Three Phase Out Internal Battery True on Line Double Convertion 6KVA UPS

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Product Description:

  • Phase: Three Phase

  • Protection: Overcurrent

  • Weight: 78

  • Output Voltage: 380

  • Type: On-line

  • Application: Networking


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

wooden case for export package

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20 days



1. Three phase in and out system, compatible with utility of 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz

2.Online double conversion,





Main Input

Input voltage

200V/208V (line to line), 50/60Hz

Input connection


Power factor


Input voltage window

+20%~-20%, full load

-20%~-40%, power derating between 100% to 70%

Frequency window


Bypass input

Bypass voltage


Bypass voltage window

+15%--20%, full load

Frequency window



Battery voltage


Charger power


Charger voltage precision



Voltage precision

±1% (balance load),2% (unbalance load)

Output voltage transient

5%(0~100% load step)

Voltage THD(Total Harmonic Distortion)

THD<2%(linear load),THD<5%(nonlinear load)

Power factor


Frequency tracking range

50/60Hz±3Hz, adjustable

Frequency precision (free running)


Phase tolerance

120°±0.5° (balance and unalance load)

Voltage unbalance degree (100% unbalance load)


Frequency tracking speed

0.5Hz/s to 5Hz/s, adjustable

Crest factor


Overload capabiltiy

102% long time operation

110%, transfer to bypass after 1hour

125%, transfer to bypass after 10 minutes

150%, transfer to bypass after 1 minute

>150%, transfer to bypass after 200ms

Bypass overload capability

125%, long time operation

125%< load<130%, last for more than 1 hour

130%<load<150%,last for more than 6 minutes

>1000%, last for more than 100ms

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Q:Ups power can not external socket?
Said so much to do, directly, you can pick up, but can not pick too much,
Q:Hills UPS output voltage is low
UPS output is a square wave output, with a universal meter can not accurately measure the voltage. Can only say that with a multimeter to measure more than 145V are normal. And can drive equipment. So do not worry. If the electricity if the 145V is difficult to drive the equipment
Q:Uninterruptible power supply ups to reprovision the battery pack
Uninterruptible power supply is divided into marking machine and long machine, the standard machine inside the battery pack, backup time about 7 minutes. Long machine without battery pack, need to be equipped with.
Q:What are the hazards of the harmonics generated by the UPS power supply?
Suppression of harmonic methods Method 1, the use of 6-pulse UPS + active harmonic filter, input current harmonic <5% (rated load), the input power factor of 0.95. This configuration, although the input index is very good, but the technology is still immature, there are false compensation, over compensation and other issues, leading to the main input switch error trip or damage and other phenomena; THM active harmonic filter technology defects Method 2, the use of 6-pulse UPS + 5 harmonic filter, if the UPS rectifier device for the three-phase full-controlled bridge 6-pulse rectifier, rectifier generated by the harmonics of all harmonics nearly 25-33% plus 5 harmonic Wave filter to reduce to 10% or less, the input power factor of 0.9, can be partially reduced harmonic current on the power grid hazards. This configuration, the input current harmonics are still too large, the generator capacity requirements for the ratio of 1: 2 or more, and there lead to abnormal increase in the output of the hidden dangers; Method 3, the use of phase-shifting transformer +6 pulse rectifier false 12 pulse program, its composition consists of two 6-pulse rectifier ups into: Method 4, the use of 12-pulse UPS + 11 harmonic filter, if the UPS rectifier device for the three-phase full control bridge 12 pulse rectifier, plus 11 harmonic filter reduced to 4.5% or less, can basically completely eliminate the harmonic Current content on the power grid hazards, the price is much cheaper than the active filter.
Q:What is the main purpose of using UPS power supply?
UPS Chinese means "uninterruptible power supply", it can protect the computer system after the power failure to continue working for some time so that users can save an emergency, to avoid data loss. Personal computers generally do not need to configure, usually the company's server need to configure the UPS to prepare for power after the power can continue for some time to provide time to switch generator power generation. Interactive UPS is an intelligent UPS, can automatically detect whether the external input voltage is within the normal range, if the deviation can be boosted by the regulator circuit or buck, to provide a more stable sine wave output voltage. And it can communicate with the computer through the data interface (such as RS-232 serial port), through the monitoring software, the user can directly monitor the power from the computer screen and UPS status, simplify and facilitate the management work, and improve the computer system reliability. High-frequency UPS: the use of high-frequency switching technology to high-frequency switching components to replace the rectifier and inverter in the frequency transformer UPS, commonly known as high frequency machine, high frequency machine small size, high efficiency. Power frequency UPS: the use of frequency transformers as rectifier and inverter components of the UPS commonly known as frequency machine, the main feature is the main power components stable and reliable, overload capacity and impact resistance
Q:Hills uninterrupted power ups how to shut down?
Is the normal ups is uninterruptible power supply in the state of the state power is not off! In the state of electricity input state he is equivalent to a high-level card! How can you turn off the power off!
Q:What is the meaning of kva in UPS power supply?
KVA read as "kVA", it is the unit of apparent power of alternating current, 1kVA = 1 000VA. For UPS, this parameter is basically the rated output power of the UPS (apparent power). A more common power unit in life is W (Watt), which is the unit of active power.
Q:Hills UPS power fuse where the change
UPS fuse is generally behind the machine, next to the power input line, is a black lid, counterclockwise can be unscrewed, which is a fuse tube, you can open look, is not it broken, if the battery is broken, Can also cause this failure.
Q:Need to supply a large UPS power supply?
The current backup UPS, it should be 500VA / 200W reserve 10 minutes or so, according to 100W, then use a 30 minutes or so. Can be purchased as follows: 1) When selecting a UPS, the user should take into account the individual requirements such as the size of the load, the characteristics of the load device, the importance of the load device, and the degree of impact of the adverse power on the load. 2) first of all need to understand the need for back-up, online, online interactive products such as performance considerations. 3) the most important to pay attention to equipment power, distinguish the actual power and rated power, there is the need for power to delay time to distinguish. 4) in the purchase should pay attention to equipment is not an inductive load, to test the equipment is equipped with centralized or decentralized And other technologies to the fifth: the final consideration is also must be considered is to buy UPS to consider their own brand and after-sales service, which is the most important! UPS is the abbreviation of English Uninterruptiable Power Supply, translated as uninterruptible power supply. From the 20th century, 60 years of rotary generators to the current development of a certain degree of intelligent all-electronic circuit, it is with the electronic technology, especially power devices and automatic control technology and the rapid development of mature. Its basic functions are: Power interruption power supply, can not intermittently power supply; Always provide high-quality AC power to the load, to stabilize. Steady frequency. Suppress the surge. Spike. Electric noise. Compensation voltage subsidence. Long-term low pressure and other factors interfere with.
Q:UPS power needs the number of batteries with the battery capacity calculation, 10KVA, need to delay 2 hours
192V, then with a group of 16, 100AH battery on the line, 240V words with 20 a group, 100AH battery
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