Thermo Wood-Heat Modified Lumber

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Product Description:


Specifications of the Thermo Wood-Heat Modified Lumber


SpeciesPine, Spruce, Ash
Sizeas per request
Treatmentvacuum heat treated
Features waterproof, sun-proof,Rot-proof, Fungi-proof and insect-proof 



Application of the Thermo Wood-Heat Modified Lumber


Sauna room furniture and decoration; outdoor use, good materials to make outdoor flooring,

 fence, wood house, outdoor furniture etc.



Instruction of the Thermo Wood-Heat Modified Lumber


Wood thermal modification is based on heating wood at high temperatures,

 160-220. During treatment no chemicals are used, only a water vapour as shieding gas.



Wood properties of the Thermo Wood-Heat Modified Lumber


The properties of heat modified wood depend from treatment process: temperature and treatment

 time. Temperature has greater influence on many properties than time. During treatment wood

color change into brown or dark brown throughtly.  The color is not stable for UV light, unless the

surface is treated with UV resistant coating.




Improvement of the Thermo Wood-Heat Modifies Lumber


The biological resistance in a laboratory test showed very good durablity depending on the

treatment temperature and time. Astreatment is made through and through, a wood durability

 and stablity is assured even when thermo modifies wood surface is damaged during usage.



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Q:Outdoor antiseptic wood brush what paint effect is good
Sexual and oily in the use of different parts of the water can be used in the facade, the use of the words on the ground or oil is better, Siwei Pu oil is oily can be considered, the price is relatively moderate, the performance is also good. If you can choose to use water-based KGI, KGI is more famous domestic, performance Ye Hao. These production is used in wood if it is often outdoors in the rain sun sun, and certainly a year or two will be maintained.
Q:The difference between sauna and antiseptic wood
he strength of the sauna board is not enough to be a stool, but you can buy a pine stool is finished, that is, the sauna plate and the pattern of wood species to do the stool.
Q:What is the difference between ecological wood and antiseptic wood on the market?
Ecological wood is a kind of wood-plastic material. The main raw material of ecological wood is a kind of new green environmental material (30% PVC + 69% wood powder + 1) synthesized by wood flour and PVC (that is, plastic) plus other enhanced additives % Toner formulation). Antiseptic wood with natural wood grain, you can show the police, long life and low maintenance costs. Ecological wood in recent years, the rapid development, but still can not achieve the existence of natural wood preservative wood grain, and ecological wood color, not color, in the outdoor use after a long time there will be different degrees of fade.
Q:Anti-corrosion wood indoor applications, fire acceptance can pass it?
Preservative wood and generally not anti-corrosion treatment of wood, itself has a certain flame retardant effect, can be used as indoor use, but still have to paint the fire coating process to achieve the standard and a single fire acceptance can pass! (Generally use the expansion of the finishes painted three times or direct spray coating twice, to 40 microns thickness can be through the fire acceptance)
Q:Red rice eucalyptus antiseptic wood red eucalyptus wood eucalyptus wood how many square meters
It depends on what your specifications. There are different geographical prices are not the same. Fine Luo industrial anti-corrosion wood manufacturers warm tips you.
Q:Is carbonized wood better than antiseptic wood?
Outdoor or pineapple grid is durable, can buy genuine anti-corrosion wood can also be recommended indoor use finger board or carbonized wood decoration,
Q:Guiyang anti-corrosion wooden tables and chairs
Because the carbonized wood surface of the nutrients are carbonized, so the insects are not suitable for survival; the surface has been carbonized, so no longer black, the service life will become longer; because the surface is not easy to fire so easy.
Q:Can the antique wood flower pots go directly to the soil?
The concept of preserving wood flower pots Antiseptic wood is the ordinary wood after adding artificial chemical preservatives, so that it has anti-corrosion, moisture, anti-fungal, pest control, mildew and other characteristics. Can be used directly in contact with soil and wet environment, often used in outdoor flooring, engineering, landscape, wood preserves, etc., with the development of science and technology, anti-corrosion wood has been very environmentally friendly, it is also often used in interior decoration, flooring and furniture, Interior decoration designers are also very fond of preservative wood. Preservative wood flower pots Anticorrosive wood flower pots often choose Pinus sylvestris, natural anti-corrosion red cedar, the United States South pine, Nordic red pine, North American hemlock, carbonated wood, pineapple grid, barracuda, outdoor hardwood hardwood, The characteristics of preservative wood flower pots 1, natural, environmental protection, safety (wood into the original color, slightly green)        2, anti-corrosion wood preservative, mildew, moth, anti-termite invasion.        3, to improve the stability of wood, wood preserves the protection of outdoor wooden structure is more important.        4, antiseptic wood easy to paint and coloring, according to design requirements, to achieve the magnificent effect.        5, to meet a variety of design requirements, easy to a variety of gardening landscape fine wood production.        6, antiseptic wood contact with wet soil or hydrophilic effect is particularly significant, to meet the outdoor climate environment using 15 - 50 years or more unchanged.
Q:Is there any way to make the board play a preservative, sunscreen,
This way more dependent on equipment, non-professional practice is to paint regularly, like the original color of the original brush varnish can be. There is also a practice is the carbonization of wood, this approach is the need to put the wood buried in the soil the most commonly used method of corrosion.
Q:The house long-term anti-corrosion wood wood what harm
It depends on what kind of, and the general harm to the human body is not. Like furniture and outdoor flooring are done anti-corrosion treatment, the human body is not harmful. However, it should be noted that the preservative arsenic in the composition, if too high will cause death, arsenic is a chronic poison, it is said that Napoleon is arsenic poisoning dead.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai,China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$10 Million
Main Markets
Eastern Europe;North America
Company Certifications ISO 9000:2005

2. Manufacturer Certificates

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Lianyungang;Qingdao
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High;Average