Thin Transparent LCD Panel Tooling

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 LCD panel


l Product Info:


Project Name

LCD panel

Number of Parts

2 parts in 1 toolings



Product Size


Exported Country/Customer



Physical properties

ASTM Test 






Specific gravity






Melt flow index








Mold shrinkage







Rockwell Hardness






Water absorption






Light transmission






Tensile strength








Flexural strength







Heat distortion temp.






Softening temp.










General injection 

molding grade


High flow 





 l What's special of this product?

PMMA is widely used for instruments panel of automobile industry, 

pharmaceutical industry and other daily-using articles. Concretely speaking: for making optical instrument, 

illuminating lamp and synthetic glass. 

With excellent properties of transparency, 

acid resistance and alkali resistance.

Colorless transparent acrylic resin in plastic is second to none, better than ordinary glass. 

When part thickness is 3 mm, the whole light transmits over 92%. 

Resolution on behalf of transparent material is less than 0.5% haze.

 Better than other plastics, acrylic plastics are known as the Queen of the world. 


  • Product dimension: up to about 700mm per side

  • Product weight: up to about 2000g

  • Mould dimension: max 1000*850*800

  • Moulding machine: 25T-300T

  • Plastic: ABS, PC, PC&ABS, PP, POM, PE, PS, PMMA, PET, PPO, PA&GF, PBT&GF, TPE, PEI etc.

  • Tooling Standard: DME, HASCO, LKM

  • Steel: H13, 2738, NAK80, S136, SKD61 etc.


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Q:Which is the best computer LCD?
Of all brands, the apple monitor is the best. To say why, it boils down to the following:1. most Apple display screens are Retina screens. Retina screen refers to the retina screen, can more clearly reflect the details of things, textures, colors and other physical attributes, so that people can see things more easily.2.Retina screen cost is high. Because of the high cost, workmanship is more refined, the price is high, the effect is good. The so-called penny, a sub goods, that is the reason.3., the future direction of Apple products display is Retina. With the Retina display, it can solve most of the problems that could not be solved before. Because times are developing, society is progressing, and science and technology are more and more developed.
Q:LCD display pattern
This is basically your graphics card or memory there is a quality problem, or memory speed does not match. Try changing the display card. If it is later added to the graphics card, you must pay attention to the best purchase and the original display card exactly the same film.The display shows wave interference or shows a snowflake pattern; what you see may be caused by the ripple effect of the display. Because the video signal has been changing, the problem of video ripples is difficult to solve. The scan ripple depends on the horizontal sweep rate (refresh rate), and this can be reduced by selecting the right frequency. At present, there are some high-end display set with advanced elimination of ripple distortion function. For a display without this function, ripple effects can be reduced by adjusting resolution.Computer wiring and common faults
Q:What is the difference between LCD monitor and LCD monitor?
In fact, they are the same, just using the drive board is not the same! Understand? Are all display devices.
Q:What is the function of LCD?
First, transfer the VGA (D-sub) via the DVI! Digital signals naturally decay! If you're a friend who's looking for high definition digital video, you don't usually recommend switching! In fact, only signals from the DVI and HDMI interfaces are digital video in the true sense! Any connection can not be a real digital output signal!Second, of course, there are data lines on the DVI! Prices are different according to workmanship and materials, an interface specification is different, up and down uneven! The general DVI-D interface data wire plating Chrysostom in 200 about the price! The average product price is between 50.00-80.00!Third, even DVI data lines and interface specifications are different! Now we are talking about the DVI interface in 1999 by the digital display working group DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) introduced interface standards, is the abbreviation of Digital Visual Interface, its modeling is a 24 pin connector. Designed for digital display devices such as LCD displays. The DVI interface has a variety of specifications, divided into DVI-A, DVI-D and DVI-I. DVI-A is actually the VGA interface standard, it's just a change. Therefore, the liquid crystal display with DVI interface is not necessarily the real digital LCD; DVI-D realizes the real digital signal transmission. The DVI-I takes all of the two interfaces, and when DVI-I is connected to the VGA device, it is the role of DVI-A; when DVI-I is connected to the DVI-D device, it plays the role of DVI-D. To be compatible with traditional analog display devices, most video cards now use 24 digital signal pins and 5 analog signal pins for the DVI-I interface
Q:How to set the resolution of 22 inch LCD?!
That's what the graphics card doesn't support. The computer system defaults to just showing the resolution of the graphics cards you want to see,Desktop right-click - properties - Settings - Advanced adapters - listing all modes is OK
Q:What does the "AUTO" button mean on the LCD display?
AUTO means "automatic". Depending on the size of the screen, the brightness of the surrounding, the resolution of the display, the brightness, size and clarity of the screen display are automatically adjusted.The function of Auto-adjustment, it will automatically calculate the picture color temperature, horizontal and vertical pixel position, frequency and phase of the ideal value, adjust the optimal solution in the implementation of different images, software of communication, image confusion often occurs, truly called user friendly".A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat, ultra thin display device consisting of a certain number of color or black and white pixels, placed in front of the light source or reflector. Liquid crystal display power consumption is very low, so it is favored by engineers, applicable to the use of battery electronic equipment. Its main principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules with electric current to produce dots, lines and planes, and match the back lamp tube to form a picture.The working principle of liquid crystal display: LCD is a kind of special material between liquid and solid, it is a kind of organic compound, normal liquid, but it is the molecular arrangement and solid crystals is very regular, so called liquid crystal, another is its special nature, if an electric field is applied to the liquid crystal that will change its molecular arrangement, then if it is combined with a polarizing plate, it has the function of preventing light (in an electric field is applied, the light can pass through), if coupled with the color filter, liquid crystal to change voltage, can change the number of a certain color light transmittance, can also image it can change the liquid crystal transmittance change voltage at both ends (but in reality, this must be polarizing plate with).
Q:Word jitter on a liquid crystal display
In addition to adjust the screen refresh Hz (60 Hz) and teach you a simple way, because now the graphics on screen now too old, as long as you can put down the display resolution. PS: my monitor has been adjusted to 1280X800
Q:What are the advantages of LCD?
Electricity saving, environmental protection, small size, fashionable, convenient, small radiation
Q:LCD LCD and LED which is good?
LED, of course, is expensive. LED is also the LCD screen.
Q:Why is the LCD display so effective?
1, the resolution is not set properly.Although the small resolution can be really let the fonts big effect, but to change the resolution, the LCD display will not the best resolution to achieve point-to-point display, so the picture will appear the phenomenon of virtual font. In addition, there are a small number of users do not know the numerical optimal resolution of various specifications of LCD, so it will cause incorrect settings resolution phenomenon, so that the display in the display font, it is prone to the phenomenon of false hair.2, the display itself IC circuit design is poor or aging.In addition to the IC driver circuit design issues, some of the longer used LCD driver IC drive circuit began to aging, which may lead to the screen appears false phenomenon.

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