The flexible thin film solar cells

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Product Description:

Flexible photovoltaic products

Flexible solar modules can cold glue directly on the original roof of gold

Board or single waterproofing materials, requires no additional mounting bracket system.

Therefore, not only won't destroy the roof waterproof structure, and to extend the original

Have the roofing materials use fixed number of year, and meets the requirement of building is beautiful.

The characteristics of the flexible solar cell components make the existing buildings equipped with too

Yang battery is possible. The design of the existing buildings, there is no consideration on the roof

To set up the structure of the solar panels and load, there is no design

Contact bracket with solar panels, and from the architectural appearance, the modelling

The point of view of natural don't want to add a layer on the roof of the solar house

Surface. Therefore, the structure of solar photovoltaic power generation system, how to take

From the construction of the whole design idea, to conform to the structure design and so on various conditions

O, is solar photovoltaic power generation systems engineering design must face first

The problem. Principle is the installation of solar photovoltaic power generation systems cannot be broken

Bad for architectural modeling, cannot destroy decorative roof light and transparent

Artistic style, do not make the structure of the rework again.

Solar system is not only to ensure the safety and security of our systems, and

And to ensure the safety of construction and reliable. This installation conditions must be considered,

Installation and installation intensity, including solar photovoltaic panels on the roof

The impact on the roof load problem when installation, particularly in solar panels

Its load and ability to resist the wind, the hail impact resistance etc. The engineering application problem.


The requirement of building load

Solar photovoltaic (pv) combined with construction has always been the architectural design

Teacher is the most headaches, traditional crystalline silicon products as much weight

Of building complex support system, the change of the support structure, increase

The cost, even need to be redesigned building structure, spending enormous costs.

Flexible solar modules to solve the above problems, it has to do with building

Close, more secure, simple construction, but also on photovoltaic modules

Go, easier to install and maintain, can appear the emergencies such as fire

In the first time arrived at the scene quickly. Flexible solar cell components

Crystalline silicon product is much lighter, flexible roof photovoltaic system of all equipment packages

Enclosed components, junction box, trough, cable, etc., is only the total weight



And the total weight of crystalline silicon photovoltaic roof system of all equipment

2.3 installation

In sheet metal, for example, on which the installation of flexible solar arrays

The steps as follows: the first

All of the step 1, the metal surface protection

Membrane to remove, clean metal surface; The first

Step 2, place the photovoltaic modules in gold

On the front panel; The first

Step 3, peeling the stencil on the back of the component, the component in gold

On the board; The first

Step 4, will be installed on the metal plate solar arrays

A compaction.


Flexible photovoltaic system design

Flexible photovoltaic (pv) power system design, such as a table


Flexible thin-film solar cell components installed in a vertical seam metal lock

Plank, the absorption of solar energy into electricity by photovoltaic components, tong

The convergence of a lightning protection to dc power distribution cabinet, to the ac/dc inverter and again

Ac power distribution cabinet, finally reach the power terminal board, as shown in figure



8-11 shows a few examples of flexible component implementation. all

In the project have in common is the component into the building roof, roof

The appearance of the structure to maintain the original.

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