Time relay DC 88H 58W 68D

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Q:Time control switch, zero line output does not load normal?
The lights will be normal light, indicating the surface line connection is no problem (whether the specific contact point is another matter), the air switch to allow the capacity of the bar? The
Q:Microcomputer when the control switch set the ring time how to modify the time
Press the timer button, there is 1 open / 1on, and then press the hour, minutes to set your opening time, then press the timer key, there is a off / 1off, by hours, minutes are off time; followed by input; , Press the cancel / reply key 3 5 times to unlock it.
Q:How to adjust the time for the bells
Set the method as follows, A time for the 18:00, a set off 05:00, two open two off three open three off until ten open ten off the time to clear the time (because less than). And then set a good week, set the current time control switch, the time switch to automatically switch.
Q:How can I switch the power supply at the set time?
insert the timer into the power outlet, pay attention to the current should be in the extinguished state, otherwise, please control the mode first adjusted to "off", then "mode" to "automatic" (Note: Put into the "automatic open"; now time in the set period to put "automatic off")
Q:What is the difference between the inherent opening time and the full disconnection time of the high voltage circuit breaker?
Inherent opening time: no load time Full breaking time: with load opening time = no load sub-gate time + arc time
Q:How to check win7 computer switch machine time
Method 1, by looking at the event log method 1, open the win7 system "Start" menu run ", enter" eventvwr.msc ", open the event viewer; Enter "eventvwr.msc" 2, and then in the left window, select "system", from the right side of the system event to find the event ID of 6005,6006 event (event ID number of 6005 event that the event log service has started, that is, boot, the same event ID : 6006 that shut down), they correspond to the time are the boot time and shutdown time can be. Check the on / off time 3, if you think from so many events in the switch machine is very cumbersome, you can use the "filter" function, in the event viewer "View" menu, select "filter" option, that is, create a custom view; Select the "Filter" option 3. In the Properties dialog box, select the "Filters" tab, and check the "Information", "Warning", "Error" items in the "Event Source" drop-down list, select "eventlog", click " OK "button, the system event in the content of a lot less, we can easily find the latest switch machine time. Check the "information", "warning", "error" three
Q:Will the computer switch machine power consumption is equivalent to how long standby time?
The amount, you want to ask two cases of power consumption, right? General standby power consumption are below 5W, the normal are 2-3W. The normal use of power consumption depends on your computer configuration. The Configuration high power is high. The The general integration of the computer between 150W to 200W, alone in the 150W to 300W between the good configuration is not good, 400,500 or higher are it.
Q:US air-conditioning for a long time useless, and today how to switch off the use, and other health are useful
Thank you for your attention and support for air conditioning! May be remote control failure, it is recommended to unplug the power to wait for a few minutes and then restart, if the problem can not be resolved, it is recommended that you call the US after-sales service 4008899315 consultation or repair! If you still have questions, welcome to the US companies know the question; in this wish you work smoothly, happy life!
Q:JFT16 microcomputer control switch how to adjust the time
Press and hold the [clock] key while pressing the [school week] key to adjust the week, hold down the [clock] key 【school】 key while adjusting the hour, hold down the [clock] while holding down [school Key to adjust the minute
Q:During the day automatically power off, night fixed time bright, called what switch?
Timing switch, with the same time as the lights a few lights, a few points off.

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