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The  home textile product in our company is mainly quiltedcotton, which is seamed by fabric and cotton with vignette.

It has advantages ofthick density, strong tightness, profound warmth, elegant appearance, etc.

It is mainly used in bedding, sofa, handbag, luggage, shoes and hats, clothingand other industries.

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High cost performance
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Flexible and durable
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Q:The machine made silk and made silk by hand
1., the quilt quilt is more average, and the fixation of the tire is more stable, even the solid color fabric, after the machine exquisite pattern quilting fixed, the appearance of occupying a larger disadvantage. Quilting is consumed, because mechanization level is taller, yield also promotes easily, the promotion of appropriate product is popularized2. hand is due to consumption, according to the traditional process, the need to repeatedly manufacture tube artificial silk silk opened bedding, tyre and tyre sleeve fixed to hand sewing fixed consumption by consumption process constraints, not easy to popularize.Chinese silkworm silk is handmade by traditional Chinese goods
Q:Which is better, insulation quilt and sewing machine?
If you want to make a quilt, you'd better use a quilting machine. Because quilting is specialized in producing greenhouses.
Q:Insulation quilt equipment where the better, do not always bad, good quality
The machines are a dime a share. The machine is good and the quilts are sold better than others. This kind of machine is a good helper for making money. If you buy a bad one, you can't afford it!
Q:Why is silk not quilteds?
How to buy a good silk, silk silk domain knowledge "
Q:What does quilting mean?
There are still some manufacturers using hand-made and mechanical quilting machine quilting production. Since these two methods have their own shortcomings, they have gradually been replaced by more advanced computer quilting technology. Compared with the traditional mechanical quilting machine, the computerized quilting machine breaks through the function of only half coordinates and simple patterns. In the computer control system accurately, all kinds of computer quilting function perfectly the coordinates on the complex patterns in the production speed, mechanical properties, noise pollution and other indicators, all previous mechanical machines can not match. Through the use of advanced computer quilting technology, improve labor productivity, reduce cost, realize the automation of quilting products production process, manufacturers produce more practical and beautiful products, to meet the people's life demand and profit in order to seek their own development, therefore, the elimination of mechanical computer quilting machine quilting machine is an inevitable trend.
Q:What's the production capacity of the quilt quilt? How about practicality?
The utility model has the advantages of good practicability, good product quantity, fast production speed, high yield, etc..
Q:How to distinguish between good or bad quilting machine?
It has a high degree of automation, debugging time to pay attention to its automation function and its flexibility, to ensure that the device can automatically complete the sewing operation before setting.
Q:Which kind of eiderdown is it better to do with quilting and vertical lining in two ways?
I just saw your question. The advantage of quilting is that the fleece is fixed together and does not run. The drawback is that the thickness is limited. If you choose this kind of quilt, it's better to have a thick, thin, double cropping.
Q:How to sew quilts than large quilt
If quilting, before quilting line cloth must be more than on the big table cloth.
Q:Why is silk not quilted?
First quilting is mainly for the purpose of filling is not to run, and general quilted quilts are short fiber, so the need for quilting, and authentic silk is the filament drawing wire, so run under normal circumstances do not only need to manually set so inferior, and some brand in order to beautiful, more significant grade is generally used butterfly circle positioning.

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