Tinned copper clad aluminum wire pure silver electrical wire

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Pure Silver Wire
1. Pure silver has extremely high electrical
2. Very low contact resistance .
3,Ag content:> 99.99%

Specifications :

99.99% Pure Silver Wire for E cig atomizer







μΩ. cm


HV kg/mm3


more than99.95

more than10.49




(1) Very low contact resistance .

(2) Pure silver has extremely high electrical conductivity .

(3) Easy to solder .

(4) It is easy to produce, so silver is an ideal contact material.

(5) It is one of the most widely used materials in small capacity and voltage especially good for the elelctrical appliance with working curent below5A.

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Q:I have a power cable for my computer that got slightly chewed and i was wondering does that effect the power?
It will work if the wires are undamaged. But they will have been kinked when the cable got chewed. The cable is now dangerous, if the wires are pinched you may get a hot spot, melt the insulation and fire/shock hazard. Turn it off and replace the cable.
Q:A power supply cable is brakes during heavy storm and falls on the ground. Bear approach gets shocked becauase
a. The bear has completed a circuit between the cable and the ground. Electrical current takes the path of least resistance and will flow through him rather than through the air which has a low conductance. Since the bear has a resistance the electrical energy will do work (the energy it takes to move electrons from one potential to another) to over come his resistance and some of the energy will be transferred to heat. This is why people who are electrocuted will burn from the inside out.
Q:Does a SATA to eSATA cable supply power to the hard drive?
eSATA connectors cannot supply power, require a power supply for the external device. eSATAp (but mechanically incompatible, sometimes called eSATA/USB) connector adds power to an external SATA connection, so that an additional power supply is not needed.
Q:I have a Compaq Laptop R3000 and I need an alternative power cable?
I think this is the cable you are looking for. Found it on OKorder. Connect your notebook PC directly to your TV or stereo system with this handy 8' HP xc1000 Notebook All-in-One Media Cable that does it all (S-Video composite TV, digital audio, and analog audio). The result? You'll be presenting photos and home movies like a pro, listening to music, and enjoying games on your home entertainment system. * Reduce wire clutter with this single cable that features an S-Video connection (for TV, VCR, or composite TV), digital audio S/PDIF (for digital audio receiver), and analog audio line-out jack. (RCA Splitter Cable not included with this package) * Connect your digital camera, printer, scanner, remote, USB hub, and any other USB-enabled device; this cable features a USB 2.0 port and premium, gold-plated connectors for best-quality connections * Play music through your stereo when your notebook speakers are muted * Stay charged up by connecting the cable to your existing AC adapter and recharging your notebook's batteries * Save time and money by using just one cable for all of your connections * Use with a variety of systems: HP Pavilion zd7000 series, zx5000, zv5000, and Compaq Presario R3000 notebook PCs As well - this cable is a great solution to your notebook's power issues. Over time and repeated use of the ac adapter, the connection in your laptop naturally wears off, resulting in you not being able to power your notebook. This cable has a built-in AC power connector which is virtually indestructible. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a notebook repair when all you need to do is get this handy cable? This cable is the least expensive solutions for: * Presario R3000 power problem * Pavilion zd7000 power problem * Pavilion zx5000 power problem * Pavilion zv5000 power problem
Q:Wrong power cable in USB hard drive, help!?
The circuits might have gone on the hard disc. But data platters would not be gone. You might get back your data, but it involves a great expenditure. You have to send the disc to the manufacturer for retrieval of data. Unless the data is very important, I would suggest junking the disc.
Q:can a Power supply electrocute you?
I'm willing to bet that there's people out there who'll debate me on this, but the answer is a nutshell both yes and no. Part I: As for having the power supply out in the open the answer is generally no, assuming you have it on a non-conductive surface such as a sheet of cardboard, assuming your carpet has any grade of nylon in it, and assuming the wiring in your house is well-grounded. Part II: I doubt it, but it'd be a better idea if your plugged it into the motherboard first, then to the power supply, then the wall. Part III: Both yes and no. It really depends on a small number of factors like how well grounded (electrically) it is. However, liquids and electricity of any type are NEVER a good mix. Part IV: Don't even think about it. Aside from something extreme like oh say a fire, there's no surer way to kill a motherboard than to disconnect the connector while powered-up.
Q:Where do i run my power cable from my amp ?
There should already be a hole there.
Q:I need a replacement power cable for my laptop?
dick smith or easily one of those kinds of digital shops they promote those packs with about 10 different adapters for $60 pay attention utilising some thing besides the indisputable fact that the right acer battery could void your assure
Q:computer power supply cables/ placement?
Its on your motherboard factory web site. usually there is a 4 or 8 pin for the mobo PCI bridge, sata, pata, power connectors for drives. smaller for floppy, blue wire for PSU fan speed report. just find out what FORM you need, most are ATX.
Q:When adding second internal drive to Dell OPTIPLEX 780 do I have to get another power cable and data cable?
you have such a small case, i doublt that there will be room inside the case for another internal drive. if there is room, the PSU should have an extra Sata power connector and you will need to get a Sata cable if you buy an OEM drive, if it's a 'retail' version of the drive then you should get a Molex to Sata power cable and a Sata data cable. you probably wont have space inside the case for another drive, go with a USB 2.0 external desktop drive.

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