The VCM home appliance plate

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20 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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DX51D, DX52D,DX53D, DX54D



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Steel coil/Plate


Steel Plate


Cold Rolled

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Home appliance

Special Use:

High-strength Steel Plate




max 6000mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Plate - wooden frame
Delivery Detail:as per exactly requirements


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Reasonable price 
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Product Description

Color coated aluminum sheet,aluminum coilColor coated steel sheet widely used in home appliance products such as refrigerator, freezer, air-condition, water-heater etc. Major supplier for Hisense, Sanyo, Soyea, Homa, KEG, etc..

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Q:How much electricity does household freezers use in a day?
For example, the air temperature is high. The loss of cold air quickly. The compressor will frequent starting. So the cumulative working time is long. In the same temperature setting temperature is lower. The compressor working time will be longer. In general. The power consumption of the compressor power = time *.
Q:How much do you usually buy for household freezers?
According to the family population to buy, more people buy a little larger, fewer people can buy a little smaller
Q:What's the size of the mini freezer?
A small home freezer, size is 594*602*866mm, this is a more popular sales, you can refer to.
Q:Do you choose the refrigerator? If you want to buy a home, would you like a fridge or a freezer?
Household, of course, is the refrigeratorFreezers are generally commercialFirst of all, refrigerators generally have shelves, drawers, convenient storage of foodThe freezer is a larger power consumption, but the storage of goods is not convenient
Q:Can you bring down the refrigerator, please?,,,. Thank you all
The compressor can not be carried over 45 degrees Standing transportation
Q:What is the export tax rebate rate for household refrigerators? Is the refrigerator the same?
Basically 17%, there are 15%, depending on the export declaration of the commodity code to determineCommodity code, commodity name, measurement unit, value-added tax rebate rate,%The 8418101000 volume of 500 liters of cold - > freezing combined machine which is equipped with a separate door. Each Taiwan / kg 17The 8418102000200 volume of less than 500 liters < refrigeration machine which combined with a separate door. Each Taiwan / kg 17
Q:Is there a useful home freezer? What's the difference between the fridge and the fridge?
Domestic freezers are refrigerated, frozen, individually refrigerated or frozen, refrigerated, frozen, and can be used together.
Q:How much do you recommend for a four person house freezer?
The size of storage from the actual considerations, not only less money, capacity selection is too small, the impact of use; do not choose too much capacity, storage is not much, the consumption of electricity in vain. If the family economic conditions are good, and far distance food market, need a buy more food, should be appropriate to consider some large capacity. If you need more frozen food, or a longer storage period, you can consider buying two door refrigerator, but the two door refrigerator power consumption to be larger. Variable frequency refrigerators can also be considered.
Q:What's the difference between freezer cabinets and household cabinets?
Ice cream doors such as those sold on the roadside have ice cream doors, and there are vertical glass doors in the market for cold drinks.The principle of production itself is the same, but long is not the same
Q:What is the difference between commercial refrigerators and household refrigerators?
As a matter of fact, the volume of commercial refrigerators is generally much larger than that of refrigerators. Not too much electricity. Relatively simple shape, work in general, large general business is relatively small, some small household. They are generally commercial, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, KTV, etc.. Therefore, freezer is also called commercial freezer

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