Time Switches 220V 16A

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Q:Microcomputer control switch kg316t how to set the time
2.6 When connected to the power supply, the green light on the panel indicates that the circuit is energized and the traffic light is on to indicate that the switch is on. 2.7 Press the "Auto / Manual" button to open or close the circuit directly. To make the switch automatic, press the "AUTO / MANUAL" key to change the "▼" symbol below the display to the "OFF" position, then press Press this key to the "automatic" position For example: every night 18:30 automatically open, according to the above 2 points set as shown in Figure 3, every night 23:20 automatically shut down, according to the above 3 points set as shown in Figure 4 , According to the fourth point of debugging on the LCD (2 open, 2 off ... 10 open, 10 off) is displayed as "-: -" pattern, then press the 6th point, 7:00 to operate.
Q:Switching power supply voltage to maintain a long time: generally up to 20ms or so. What does that mean?
After the power, the output voltage can be maintained for about 20 milliseconds, that is, 0.02 seconds
Q:I would like to record the switch door time, is there any such a recorder?
And then the signal connected to the recorder on the line. Close to the switch a few tens of dollars, two or two thousand instruments. Is it necessary to do it?
Q:There is no switch in the trigger after the start of the power can be set to automatically set
Your description of the problem is very clear, but after the supplement is indeed a bit of confusion. According to my understanding, is not click on the switch, the device runs automatically after the set time? Or that is not the same as some of the corridor touch switch, click, light, delay a certain time, automatically extinguished? If this is the case, from the circuit point of view, is a monostable circuit (commonly used 555 circuit to achieve). Can be implemented using electronic circuits, can also be used to achieve the delay relay.
Q:Schneider dual power switch has no conversion time within 0.5S?
This request is not high, generally in the industry dual power switch required time is mS level, that is less than a power cycle of the exchange. You are already very loose.
Q:Press the TV switch to a long time to start the TV, how is it?
1, under normal circumstances, the TV boot need to load the system and hardware self-test, so the boot takes some time is a normal phenomenon, and usually not more than three minutes. 2, if the boot time is longer, such as more than five minutes still can not open the machine, it may be caused by TV hardware failure, such as power failure, switch circuit failure, internal other circuit failure, motherboard chips and other parts failure Kind of situation need to contact the TV after-sales service on the TV to conduct a comprehensive testing and maintenance can be resolved.
Q:Time switch and time relay
See you with the time relay price of each twenty or thirty yuan or so
Q:Switching power supply generally how much time is normal
The initial trial production can be 24 hours of aging, and take 10% of which for a long time aging (at least half a month) to ensure quality. Into the first five batches of 100% load aging 40 minutes, if no problem and then you can use 80% or 100% load aging 25-30 minutes. General power plants are the same operation. Aging conditions: Ambient temperature: 35 degrees Celsius Aging load: 80% of total power
Q:Microcomputer time control switch how to adjust the time
Second, the use of methods (using the timer function, please hand switch in the open state) 2.1 Adjust the clock (the factory has a good clock) If you need to re-adjust the press the "clock" key while holding the "school week" button, "school" key, "school" key. 2.2 Set the first time to open: Click the "timer" button. LCD screen appears (Figure 1) state, then press the "school" key and "school" health, enter the first time to open. 2.3 Set the first time to turn off: Click the "Timer" button. LCD screen appears (Figure 2) state, then press the "school" key and "school" health, enter the first turn off time. 2.4 continue to press the "timer" button, the LCD screen appears "2 open, 2 off ... 10 open, 10 off" reference steps 2 and 3, set the time after the opening and closing, if Only once a day and off once, you must press the "Cancel / Resume" button, "2 open, 2 off ... 10 open, 10 off" the storage time to eliminate, so that the LCD display "----" pattern. 2.5 timing is set, should press the "clock" button, so that the LCD screen shows the current Beijing time.
Q:Zhengtai KG316T when the control switch locked, how to unlock the reset time
Zhengtai Electric KG316T microcomputer control switch unlock method: When the lower left shows а, that lock, press the first row of the left: cancel / restore button, 4, the lower left of the display а disappear, that unlock success. After debugging, wait a moment, and automatically locked.

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