The stone garden pavilion

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Hebei China (Mainland)
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Carved and Polished
marble, granite, limestone etc
white, yellow, pink, red
do custom size
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Xingang, Tianjin
wooden crate
TT, Western Union, Paypal
hand carved and highly polished
home and garden decoration
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natural stone carved garden pavilion

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Outer Packing: 3CM Standard wooden crate with well metal junction and nails Inner Packing: Foam/Blanket to protect each carving part, especially for some of the exquisite parts.
Delivery Detail:

around 40days after your deposit for garden pavilion


The stone  garden pavilion


Do as the customer request.


White, Pink, Black, Yellow, Red are available for the pavilion gazebo


Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine...


Only One Piece is Welcomed.


Hand carved and highly polished

Payment terms

T/T, PayPal, Western Union. 40% deposit and the balance against finished pictures

before shipment.


Outer in wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam


Outdoor Decoration, such as home, garden, park, hotel, plaza....

Delivery time

Around 30 days after your deposit.


By sea in container.

How to buy

1. Client send us the picture or just your idea, we can give you some suggestions.

2. Decide the size and material, then make the offer for you.

3. Client accepts the offer and we send proforma invoice.

4. Client transfers 40% deposit and production begins

5. When the products finished, we will send the pictures to you for confirmation.

6. After client’s confirmation, then we will arrange the shipment.

7. After the balance payment, we will send original documents by express, and client will

receive the goods with original documents.

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Q:The world's oldest stone carved stone
Engraved in the Sui Kaihuang six years (586 years), the original in the true government house opposite the Long possession of the temple, after the temple monument destroyed
Q:What are the characteristics of the Han Dynasty stone carvings?
An example of the stone carvings of Hanhuo disease tomb stone carving, mix and match. Huo Qubing Mausoleum at the bottom of the north and south 105 meters long, east and west width of 73 meters. The top of the north and south 15 meters long, 8 meters wide east and west, mound about 25 meters high. The tomb stone 16 existing. Can be identified as 14 students, of which there are three pieces of each carved shape, a total of 17 organisms; different objects 12 categories. There are eccentric, monsters eat sheep, lying cattle, people hold animals, lying pigs, horse, "horse riding Huns", lying horse, Crouching Tiger, lying like, short mouth fish, long mouth fish, otters, bat, Engraved stone and plain stone. Stone carved by the stone, a little carved, simple concise, outstanding personality, rich style, is the earliest in China, save the most complete batch of large stone art treasures.
Q:What is the difference between the stone carvings of the Han Dynasty and the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qinling Mountains in the artistic style?
Q:Beijing Stone Carving Museum of Art
Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum was built in October 1987, is located in Zhenjue Temple (commonly known as the five pagodas), covering nearly 20,000 square meters, is a display of stone relics-based thematic museum. Outdoor display partition classification exhibition, exhibits a total of 372, reflecting the relevant historical period of Beijing's social and political, economic, cultural, artistic, religious, folk and so on. Indoor "Beijing stone culture exhibition", summed up the origin and development of stone culture. Tower "Zhenjue Temple King Kong throne history and culture exhibition", showing the true Jue Temple and King Kong throne history and value.
Q:Horse riding Huns stone in the Hung is what the performance of the ah
The horse is both vigilant and serene, both good and satirical look, seems to be ridiculed to be stepped on the loser; supine horse struggling Wufu showing desperate look, contrasting the heroic heroes, framed ingenuity, distinctive features. The horse's legs are thick and solid, like four huge pillars, and the horse body seamless, constitute a permanent pillar building sense. As a result of the use of symbolic methods also makes it have a romantic feature, so that the audience more open areas of association.
Q:Dazu stone carving thousands of Goddess of Mercy history
Dazu stone carvings of the earliest Avalokitesvara, to the number of holy water rock of the thousands of view of the audience, like the 40 relief hand, more than 100 only engraved. This statue in Dunhuang and Bashu area of ​​the cave temple art, save a lot, came to Dazu, with the history of Dazu stone gradually evolved, rich, so heyday. Dazu Beishan stone carvings Dazu holy water rock thousands of Goddess of the statue techniques in the Dazu Beishan stone also appeared, Beishan stone carvings Guanyin statue of the reputation of the museum, which thousands of Goddess of Mercy statues are more, the earliest works is the No. 9 Swordsman audio and video. In addition, in the Beishan stone corridor, there are five generations, the beginning of the Song Dynasty a lot of Goddess of Mercy statues, such as No. 218,235,243,273 and other niches, are the traditional simple Avalokitesvara statues, but these thousands of hands Guanyin subordinates reduced, the scale also will be reduced, such as the fifth generation of the period of No. 273 niches Guanyin, only two waiter and flying.
Q:What is Buddha Buddha?
Is the South without great wisdom Manjusri Bodhisattva!
Q:What is the meaning of the carved turtle carrying a python?
One said: vulgar pass dragon son nine, each have a good, one said 赑 屃, the shape of the turtles, good weight, this stone under the turtle is also; second Yue Chi kiss, the shape was, good looking, this house on the animal head Is also the same; three said Pu prison, the shape of the dragon and small, good good roar, this clock is also the stars also; four said 狴 犴, like the tiger has power, so stand in the prison; five said gluttonous good diet, Seven said Jurong, good to kill, so stand in the knife ring; eight said gold, like a lion, like a good fireworks, so stand in the incense burner; nine said Pepper map, the shape of clams, sexual good closed, so stand in the door shop. Another said: nine children of prison cattle prison cattle, is the dragon in the nine children in the boss, life-loving music, it often squatting on the head to enjoy the plucked strings of music, so the head will be engraved on its portrait. This decoration has been used down, some valuable Huqin head still has a leading image, called "leading Huqin." Jiuzi of the Grievance Grievance, is the second child, life and good fight to kill, knife ring, knife handle, dragon swallow is its portrait.
Q:The creation time, theme thought, artistic style and historical significance of the stone carving group
Ancient literature records, the Han Dynasty popular large stone, metal search carving as a palace, garden and other architectural layout of the specific settings. At present you can see the Han Dynasty sculpture works mostly for the tomb sculpture, which in the Han Dynasty Huo to death tomb stone carving group of the most outstanding. Huo Ru disease tomb stone carvings for the Han Dynasty tomb carving the most outstanding works. Huo Qubing (140 BC to 117 BC) is the name of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, able to enlist the war, six times led his army against the Huns, won the Qilian Mountains, Yan tributary and Hexi Corridor, opened up the road to the Western Regions, The decisive victory of the fortress north border. Han Wudi to Huo Qubing very appreciated, Jin as the hussars general, champion Hou, but unfortunately 24-year-old died early in the British year.
Q:Stone carving and illustrations!
South Vietnamese Wang Zhao ignorant tomb, is so far known Lingnan largest stone chamber tomb, the tomb of stone weighing 2.6 tons. Tomb unearthed in the 244 pieces (sets) of jade, including 71 pieces of jade wall and two pieces of jade jade dancers, l pieces of reptile volume of the white and white jade carved corner cups, as well as silk Lou Yu clothing, , The dragon and phoenix pattern rejuvenation jade beast, beast head of the wall, can be described as exquisite treasures, reflecting the processing of jade at the level of superb technology, we can see the South Vietnamese countries have mastered the open material, shape, drilling, Zhuo system, polishing, restructuring Methods and mosaic process. In the tomb of the South Vietnamese king, also found talc oven, ear cup, pig, pillow and stone Yan, stone. Stone and grinding fine stone ax and so on. Indicating that stone is also the process of attention.

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