, four post, scissor lift Car repair commonly used double column, double column is divided into gantry and general type! Which is the best stability of the gantry! Four-column universal for four-wheel positioning! All lifts have lifting weights! Generally 3.5 tons! Often off-road vehicles have 4 tons of better!

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