The gold eagle little overlord joint harvest machine for sale

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The 4 LZs-2 gold eagle series  type joint harvest machine  adopt the special sliced  flow and tumbling barrel to tresh and  seperate rice and wheat, and stir a grain round to have no class to become soon, pure choose wind can ajust in a big extend, the fan type replies can take off  rice and wheat again., the adjustable type lengthens tail Shai, the whole hydraulicses change direction and have no the class become to soon run about device and all work hydraulic control.The machine has  auto device which can unload food,  food storehouse and also has Cang sleeping berth and tornado in addition to dust machine etc. is several patent techniques.Have structure tightly packed, function credibility, the power is sturdy, the adaptability is wide, features beauty, produce an efficiency Gao, manipulate characteristicses like vivid convenience,etc, is the best machine that harvests wheat, paddy rice and soybean, rape.

   Gold eagle little overlord's joint  harvest machine is produced on the foundation of  the gold eagle  harvest machine , synthesize  modern technology of advanced model from home and abroad .and have designed the important part , make it become  the mode that has most currently the function in the local the same kind model is the most whole, superior function and the most beautiful external appearance and embark to gather function type, beauty, intelligence type, com fortable type's model at the integral whole most comfortablely.

Technical parermeter

Cutting range(Meter)


Feeding quantity(Kg/s)


Totall ossrate(%)


Oiltank volume(L)


Overall dimensine(L×W×H)mm


Total weight(Kg) 


Power(hose power/rotational speed)


Lengthen roller stalk, can choose to change direction a round to be apart from adjustable empress bridge, strengthened the adaptability of acrossing the area homework.

Change to soft stalk to pull a pole type to shift gear, manipulate easy and convenient, adjust in brief.

 Install new stir grain of round, then stir a grain round to in the center increase a set of dish, prevent°from playing a Chi pole to transform.The strong dint spring coil type plays Chi with play Chi Qing Cape adjustment the organization match with and harvest the ability of pouring the Fu corn stronger.

 Apply new stretch and shrink Chi, increment allied connect strength, raise to use a safety, install in brief, maintain convenience.

 Lengthen tail Shai, pure choose area of aggrandizement, pure choose cleaner.

 The whole motorcycle body is short, the turn radius is small, adapt to an in the field homework more.

 Enlarge water tank, the heat elimination effect is better,

 Choose to pack Gao Hua's tire, increase wetly a homework of drive, is more suitable for rice to accept a homework.

 Round system after canning choose to pack, strengthen make function.

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The advantages of low cost 2000 yuan, light weight 50 kg, Flying knife stubble stubble stubble, with the harvest grain loss to a minimum, you can also increase the straw recovery device.
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Its most advanced harvesters will not come to China, afraid of the Chinese imitation.
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Organize and publish the Catalog of Imported Old Electromechanical Products for the Implementation of Inspection and Supervision, and the List of Inspection and Control Measures for the Import of Used Electromechanical Products (2014) (hereinafter referred to as the "Inspection and Supervision Measures List").
Q:The use of combine harvesters
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The use of separation and lubrication of the two-stroke engine, oil pump disorders, too much oil, there will be the phenomenon.
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At present, China's promotion of corn harvester there are two, 1 is only received corn sticks, do not smash the straw, 2 is to receive sticks plus crushed straw.
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The scope of agricultural machinery scrapping mainly includes farming, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, farmland water conservancy and other tractors and combine harvesters.
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Moreover John Deere, Case of the machine is wheeled, the weight of their own machines and the wheels of the rolling on the perennial sugarcane damage is great, affecting the growth of the next year.
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Look at this year's harvest effect, if the parts in place, should be effective

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