Time relay DC 48Hx48Wx93.5D

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Q:Inverter air conditioner often switch ok, how long?
Inverter air conditioner only open a long time relative to other air conditioning is power, not not power, a long time to consume less power
Q:Zhengtai time control switch timer time controller kg10d-1h 220v how to set
Time control switch settings are relatively simple, Such as setting the load for an open time 18:00, The time is 05:00
Q:Time control switch, zero line output does not load normal?
From the point of view you describe, the main load is not found on the zero line, using the main line from the power line to take the line directly to the time controller on the outlet, this connection is possible, most of the time controller zero Lines are connected together, but there are not connected together, it is best to get the zero line to the time controller on the line. Then the time switch connected to the air switch is always from time to time trip, you are in the two time controller zero line outlet are not wired, there is no load, how will trip it, you check the line is not too Fine did not catch up with fever.
Q:Freezer inside the dew switch, can open for a long time?
If the weather is dry, there is no condensation, you can turn off.
Q:Corner in the touch delay switch Why switch the switch after the light is very short time
The new purchase is not necessarily the new factory, it may be put in the store for a long time, resulting in the capacitance capacity of the attenuation; there is also possible that the product quality is not the unqualified batch. It is possible to use energy-saving lamps or electronic fluorescent lamps, for non-support these two lights delay switch will appear difficult to use the situation, you try to replace the ordinary incandescent may be good. The lamp is not the case, and the switch can be opened, but the delay time is too short, it should be capacitive capacity attenuation, the same capacity with the voltage or slightly higher capacitance try, such as the original is 100uf 16V can be replaced by 100uf 16V or 120uf 16V, which is used inside the capacitance of the small, the general wholesale price of a few cents to buy should not expensive, the key is that you can find the purchase Local, electrical repair shop or electronic components firm's fortunately there will be Kazakhstan.
Q:In general, how long the computer switch machine interval ah? Best for computers
The computer should not be frequent switch, switch machine every interval of at least 3 minutes. No special circumstances try not to frequently shut down or restart.
Q:Time switch how to adjust the time
Microcomputer time control switch timing setting 1. Check the clock display whether the current time is consistent, if you want to recalibrate, while holding down the "clock" key, respectively, hold the "school week", "school", "school" key, the clock transferred to the current accurate time; 2. Press the "Time" button, the bottom left of the display appears "1 open" words (that the first time to open). And then press the "school week" to select the six-day work system, five-day work system, three days of work, the same daily, different daily work mode, and then "school", "school" key, time; 3. Press the "time" button, the bottom left of the display appears "1 off" words (that the first off time), then "school week", "school", "school" key, enter the required The date of closure (note: the date must be related to the opening date) and time; 4. Continue to press the "timer" button, the lower left of the display will display "2 open, 2 off, 3 open, 3 off, ........, 10 open, 10 off", refer to step 2, 3 set the subsequent switching time; 5. If you do not need to set 10 groups of switches every day, you must press the "Cancel / Resume" button to erase the time of the remaining groups to display the "- -: - -" pattern on the display (not 00:00) 6. After the timer is set, press the "timer" button to check whether the timing setting is consistent with the actual situation. If it is not the same, please adjust the school day, school, school week to adjust or reset; 7. After checking, press the "clock" button, so that the display shows the current time; 8. Press the "Auto / Manual" button to set the "▲" symbol below the display to the "Auto" position. At this time, the time and space can be turned on and off automatically according to the set time. If you want to use the process of opening and closing the circuit, you only need to press the "automatic / manual" button to "▲" symbol to the corresponding "open" or "off" position.
Q:Street lights off the light time with light control time switch which is good
then the lights will be bright, to meet the lighting requirements. The disadvantage is because the dust on the road, easy to receive the signal to cover the surface of the sensor, the signal is not accurate. The advantage of time and space is based on sunrise and sunset time, the basic is dark and shining. The disadvantage is that cloudy rain, lack of light, the lights can not automatically light.
Q:How can the length of the closing time of a switch be controlled in the PLC to control the output voltage?
The first question, here to use the PLC's analog expansion module, in the PLC by a switch the length of the closing time to control the output voltage level, you can use the timer in the program, the switch closed time to time, Time to reach a certain range, the program set the output voltage for the analog value, the longer the output of the analog voltage value is greater, as to choose the kind of PLC that there is no fixed index, because the major Mainstream manufacturers are equipped with analog modules of the expansion module, such as Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc., personally recommend the use of Siemens, Germany's product quality is excellent. The second question, where the input signal input is divided into two kinds, one digital, the second is the analog, which depends on what your input signal is specific, by the PLC internal program control output voltage by a The specific value is linearly transformed to another value, where it is first necessary to create a specific value for it and then change the refresh of your input signal to another value, where the program is achievable and, of course, A timing problem, but the timing unit by you, to be a linear time is naturally as short as possible, each scan cycle can refresh the output can solve this problem. The third problem, can not, the general PLC output is not used to drive the load, because the current is too large will damage the output point, which is a protective measure, it is not allowed to directly drive the load The above answer may be some missing or wrong, the shortcomings also hope that the sea Han, hoping to help you
Q:During the day automatically power off, night fixed time bright, called what switch?
Electronic switch, intelligent switch: intelligent switch is widely used in home intelligent transformation, intelligent office transformation, industrial intelligent transformation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, intelligent transformation and other fields, greatly saving energy, improve the efficiency and Reduce the operating costs, the real smart line to do the world.

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