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Q:Can the computer always turn on the machine? How long does it take to switch the machine once?
Do not sleep often, sleep some programs may also open the best is to shut down, sleep not too long
Q:How does the timer switch set the time?
Your product should be Eprisa BRT-400/402, the system time and timing time operation is as follows: Note: For more comprehensive operation please refer to the operation guide 1, the system time settings 1-1 long press the clock key for 3 seconds, wait for the hour of the clock to flash, press ◀ or ▶ key to adjust the system hours; 1-2 hours to set the correct, short press "CLOCK" key, to be minute bit flashing, press ◀ or ▶ key to adjust the minutes; 1-3 Save settings: Press and hold the clock key until the number on the display stops to stop, or the system will save automatically after 30 seconds. Special Note: If the adjustment process, stop the operation time of more than 30 seconds, the system will automatically save the reset, the unfinished settings need to re-press the above three steps.
Q:Microcomputer control switch ZYT10 how to adjust the time
6. After the timer is set, press the "timer" button to check the timing of each time, and then set the "- -: - -" pattern on the display. Set whether the situation is consistent with the actual situation, if not consistent, please press the school, school, school 8. Press the "AUTO / MANUAL" button to change the "▲" symbol at the bottom of the display to "the" "" button, and then press the "Clock" key to make the display display the current time. Automatic "position, at this time, time and space to open the light according to set the time to automatically open and close the circuit. If you want to use the process of opening and closing the circuit, you only need to press the "automatic / manual" button to "▲" symbol to the corresponding "open" or "off" position
Q:There is no monitoring software, you can monitor the computer's switching time and operating records
Now most of the domestic companies are using the company [network dog] monitoring software, it can easily achieve QQ, MSN chat content monitoring, Internet monitoring, send and receive e-mail content monitoring, screen monitoring, desktop monitoring, but also filter URL blacklist, prohibit the game entertainment software to run, manage the use of mobile hard disk U disk drive, break through a variety of arp firewall control network any one of the machine speed and traffic. The The Monitoring is so simple that the management network is so easy. Can be said that the current domestic most professional, the most simple operation of the network management software! The If you want to know more, you can go to Baidu search under the network, is a red software, hoping to help you! Please adopt! Thank you   The answer was adopted by users
Q:How can the server automatically switch off the machine fixed time
"Enabled", the following "Date (of month)" and "Resume Time (hh: mm: ss)" items can be set. "Data (of month)" indicates the system boot date, if you select 0, it means that every day boot; If you select "1 ~ 31" between the number, said the monthly fixed in one day boot. "Resume Time (hh: mm: ss)" indicates system boot time. For example, when we set "Date (of month)" to "0" and "Resume Time (hh: mm: ss)" to "06:00:00", the computer will be on every morning Will automatically power up the start, but be sure to pay attention to the power of the host
Q:Germany Germany West KG316T time control switch how to set the system time?
1, the factory time control switch has been set a good time, if you need to set their own time, just hold down the "clock" button do not release, and then press the "week" can set the week, press "time" can set the hour, "Can be set in minutes. 2, the control switch can be set up to 10 hours of opening and closing, that can be set every day 10 time period of the switch. 3, set the first time of the opening time: press the "timer" button, the LCD screen shown above, a "1 open" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few points A few minutes to open. 4, set the first time of the closing time: press the "timer" button, the LCD screen shows the above figure, a "1 off" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few Point off a bit. 5, and so on, if you want to set the second and third time period, continue to press the "timer" button, the LCD will display "2 open", "2 off", "3 open" And so on, set the opening point and turn off the time point can be. 6, press the "timer" button, then press the "week" button, you can set the day of the day to set the time to open and close. Turn left to turn right
Q:Through the control of the time control switch on and off
IGBT is the abbreviation of the insulated gate bipolar transistor, its control is not a simple problem. If you are an electronic enthusiast, you can learn about the principle and drive method, and then learn the time base circuit or microcomputer timing drive circuit, then you can consider the assembly of the timing of the IGBT switch circuit.
Q:Refrigerator outside the regulator how to adjust the shutdown time in summer
Refrigerator using external temperature control is generally adjusted to start 20 minutes, stop 40 minutes for the best, but also according to the actual situation of refrigeration may be, if the cooling is not ideal, it is recommended to increase the start of the appropriate time to not exceed the time As a reference value. During the summer temperature adjustment because the refrigerator in use, its working hours and power consumption by the ambient temperature greatly affected. When the ambient temperature is high in summer, the temperature should be adjusted between 1-2.
Q:A close-to-switch time relay controls the physical wiring of the lamp
Because the output of the proximity switch is mostly the transistor output circuit, there is leakage current, can not be completely cut off. The relay can be completely disconnected (using the dry contact).
Q:Want a switch, the switch time can be adjusted, the time setting is milliseconds.
Millisecond switch, mechanical (relay type) I am afraid it is not working properly, and its contact action time has reached milliseconds

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