Tinned Silver Copper Wire

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Product Description:

1.Product Description:

Our Tinned Silver Copper wire use 99.96% or 99.99% pure copper for inner core, the silver layer reach 99.99% purity,

we using advance plating equipment and state-of-the-art plating silver technology make the silver lay containing silver 99.99%

and coating is very smooth , high density . and not easy to change color .

Fine wire specification: 025-1.0 u , hold wire specification : 0.5-10u

2. Product Characteristic:

We use import tester CMI SmartLink PR to test the silver layer thickness. Compare with pure copper wire ,

ours tinned silver copper wire is higher conductivity , higher thermal class , more smooth and higher corrosion resistance .

High-grade (high pressure) cable,Automotive cables

Electronics, telecommunications, winding wire,aerospace and other fields


Diameter: 0.03mm-2.5mm

Normal Package :roll

Spool Size : DIN180mm , DIN 250mm

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Q:Car audio speaker wire location?
Red white yes, shouldn't need the toggle. It will turn off with the ignition.
Q:Need help with trailer wiring?
On okorder.com/... also available at your local auto parts store
Q:is copper wire an insulated wire?
Copper wire is rather orange in color. If it is insulated it will be surrounded by a coating of plastic for its entire length. If you cut it and then look at its end the copper wire should be in the middle with the insulation around it like a doughnut. Insulation can be of any color and is not always plastic. The copper wire itself can be either solid and made up of a single strand, or stranded and thus composed of numerous much smaller diameter strands. Stranded wire is more flexible and is the type used commonly for lamps, but sold copper wire, although stiffer, will work as well.
Q:Investigation of Resistance of Wire?
If you don't have a multimeter, you can probably see the effect of resistance with a flashlight bulb and a small battery (AA or AAA, etc). Get a spool of wire, needs to be coated/insulated wire. Connect the bulb to the battery with the shortest wire possible. See how bright the bulb is. Then, connect again using the entire spool of wire (hopefully you can get at both ends of the wire while it is still on the spool). The bulb will be dimmer because the voltage at the bulb will be reduced by the resistance of the wire (resistivity per unit length X the length of wire). If the length of wire on the spool is too long, the bulb will not light up at all.
Q:what size wire does a dryer outlet take?
8 guage if it's 220v
Q:What type of wire is used for wire art?
They also sell rolls of other wire, click on metals in the top sequence, choose one then choose wire.
Q:1999 durango speaker wires, whats pos. whats neg.?
The ground (secondary circuit) is the wire hooked to the car chassie or metal frame from the - terminal marked on the speaker.The hot wire coming from the stereo speaker terminal is to be connected to the + on the speaker terminal.With a volt meter test for power to determine the hot wire.Never guess which one is hot.
Q:dodge dakota rt signal wire?
It should be the BLK/ LB wire (although my wiring schematic shows that wire BLK/ GREEN), It will be the only circuit that have a varying voltage between 0-1 volt. Probe the wires with a DVOM and determine which wire has the signal, one wire will supply B+ for the heater, one is heater ground, one is reference supply voltage and one is signal return The signal return is the circuit you need to tap.
Q:can I wire a 4 wire device to a 3 wire circuit?
Yes, but don't listen to these other answers (scary,lol). The bare copper wire is always the ground wire and it is usually a green wire on the switch (timer), so connect those together. There will be 2 wires in the electrical box (probably both black, but one might be white depending on how it was wired), either way they are both black wires and if you touched them together the fan would turn on. One of them will be a constant power from the panel and the other will go to the fan. Now, you will have to look at the instructions that came with the switch, to see which of the 3 wires goes to the fan and which 2 wires get hooked to constant power. You will have to determine which of the 2 wires in the box is constant power and if you have a tester it's easy, if not you have to touch the wire (I'm kidding). Electrical is quite simple, you just have to do it systematically one wire at a time. I hope I didn't confuse you, but the reason I explained all of this is it's the only way because of different circumstances. Also, if you don't have a tester and there is one black wire and one white wire in the box (not counting the white wires connected together with a marette) then the black wire is the constant power and the white goes to the fan.
Q:Bonsai trunk able to grow while it is wired?
Wire it, let it grow a bit. Then, as necessary, undo the wire, then rewire it to fit the new size. An alternative is to append weights, or tie strings to other objects or parts of the plant instead of wiring a whole branch.

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