Tinplate China Made with best quality and good price

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25 m.t.
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4000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Details

1.Structure of Description

 Electrolytic Tinplate Sheets is one of the metal packing materials, which is widely used for making painting cans ,chemical package cans , electrical cable ,battery and metal printing etc. For caps, there are some customers also need TFS, if you have some demand for TFS,also can contact with us. 


2. Main Features 

Steady and high quality

Fast shipment

Good experience for export work

For the surface, Plate uniform in thickness,uniform and smooth tin coating, without flaws,rusts,scratch,wave,nick of tin coating etc.

Tinplate China Made with best quality and good price

Tinplate China Made with best quality and good price

Tinplate China Made with best quality and good price

Minumum Order Quantity: 25 MT              Loading Port:China Main Port

Annual Capacity: 400,000MT                      Payment Terms:TT or LC

Product Specifications:

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Usage and Applications

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Specifications

  • Standard : GB2520-2000 ,JIS G3303

  • Steel type : SPCC

  • Coating : 2.8/2.8

  • Surface: Bright, Stone ,

  • Thickness:0.18

  • Width :600MM~1000MM

  • Temper : T1~T5

  • Package: tinplate wrapped completely with an inner cover of plastic or waterproof papers with vorners protected with metal angels.




  • Chemicals and painting cans

  • Dry food cans, such as fancy cans, biscuit cans, milk power cans, tea cans

  • Liquid food cans, such as edible oil cans, beverage cans, Tomato paste cans

  • Sea food cans

  • Crown corks, easy open ends(EOE)

  • Electrical machinery parts

  • Bakeware and household kitchen parts




A. What is the package of tinplate? (Referred as below)

For sheets, thin plastic film + rust-proof paper + metallic cover + metallic angles+ steel band strips + fumigated wooden pallet. 

For coil, thin plastic film + rust proof paper + metallic cover + steel band strips + fumigated wooden pallet 


B. The surface of tinplate could you supply? 

Stone finish, Bright finish, Matte finish, Silver finish

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Q:Carbide coated drill bit will reduce the service life after grinding, how to avoid?
Sure, the grinding efficiency of the drill can reach about 80% of the new drill. Of course, the repair should be professional, experienced manufacturers repair oh. We can drill hard alloy coated drill bit to ensure quality.
Q:Tungsten carbide cutter white steel cutter carbide cutter is what is the difference?
Xing bautec supply Foxconn tungsten steel milling cutter, should also be rightWhite steel milling cutter used for low speed turning, workpiece roughness is better than carbide blade! Hard alloy is harder than high speed steel, but hard alloy is more brittle than white steel and easy to break.Hard alloy milling cutters are mainly composed of rare metals.
Q:The difference between HSS and carbide knives
High speed steel which is mainly used in the rapid operation of the machine, its good fatigue performance, high temperature performance is better, but the hardness is generally hard alloy steel mainly refers to alloy steel with high hardness, high hardness of the steel is mainly emphasized in a certain range, but may be brittle or will be relatively large, high performance high temperature, poor.
Q:Buy whole cold carbide drills
I know Zhuzhou Hua tungsten seems to have what you need. I suggest you go to see their company
Q:I would like to solder a carbide tool now, what materials do you need to ask for specific methods?
You need to use the Ya alloy electrode and welding tool first articles to be heated to red (a temperature of about 800~1000 degrees) and then stained with borax flux (in the electrode when need to add) and then work hard alloy or welded tungsten steel tools a turning tool on the lathe tool holder can be cut off in the car turning bracket that is the
Q:Carbide grades YG6 and YG8. Which ones are used to process stones?
YG8 is suitable for YG6 with higher hardness, but less impact toughness
Q:K carbide carbide cutting tools, mainly used for turning what materials?
Suitable for processing stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic materials, cast iron and so on
Q:What is the difference between hard alloy and steel
Tungsten carbide hard alloy belongs to, but not necessarily tungsten steel, now Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries customers love to use the word if they talk with tungsten, carefully into the deep, we will find that most of us. Or to the hard alloy and tungsten steel the difference is: also called hard alloy tool steel or high speed steel, tungsten steel is the raw material for smelting molten steel in steelmaking process for adding tungsten as a, also called high speed steel or tool steel, the tungsten content in 15-25%, The hard alloy is used; powder metallurgy of tungsten carbide as subject and cobalt or other metal bonded together and sintered, the tungsten content of more than 80% in general. Simply put all the hardness more than HRC65 as long as things go can be called cemented carbide alloyIs a kind of tungsten carbide hardness between HRC85 and 92, is often used as a knife
Q:What is a hard alloy mixture?
The cemented carbide mixture refers to a WC+Co mixture to be suppressed, and contains a small amount of additives (possibly paraffin, rubber, etc.) that can improve the compressive properties. There is also a saying called RTP (Ready To Press).
Q:Carbide cutting insert
Brand in general can be found above, but you can also go to Zhuzhou tungsten tungsten alloy to see, they have good quality there

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