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Thermocouple wire  ( extension/compensation/compensating): 
Type: K, T, N, E, J,  L, B, R, S
Insulation or jacket: PVC, Telflon, PFA; Silicon rubber, Fiberglass; Quartz Fibre. 
Sheild: Tin-coated copper braid/Stainless steel braid sheild. 

Compensation wires and cables are used to extend the cold ends of the thermocouples in the temperature-testing systems. The cable uses imported teflon as insulation and sheath and is produced by advanced extrusion machine on the assembly line. It has good resistance to high and low temperature, acid, corrosiion, aging, as well as oil and water. Working temperature is -60ºC-1200ºC. 

Other cables: 
1) flame-retardant cable
2) essential safety compensation cable
3) high-temperature cable

Specification: 2 x section mm
Multipair: (4-48)xsection mm

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