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Polycarbonate greenhouse PC8000/9600Venlo

-Commercial Greenhouses - agricultural greenhouse for flower/vegetable


Good heat retention, high intensity, easy assembly, energy saving, anti dew, strong impact resistance and long service life, etc


2.Structural Characteristics:


Venlo structure or A shape structure

span:  8m/9.6M/12M,  bay size:  3.2M/ 4M, section :4M/ 4.5M;

Gutter: 3-5.5M

The frame works structure is assembled by prefabricated parts. All main parts are hot dipping galvanized after processing with zinc cover 275G/M2 in order to avoid any rust;

Cover: 8mm polycarbonate panel, by special aluminum profiles together with sealed band

Ventilation: single roof vents or double roof vents, controlled by rack and pinion system

Aluminum sliding doors;

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Q:How can i mold things with plastic?
What kind of plastic? There are numerous cold mold plastics which are fundamentally a resin and hardner. Epoxy is one of them. You usually mold them in latex, which you make out of an original. Another way is 3D printing. You have no mold as such, but print your item, either by ejection of heated thermoplastic, by printing hardner/binder on resin powder, or uv laser curing a resin. The popular hobbyist grade 3d printers use the ejection method, and can be user manufactured to a degree.
Q:I want to do plastic recycling of waste toys, this line, I do not know where there are old toys, plastic processing after the particle recycling business
In this case alone, Changchun is buried about 10000000 yuan worth of wealth each year. Plastic products factory in the production process of the waste generated, without sorting and cleaning, is the processing of recycled particles of good raw materials. To establish business contacts with the plastic factory, the acquisition of waste processed into particles back to the plastic factory, or a certain amount of processing fees. In this way, that is, the plastic factory has solved the problem of recycling, and it is an effective way for us to generate revenue, and it is a win-win scheme. The large amount of plastic film used in rural areas in Northeast, northwest and North China belongs to one-off agricultural materials. The quantity is large and the price is low. The vast rural areas of adequate staff, if the organization personnel in the local collection or acquisition, can solve the pollution problem of agricultural soil in a timely manner, but also eliminates the intermediate links, to ensure that the sources of raw materials at the same time, but also greatly reduce the cost of raw materials, increase profits. To sum up, low prices, everywhere can be easily obtained waste plastics, for us to set up waste plastics recycling plant provides a unique condition. To realize the local purchase, processing and sale of waste plastics, the advantages are favorable and profitable.
Q:how to clean plastic?
Inside or outside surfaces of the tank? Outside, you can use plain water with a drop or 2 of dish soap. Inside, you must never ever use soap or chemicals (you could kill your fish). Use plain water, distilled white vinegar diluted with water, or, if the tank's inside surfaces are slimy and gunky you CAN scrub (gently!) with baking soda or salt. Don't rub hard though, or the plastic will scratch. If you use anything other than plain water, you must rinse, rinse, rinse ... and then rinse again.
Q:How do scents get through a plastic bag?
have you ever seen a balloon wrinkle and wither over time? this is because the air molecules move through the woven structure of the latex balloon and are released, the weave is extremely tight, and that's why it takes a long time for the balloon to loose air. the same hapens with a plastic bag.
Q:Are wrestling title belts made of plastic?
The Real Ones are made of gold or metal The Toys One are Plastic
Q:What's the difference between vinyl and plastic?
Is Vinyl Plastic
Q:Plastic shrapnel versus metallic/glass?
Plastic won't have the range of metallic shrapnel, nor will it have the penetration capabilities. As far as glass goes, I wouldn't it except in foodstuffs/water (yes, if you're gonna talk about IEDs, might as well talk of sabotaging someone's dinner, too). I would use plastics unless there was a risk of my target using a metal detector.
Q:who is the best Plastic Surgeon in lebanon? Plastic surgery in lebanon?
Q:properties of plastics for my invention?
Many plastics could be used if they are processed to have the proper surface. The friction will be dependent on the surface finish. You can mold many plastics with a wood-like surface finish or you could machine a surface to have a wood-like surface. You should select the plastic based on the other physical properties (strength, bending modulus, etc.) that you need or want. It is difficult to recommend a plastic without knowing more about your invention. You might try Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). It is a good general use plastic that can be molded and machined. If you device is machinable (talk to a machinist), then have various surfaces made and test them until you get one that has wood-like friction.
Q:What should I do with the waste plastic bags?
With the increasing consumption of plastic products, waste plastics are also increasing. At present, China's waste plastics are mainly plastic film, plastic silk and woven goods, foam plastics, plastic packaging boxes and containers, plastic products for daily use, plastic bags and agricultural film. In addition, China's annual consumption of plastic vehicles has reached 400 thousand tons, electronic, electrical and household appliances supporting the annual consumption of plastic has reached about 1000000 tons, these products become a waste of waste plastics after an important source. It is understood that in 2004, domestic waste plastics have reached about 11 million tons. These waste plastics storage, transportation, processing, application and post-processing, if not appropriate, will inevitably damage the environment and endanger people's health.

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