The good hydraulic ram for construction,mining, forestry

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:What is the specific meaning of the cushion hydraulic cylinder HSGK01-160/110E-5221-550*905?
HSG--- double acting single piston hydraulic cylinder, piston type K--- card key, 01--- for the Y type sealing ring, 160/110E--- bore diameter is 110, 160, a pressure of 16MPa, 5221---5 said the cylinder head or cylinder middle flange connection, 2 piston rod end thread, 2 (second 2) the cylinder head end buffer 1 oil port internal thread; 550 stroke, 905 for the minimum installation distance.
Q:What are the uses of hydraulic equipment, cylinders and cylinders?
Hydraulic equipment, cylinders, cylinders are used in the principle of hydraulic transmission power, in particular, low aerodynamic pressure, hydraulic high. At the same time, the environment
Q:What are the characteristics of a piston hydraulic cylinder? How many kinds are there? What are they used for?If anyone knows, just say something
The hydraulic cylinder from the structure can be divided into the piston cylinder, piston cylinder and oscillating cylinder. The cylinder from the structure can be divided into the piston cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, telescopic cylinder hydraulic cylinder. The working principle is: as its principle I must first say 5 basic components, 1- and cylinder 2- cylinder piston and piston rod sealing device of 3- 4- buffer 5- exhaust device to work each cylinder is almost similar to the original, I took a manual jack is its original work, Jack is a simple cylinder. By manually pressurized straw (hydraulic manual pump) of the hydraulic the oil through a single valve into the cylinder, the hydraulic oil into the cylinder because the reasons for individual valve can not be returned back, forcing the cylinder rod upward, then work to continue to keep the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder continuously, thus increasing, hit when to drop Hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil back to tank. This is the most simple of the original work, others have improved on this basis, because of the time I would say the most simple principle. The advantages and disadvantages of the cylinder cylinder cylinder and the cylinder with almost I said the following 3 bit 1-- as the pneumatic system pressure is generally in the range of 0.2-1.0Mpa, so the cylinder is not bigger.
Q:What can be used in hydraulic equipment factory
Hydraulic systems are widely used in today's construction machinery. Although there are electrical, pneumatic or mechanical systems to choose from, hydraulic systems have been used more and more. For example, on many excavators, the hydraulic system is used to lift and lower the boom, move the bucket, and perform the turn motion of the upper structure of the machine.Why use a hydraulic system? There are many reasons, partly because of the wide use, high efficiency and simple characteristics of the hydraulic system in power transmission. The task of a hydraulic system is to change power from one form to another.
Q:What is the difference between the cylinder seal and the cylinder seal?
The medium of bees is different. One is gas sealed, and the other is liquid sealed.
Q:Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission,
Also belong to pressure container, cylinder pressure is bigger, cylinder cylinder pressure is smaller. Need qualification.
Q:Can the hydraulic cylinder change the nitrogen cylinder?
Again, the cylinder is generally lighter weight, smaller cylinder, no problem, if you change the cylinder may be greater on the system requirements, in cylinder and large useless.
Q:Which pressure is the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder?
A hydraulic cylinder, such as a jack, that lifts 3 pieces. The normal cylinder pressure is only 0.9 to 1.5 MPa
Q:Why do not the industrial furnace door use the hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder?
Because the oil in the hydraulic cylinder will be heated, it will affect the oil heating, it is difficult to cool the oil heater, this is the reason, in one may be cost savings
Q:Is the hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder good, their respective advantages?
Operating pressure: the maximum working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder can be up to more than 20 MPa and the cylinder is 1 MPa High, usually at 0.5-0.6 mpa. In other words, the same size cylinder hydraulic output to 20 times the cylinder.Power source: the hydraulic cylinder needs pumping station to provide high pressure oil; the cylinder needs the air source; if not, use the air compressor.Speed: the hydraulic cylinder is slower than the cylinder, and is more stable than the cylinder. Cylinder speed can not be too low (such as a few millimeters per second), otherwise it will crawl.Environment: the hydraulic system will inevitably leak, relatively dirty; pneumatic system is very clean; hydraulic pump noise; pneumatic; air source, the noise is very small; with air compressor, the noise is greater than the hydraulic pump.Cost: pneumatic much cheaperIn addition, if the pressure is high (12 tons), the process is not large (about 100mm), there is a compressed air source, it needs clean environment, low noise, low cost, you can use the gas-liquid booster cylinder.

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