The Fireproofing Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel

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coated aluminium alloy sheets: cored with non-combustible mineral

Product Description:

 The Fireproofing Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel

The fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panel is a kind of new composite material skinned with coated aluminium alloy sheets and cored with non-combustible mineral. It has excellent fire resistance compared to normal aluminium composite panel. It conforms to China's national standard GB8624, Grade B1, equivalent to Germany standard DIN4102, Grade A2. It is a kind of environmentally friendly building material that offers excellent fire resistance and minimal gas generation when burnt. It has been granted the China's National Patent ( No. 99258967.3 ).

  • Specifications

    The testing result of the Fangda fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panel are shown in the following table.


 No Item                                         

 Testing method           Demand            Result


 Minimum remaining length


          GB/T8625-88                >0                   486

 Average remaining length


          GB/T8625-88                >150                513
 3 Smoke temperature, ℃          GB/T8625-88                <200                 78
 4 Height of fire          GB/T8626-88                <150                 10
 5 Grade of smoke density          GB/T8627-88                <75                    9



 All indexes of the material tested are conformed to the requirement specified for the material difficult to combust. The material tested is adjudged as grade B1 according to GB/T8624


  • The physical properties and mechanical properties

    The testing results of the physical properties and mechanical propertities of the Fangda fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panel are shown in the following table.


 No. Item Testing standard DemandResult 
 1 Bending strength GB/T11718-89 ≥100MPa119MPa
 2 Bending modulus of elasticity GB/T11718-89 ≥2.0x104MPa3.48X104MPa
 3 Penetrating force of resistance ASTMD732-93 ≥9.0KN9.9KN
 4 Shear strength ASTMD732-93 ≥28.0MPa32.8MPa
 5 Peel-off strength GB/T2790-93 ≥7.0N/mm11.4N/mm
 6 Temperature difference resistance GB/T17748-99

 -40℃~80℃,20times repetition,

 no change

No change
 7 Thermal expansion coefficient GB/T17748-99 ≤4.0x10-5-11.6X10-5-1
 8 Temperature for thermal deformation GB1634-79 ≥105℃112℃


  • Surface Coatings

    The Fangda fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panels are coated with PVDF resin containing more than 70% of KYNAR 500, and have an excellent outdoor weathering quality. They may also be coated with polyester or acrylic painting for indoor use. The colors are available of standard or upon the requirement of the customers.

  • Specifications

    Standard size: length: 2440mm, width: 1220mm, thickness: 4mm or 3mm

    Other sizes are available upon the customers' requirements

  • Application

    Fangda panels can be used as curtain walls, interior decorations, display units, signboards and partitioning for exhibition stands, shop fittings, vehicle bodies, furniture, spandrel panels, ceilings.


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Q:What is the thickness of aluminum-plastic panels for outdoor use?
The middle interlayer is PE (polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Q:Alpha aluminum composite plate which country
Aluminum-plastic plate as a kind of high-tech composite materials products, since the sixties of the last century in the European research and development has been more than 30 years of history, its various properties are constantly improving and improving the use of a wide range of products Exist in the transport industry, the construction industry and some special line industry, such as advertising industry. Especially in the construction industry, because of its light weight per unit area, relatively high strength, easy processing and installation, so get a very common application. From the interior to the interior decoration, from low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, can be seen in the shape of aluminum-plastic plate. At the same time, foreign applications in the aluminum plate process has a very strict and proven operating practices, to ensure that the aluminum plate can be used correctly. Especially when the product is applied to the building, its product certification and use of the unit must strictly comply with the relevant norms. As a result of strict certification system, so nearly three decades, the application of foreign composite aluminum-plastic plate, especially in Europe, have been moving forward, new products and new systems continue to emerge.
Q:Aluminum-plastic plate punch what equipment
There is no regular hole, and many, you can do on the engraving machine.
Q:Dalian have pottery board, cement board, metal plate, aluminum plate supply agents?
OKorder Huayuan has a factory office, the main supply Huayuan aluminum plate, aluminum / steel composite panels, stainless steel / aluminum composite panels, copper / aluminum composite panels. There is space in contact.
Q:Aluminum aluminum plate thickness how to detect
Sent a qualified quality inspection unit testing.
Q:Now home improvement ceiling with aluminum or aluminum or plastic plate?
General home decoration. Toilet kitchen. Is to use aluminum cords board ceiling.
Q:Useful aluminum-plastic plate production line made of steel and aluminum did not?
In fact, the manufacturing process is still very similar.
Q:What is the aluminum plate and fire board, what is the difference?
Fire board is the paper immersed in the resin, after high temperature and high pressure treatment, the production of interior decoration surface materials. Fire board with wear, heat, impact resistance, acid and alkali, fire and other characteristics. Fire board can be used for table, desktop, wall, kitchen utensils, office furniture, door surface, hanging cabinet and other locations
Q:Can aluminum panels be used for home improvement? Want to be decorated as a wall!
Can do interior wall decoration
Q:Will the aluminum plate is flammable?
The current non-combustible grade aluminum composite panels have been mass production, according to the correct name of the core material for the aluminum composite panels,

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