Three Line Extrusion For PVC Waterproof

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Packaging Detail:The machine and spare parts will be packed with wooden boxes
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1.PE/PVC/TPO geomembrane waterproof sheet extrusion line 
2.CE certificate 
3.Siemense PLC controller,ABB inverter 




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Three Line Extrusion  For PVC WaterproofThree Line Extrusion  For PVC WaterproofThree Line Extrusion  For PVC WaterproofThree Line Extrusion  For PVC WaterproofThree Line Extrusion  For PVC WaterproofThree Line Extrusion  For PVC Waterproof






*Q: What’s the price of this machine please?
*A: Dear customer, for each kind of our machines, we have lots of models.
Generally speaking, we design the production lines according to
different requirements of different machines from different customers.
Therefore, the prices are different. So please kindly inform us your requirements.
For example, the raw material, the output product size, capacity and etc.
The more detailed, the better. Our Engineers will design a suitable production line for you.



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Q:The working principle of vacuum oil filter and centrifugal oil filter in oil filter and the difference between them
Two, the oil filter structure and working principle of the oil filter by expansion, condensation, adsorption, vacuum drying, mechanical filtration, fuzzy control, combination technology, can remove the moisture and impurity in turbine oil, soap, acid, resin and pigment, make serious emulsification of the turbine oil demulsification and transparent. As standard, suitable for on-line hydraulic and thermal power generating units, industrial steam turbine, turbine oil purification. Structure of oil filter machine is mainly composed of coarse filter, heater, vacuum cylinder, atomizer, vacuum pump, drainage pump, cooler, temperature controller, precision filter and electrical control components.
Q:I change the oil machine! I recently changed my false engine oil!
Hello, you can not, the oil filter is the role of filtration, you change the oil does not change the filter, change the meaning of the oil does not hit.
Q:Comment: what's the difference between a vacuum oil filter and a centrifugal oil filter?
The difference between the 1, the technical principle: vacuum oil filter mainly adopts vacuum pump, artificial vacuum in the vacuum tank, realize the separation of different heating flash level under vacuum, the use of oil, water, gas, acid and other hydrocarbons; and the centrifugal oil filter machine mainly uses high speed centrifugal machine from to realize oil-water separation and impurity separation principle, and washing machine water shedding of exactly the same, very simple.
Q:What's the name of the glass tubing that filters the oil-water separation?
Liquid level meter, you can clearly see the oil and water stratification.
Q:Filter turbine oil filter, filter Q oil?
In the non stress, very casual circumstances, you can filter, but if the two kinds of oil to be strictly distinguished, it is recommended that you do not mix, but also in the technical requirements are not the same
Q:What is the accuracy of 300*300 oil filter paper for LY-100 plate and frame pressure oil filters?
The filtration accuracy of plate and frame pressure oil filters is related to the filtration accuracy of filter paper. The general filtration accuracy range is 200-20 microns (microns)
Q:Which filter is the best for peanut oil filter?
The best filtration effect is the centrifugal oil filter. Why do you say that because the oil filter filter does not foam and does not spill the pan?
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic oil filter
We only have vacuum pumps in our vacuum cleaner, and you shouldn't listen to them when you buy them
Q:How to use the centrifugal oil filter properly?
Installation requirements and preparation prior to use1 mounting dimensionsSee overall performance and overall dimensions of the main technical parameter table.2 installation1) the basis for the installation of centrifuges must be firm and smooth, with a flatness of less than 1mm per square meter, and easy to operate and maintain. All pipe connections that are connected to the mechanical centrifuge shall have flexible joints.
Q:Where can I get a good oil filter?
The last time I bought it in Xinxiang, the price is lower than that in Chongqing, and the quality is pretty good. A: China Sea filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, Bao jiajie. Oil filter: pipeline oil filter machine, portable mobile type oil filter, oil filter, oil filter with high precision, high solid content oil filter, oil filter coalescence dehydration, models will be more complete, you can give your needs, to see what can be customized. The filtration accuracy of the product can be adjusted.

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