Three Levels Srolleys in Different Specifications

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Product Name: Three levels trolleys

 Product Type : T16

 Product Specifications :

   L1030 * W510 * H960mm

   L850 * W430 * H950mm

 Material: Plastic

 Packing: 1 / box

Use Scope:

1. banks, stock exchanges , churches, bookstores, office buildings, telecom business .

2. hotels, commercial buildings, supermarkets, Chinese and Western fast food restaurants and other high places .

3. Government agencies, research institutes, hospitals, schools , galleries, theaters, museums.


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2. Product Characteristic:

--Salon multi-function beauty trolley

--Simple design, with firm metal frame, lightweight and practical

--Adjust eco-friendly toughened glass, chrome frame, and meet the environment standard

--With 4 roll-around wheels, smooth and easy to move

--With 3 shelves for well placing various of accessories

--Smooth glass surface, easy to clean and maintain

--Suitable for salon, spa or home use


3. Product Specification

1. Type: salon beauty trolley

2. Material: toughened glass, metals

3. roll-around

4. Lightweight

5. Meet environment standard


4. Reference Picture

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Q:What are the materials of hotel furniture?
Wood veneer is the most common decorative method in the furniture market, and it is suitable for the decoration of various grades of furniture. High-grade furniture using precious tree veneer, ordinary furniture using the bark of the general tree species, and the core materials are mainly MDF, particleboard, blockboard and multilayer plywood. With the development of science and technology, the thickness of wood veneer has changed from 1mm to 0.2mm, even thinner. On the surface of wood veneer furniture, from the outward appearance, and solid wood furniture is not very different, but the price is relatively much cheaper, the design is more fashionable and exaggerated. Because the solid wood veneer is made of precious trees such as white oak and cherry wood, and with advanced technology and technology, it is more natural than the ordinary solid wood furniture. It is natural and true.
Q:Is the bedside table higher or lower than the bed?
So usually the height of the bedside table should be the same height as the bed, or slightly higher than the height of the bed, which is the most suitable height of the bedside table. From a scientific point of view: the height of the bedside table is better than standing on the knee height of 1-2 cm, or equal height, are all right. Because this is more convenient for people to get out of bed and get things. If the height of the bedside table is too low, it is easy to increase the flow of dust on the ground, not only is not conducive to keeping the bedside cabinet clean, but also in the sleep to increase the lung breathing pressure. And it's not good for your blood to bend when you grab something. But too high, it is not convenient to put things, in short, we should be suitable for our activities as the first standard.
Q:What do you think of the extended design of the wardrobe when the hotel furniture board is customized?
Corner wardrobe may be such extension of the design, will be in the closet, the square shaped storage space is transferred to the wall, but still a sense of vision.
Q:How to maintain and maintain hotel furniture?
Wooden hotel furniture, pay attention to moistureproof. For wooden hotel furniture, the most prone to deformation in wet weather, so to maintain ventilation, dry environment, and often clean surface of the knot can be very good maintenance effect.
Q:Can the wooden walls and furniture on the wall be repaired?
Repair after mean can see, ZTE and wall hanging board, furniture, sometimes in the transport when handling will also appear bump, professional oil industry have basically can not see, will have to see what material, if the light is a bit of trouble maintenance.
Q:Which is good for high-end hotel furniture?
High-end design and material mainly depends on the general high-end, you can choose solid wood logs furniture.
Q:Who knows where the hotel lights are customized?
They have many kinds of lighting, such as chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps and desk lamps, and I personally feel that the style is rather trendy and should be quite suitable for the modern style of decoration.
Q:What kind of plants are suitable for the hotel lobby?
There are window sill, tea table, table, some small potted plants are good, if the hotel atmosphere is suitable, you can also choose bonsai facilities.In short, consider the environment, size, style and other factors of the lobby to choose plants, but first of all, you should see whether the plant you selected can grow normally in the indoor environment. The lobby of the hotel is usually equipped with atmosphere, which can purify the air and have flowers that symbolize wealth and wealth. These flowers are also characterized by strong vitality and good nutritionThe hall can put Panama Li, San Weikui, Fuguizhu, rubber tree, Jinhu, rich tree, green baskets, palm wood and other plants.The total station and the assistant manager position can be put Cyclamen, narcissus flower, beautiful flowering plants. Can be placed in some Brazil iron, Lu Tong, Scindapsus, ruby, Yemen iron, Holland iron, rich tree, wood ducks feet (Daye umbrella),
Q:Hotel rooms do not use wardrobe, what can be replaced, both beautiful and fashionable
It depends on your fashion and creativity. If you can put the content of the fun into it, maybe the hook is a couple.
Q:What's the size of the hotel furniture cabinet?
The basic size of MM hotel furniture (exterior dimensions and functions), regardless of appearance size or functional size is determined, most from the human engineering, taking into account the user in work and life in the use of safety, comfort, health and experience based on the aspects of both people and long-term accumulation, but also the state the industry standard, guide and limit.

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