Three to Five Layers Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine

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This film blowing machine set is to satisfy the customer's requirements of high quality, high out put film blowing equipment. It adopts the extruder with force feeding function, precision type ceramic heater, precision type double vents air ring, horizontal type rotary traction system, IBC inner cooling system, fully automatic surface friction type double cut double winders, computer concentrate control system, advanced technique and equipments. Compare with kindred equipment, it has the advantages such as more compact structure, higher output, better produce quality, less energy consume, easier operation. It can be widely used into various kind of high transparence packing film manufacture, and create the considerable economic benefit for you.
Three to Five Layers Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine
Three to Five Layers Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine
Three to Five Layers Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine
Max. Lay Flat Width (mm)
Film Layer
Film Thickness (mm)
Max. Output(kg/h)
Raw Material
Screw Diameter(mm)
φ 45/φ 55/φ 45
φ 50/φ 60/φ 50
φ 60/φ 70/φ 60
φ 75/φ 90/φ 75
Screw L/D Ratio
Screw Max. Rotation Speed (r/min)
Extruding Driving Power(kw)
Die Structure
IBC Film Tube Inner Cooling System
Air-ring Structure
Double Vents Air Ring
Reversing Haul-off System
Horizontal± 180°
Take-off Wide-up Speed (m/min)
Total Power(kw)
Overall Dimensions(mm)
According to actual machine

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Q:What is the difference or connection between the oil filter and the oil filter?
Second, the oil filter is usually fixed to a part of the system, and the oil filter is usually a mobile filter unit, without the need for fixed installation,
Q:Which is more advantageous than a centrifugal oil filter and a vacuum oil filter?
The first is to optimize the structure, centrifugal oil filter machine adopts the new centrifuge system is small, and thus the structural shape optimization of equipment can do better, smaller, less noise, the unit energy consumption decreased.
Q:Which is more practical, plate pressure type oil filter and multi-function oil purifier? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
Therefore, the plate and frame oil filter basically can only filter impurities, moisture and gas impurities, plate and frame oil filter is powerless. Multifunctional oil purifier belongs to the vacuum oil filter, vacuum oil purifier is designed according to the boiling point of water and oil in different principle, it is composed of vacuum heating tank filter, a condenser, a primary filter, water tank, vacuum pump, drainage pump and electric cabinet. Vacuum pump to vacuum tank air to form a vacuum, outside the oil under the influence of the atmospheric pressure through the entrance pipe into the primary filter, remove larger particles, and then into the heating tank, after heating the 40~75 C oil through the automatic oil float valve, the valve is automatically controlled in a vacuum tank the amount of oil import balance. The heated oil is rapidly rotated through the jet wings to separate the oil into a half mist. The water in the oil evaporates rapidly into steam and is pumped into the condenser continuously by vacuum pumps. The steam enters the condenser after cooling back into the water discharge, oil heating in vacuum tank, pump are arranged into the filter through the filter or filter will filter out particulate impurities, thus completing the vacuum oil filter quickly remove impurities, the whole process of water and gas in oil, clean the oil from the oil discharge machine.
Q:What can I do to make the oil filtered by the centrifugal oil filter very bright?
What you are using, general centrifugal filter is available, the filter effect is to see what you use the filter, and see you want to filter to what extent, generally need to consult with suppliers ah
Q:What is the meaning of cleanliness of oil filter less than or equal to 6?
General sense oil cleanliness level less than 6 refers to the oil filtered oil filter clean degree can be less than 6, because the cleanliness is a measure of the impurity content of oil in the index, the lower the value of oil cleanliness that is clean. Due to the use of the entire industrial sector of the oil industry, the vast majority are mineral oil, which is refined from petroleum, so the cleanliness is not possible for 0. new domestic oil factory when the cleanliness status is generally 6-8. Therefore, the cleanliness of the oil filter is less than or equal to 6, which means that after the waste oil is treated by the oil filter, the cleanliness is less than or equal to 6, and it belongs to the combined use standard, that is to say, the oil filtering capacity of the oil filter is also acceptable.
Q:What is the advantage of a centrifugal oil filter?
The centrifugal oil filter is to generate centrifugal force through the high-speed propaganda of the motor, and the oil sludge in the oil is thrown to the inner wall of the oil filter.For mature oil, the oil filter works better and faster.For low temperature, cold oil, the effect is not good.I hope my answer can help you.
Q:What is the working principle of the vacuum oil filter?It's easy to understand
In the filter to filter out large particles of impurities in oil, but can not filter out the compound emulsion regeneration and oxide molecular structure, often need to pay attention to clean the filter in the process of using, easily broken or blocked.
Q:Comment: what's the difference between a vacuum oil filter and a centrifugal oil filter?
2, filtering ability difference: vacuum oil filter function is more, and more powerful, can filter water, filter impurities, broken emulsion, gas, acid value, gas, oil, vacuum and so on. Centrifugal oil filter can only filter impurities and filter water, less function.
Q:How does the 25 litre oil purifier determine flow?
3., oil precision (this also takes into account the specific requirements of the company's oil) 4. price and quality (which is each purchaser should consider) 5. aftermarket now oil filter, one can filter a variety of oil
Q:I use the 300 frame oil filter to filter the oil. What size filter paper should I use?
Compression method manual screw compressionThe ambient temperature of -25 to 70 DEG CThe medium temperature -25 to 90 DEG CPower 380V/50HZ (three-phase four wire) or according to customer needsThe noise is less than 70dBMotor power (KW) 5.5 KWThe inlet and outlet diameter is 60 mmEquipment weight 600KgOutline size 1600mm * 600mm * 1100mmThe continuous working time is more than 150hMTBF > 5000h

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