The VCM home appliance plate

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3000 m.t./month

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DX51D, DX52D,DX53D, DX54D



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Steel coil/Plate


Steel Plate


Cold Rolled

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Home appliance

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High-strength Steel Plate




max 6000mm

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Packaging Detail:Plate - wooden frame
Delivery Detail:as per exactly requirements


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Product Description

Color coated aluminum sheet,aluminum coilColor coated steel sheet widely used in home appliance products such as refrigerator, freezer, air-condition, water-heater etc. Major supplier for Hisense, Sanyo, Soyea, Homa, KEG, etc..

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Q:How much electricity does household freezers use in a day?
For example: the compressor power is 600 watts. Today, the total work time is 10 hours. Then the 6 degree electricity * local price = electricity chargeThe concept of electricity is kilowatt hourNote: the compressor is not running at any time. So there is a cumulative saying
Q:What is the price of -40 degree domestic freezers?
Hidden apple pie modeling, fresh and simple style, the user experience is more comfortable. The price of a -40 202L home freezer is about 2600, but it depends on the product's brand and material.
Q:Freezer fault how to do, home freezer maintains a trick to recommend
For ease of use, a 2.5MPa pressure gauge can be welded on a dry filter (double head type) on the high side. Then all the welding pipes (ensure no leakage). A 1.5MPa low voltage vacuum welding table in the manhole, open the vacuum gauge valve. Access absolute pressure of dry air or nitrogen 0.1MPa (air standard pressure). Start the freezer. After three minutes. The operation of the compressor refrigeration system exhaust pressure should be 1.18MPa ~ 1.23MPa. According to the theory of capillary length changes in the data. Short capillary, condensation pressure decrease, evaporation pressure riseThe length of capillary condensation pressure increase. Decrease of evaporation pressure. After the theoretical value is reached. A proper amount of Freon can be obtained by evacuating and adding proper amount of freon. This method and data are widely used in 1 / lOHP to L / 2HP refrigeration equipment.
Q:Where can I make the refrigerator and freezer?
Not to say, a freezer volume of general choice made in China and Japan and other countries to design, design according to the warm tropical regions (China is temperate and tropical) production of household freezer volume refers to the "volume", but also refers to the volume of the space in the freezer for the actual items stored in Europe and other countries; and design the production of household refrigerators, the volume refers to the volume of reserves, which comprises an evaporator, shelves and other occupied volume and the other volume can not be used, that is to say the actual "volume" than "reserve volume" (small 10-20%). Therefore, when shopping as a general factor to consider
Q:Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator in several stalls to save electricity
Winter freezer temperatureWinter usually stalls to play 4 levels above practical, reason is: you purchased the product only a cold room temperature controller to control the temperature of chilled and frozen storage temperature, due to skill requirements between 0 to 10 degrees, and often cold in winter environment is low, cold easily reach the set if the set temperature, the temperature is too high, easy to occur in winter due to the short period of freezing freezer boot is not up to the results, and if the ambient temperature is low, the result is important to ensure the freezing refrigeration. As usual, if the ambient temperature is below 16 degrees, set to 5 or below 10, you can switch to 6 or 7. Occasionally, due to the environmental temperature is too low, such as 0~5 degrees, stalls after cold storage frozen tools, this time, you can completely put food outside the freezer storage
Q:Is household vertical freezer good or horizontal freezer is good?
It depends on your own needs. Recommended to buy English snow freezer, horizontal and vertical all.
Q:Can you move the vertical small household freezer upside down?
3, when handling, should carry the foot, can not hold the door handle or force at the table and condenser, but not on the ground4, transportation: the need to put it at least 2-3 hours before electricity, in order to protect the service life of the compressor, the compressor by moving the cooling pipe in the cooling liquid after shaking, and other impurities in the liquid refrigerant to precipitation before the operation, or when the compressor refrigeration fluid sent will block the high pressure valve, resulting in the cooling effect is reduced.
Q:What is the export tax rebate rate for household refrigerators? Is the refrigerator the same?
The 8418213000 volume of less than 50 liters of compression type household refrigerators Taiwan / kg 178418291000 semiconductor refrigeration type household freezers / kg 178418292000 electric absorption type household freezer / kg 178418299000 other household freezers / kg 178418500000 other devices equipped with refrigerated or frozen device, for storage and display, including cabinet, box, display stand, display and similar products: Taiwan / kg 178418910000 special furniture for refrigeration or freezing equipment kg 15
Q:The size of home freezer still has size, freezer capacity and power consumption how to calculate, just calculate standard!
I said my personal opinion is for your reference only! If you want to buy an ice chest, first of all, you should choose which icebox you want, half the fresh, half frozen (we call the double temperature cabinet), or all cold or refrigerated (single temperature cabinet)
Q:What is the difference between commercial refrigerators and household refrigerators?
The difference between commercial refrigerators and household refrigerators is as follows:Commercial freezers vary in function according to their uses. There are freezers, freezers and two temperature cabinets. General supermarket freezer, convenience store, freezer series and dessert shop, cake, bread, refrigerated display cabinet series are single temperature cabinet, either refrigerated or frozen. Only some stainless steel freezers in the kitchen are equipped with two temperature cabinets, which can be refrigerated and frozen. Single temperature commercial refrigerators are generally one, and if you store different foods, it is easier to string together.

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