Titanium Dioxide Widely Used in Coatings Paints Chemicals

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Product Description:

our cargo is fully TiO2: 98% MIN.

our titanium dioxide pigment is poduced by sulphate process.

1)titanium dioxide anatase

Name of Specification


TiO2 content

98% min.

Colour(compared with that of the standard sample)

not lower than

Lightening power (compared with that of the standard sample)

100% min.

Matter volatile at 105°C at point pf acceptance

0.5% max.

Matter volatile at 105°C after 24th preconditioning at 23±2°C and (50±5)%RH

0.5% max.

Matter soluble in water

0.5% max.

PH of aqueous suspension


Oil absorption,g/100g sample

26% max.

Residue on (45um) sieve

0.1% max.

Resistivity of aqueous extract  m

20 min.

Usage: Chiefly used in rubber,plastic,paper,ink,glass,and innerwork paint industry etc.

2)titanium dioxde (enamel grade)

Name of Specification








Residue on 45um sieve




Uses: Enamelling,Ceramic. etc.

Packing: in plastic lined plastic woven bag of 25kgs.net each.or as your required.

Titanium Dioxide Widely Used in Coatings Paints Chemicals

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Super Titanium is a large comprehensive enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of white inorganic fine chemicals. We are one of the main TiO2 manufacturers & suppliers in China producing a variety of high grade Rutile and Anatase TiO2 with an annual supply capacity of 100,000 tons. 'Super Titanium' brand series titanium dioxide pigments have won a high reputation and are widely used in paint, plastic, rubber, paper, ink, medicine, food, chemical fiber industries etc.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai City,China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets Western Europe, Mid East, North America, Oceania
Company Certifications ISO9001;IS014001 Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai Port
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese; Spanish
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Titanium Dioxide,White Carbon Black,Lithopone,Zinc Oxide,Barium Sulphate,Manganese Carbonate
Product Price Range Average