The Fireproofing Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel

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Item specifice:

coated aluminium alloy sheets: cored with non-combustible mineral

Product Description:

 The Fireproofing Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel

The fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panel is a kind of new composite material skinned with coated aluminium alloy sheets and cored with non-combustible mineral. It has excellent fire resistance compared to normal aluminium composite panel. It conforms to China's national standard GB8624, Grade B1, equivalent to Germany standard DIN4102, Grade A2. It is a kind of environmentally friendly building material that offers excellent fire resistance and minimal gas generation when burnt. It has been granted the China's National Patent ( No. 99258967.3 ).

  • Specifications

    The testing result of the Fangda fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panel are shown in the following table.


 No Item                                         

 Testing method           Demand            Result


 Minimum remaining length


          GB/T8625-88                >0                   486

 Average remaining length


          GB/T8625-88                >150                513
 3 Smoke temperature, ℃          GB/T8625-88                <200                 78
 4 Height of fire          GB/T8626-88                <150                 10
 5 Grade of smoke density          GB/T8627-88                <75                    9



 All indexes of the material tested are conformed to the requirement specified for the material difficult to combust. The material tested is adjudged as grade B1 according to GB/T8624


  • The physical properties and mechanical properties

    The testing results of the physical properties and mechanical propertities of the Fangda fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panel are shown in the following table.


 No. Item Testing standard DemandResult 
 1 Bending strength GB/T11718-89 ≥100MPa119MPa
 2 Bending modulus of elasticity GB/T11718-89 ≥2.0x104MPa3.48X104MPa
 3 Penetrating force of resistance ASTMD732-93 ≥9.0KN9.9KN
 4 Shear strength ASTMD732-93 ≥28.0MPa32.8MPa
 5 Peel-off strength GB/T2790-93 ≥7.0N/mm11.4N/mm
 6 Temperature difference resistance GB/T17748-99

 -40℃~80℃,20times repetition,

 no change

No change
 7 Thermal expansion coefficient GB/T17748-99 ≤4.0x10-5-11.6X10-5-1
 8 Temperature for thermal deformation GB1634-79 ≥105℃112℃


  • Surface Coatings

    The Fangda fireproofing aluminium plastic composite panels are coated with PVDF resin containing more than 70% of KYNAR 500, and have an excellent outdoor weathering quality. They may also be coated with polyester or acrylic painting for indoor use. The colors are available of standard or upon the requirement of the customers.

  • Specifications

    Standard size: length: 2440mm, width: 1220mm, thickness: 4mm or 3mm

    Other sizes are available upon the customers' requirements

  • Application

    Fangda panels can be used as curtain walls, interior decorations, display units, signboards and partitioning for exhibition stands, shop fittings, vehicle bodies, furniture, spandrel panels, ceilings.


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Q:Aluminum plate thickness for outdoor and indoor is not the same?
Aluminum-plastic plate materials used in outdoor facades such as curtain walls, and the thickness of the interior is certainly not the same. Specific practices are also different.
Q:How to separate the aluminum alloy on the aluminum plate
Are there any aluminum alloy on aluminum? If so, is also sticky, cut it! If the whole, or destroyed the aluminum-plastic plate, or destroyed the aluminum!
Q:How to identify the quality of aluminum-plastic plate?
And then cut a piece of the sample, boiled in boiling water for ten minutes, and then come out to put the refrigerator in the frozen one or two hours, if there is time to repeat more than a few times, and then hand or tools to expose the two sides of the aluminum, Opened the description of the quality is relatively poor, if it is not easy to open that excellent quality, which mainly depends on the temperature of hot and cold on the impact of aluminum panels.
Q:What is the aluminum plate and what features
Aluminum-plastic composite panels can be divided into outdoor, indoor with two, and then can be divided into fire and general type. Now the market is a large number of sales are general type. Outdoor aluminum-plastic composite panels are up and down are O. 5mm aluminum (usually pure aluminum), the middle sandwich for the PE (polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), sandwich thickness of 3-5mm. Fireproof aluminum-plastic composite panel for the middle of the FR (fire plastic). Outdoor composite aluminum composite panel thickness of 4-6mm. Indoor use of aluminum-plastic plate is generally 0.2-O.25mm aluminum plate, sandwich thickness of 2.5-3mm, indoor aluminum plate thickness of 3-4mm. The standard specification for aluminum-plastic board products is generally 1220 (W) x 2440 (L) x thickness, and the width can also reach 1250 or 1500mm. Outdoor often used the thickness of the thinnest should be 4mm, indoor thickness stress 3mm.
Q:Aluminum plate 50 wire thickness what it means
4mm refers to the total thickness of the plate, 50 wire that the thickness of aluminum plate, that is 0.50mm standard units that the curtain wall with aluminum composite panels there are some requirements, such as coating recommended PVDF fluorocarbon resin, film thickness of 25 microns and so on The
Q:Will the aluminum plate can make a wardrobe?
Aluminum-plastic plate can be made wardrobe, aluminum-plastic plate easier to clean, you can produce all kinds of patterns.
Q:What is the chemical chemistry of the synthetic plastic of the aluminum-plastic plate?
The specific operation is: the aluminum plate into the pot, and then add caustic soda, the water burned to about 60 ℃, to separate the aluminum-plastic plate, the aluminum plate separated into aluminum and plastic plate. This kind of plastic can be recycled into black particles
Q:Home decoration, aluminum-plastic board in general how thick ah?
The thickness is not according to the wire that is about 1 mm side of the double-sided if the outdoor use of the estimated 5 mm or more
Q:Which brand is better?
Aluminum-plastic plate auspicious chanting
Q:What should I pay attention to?
Requires manufacturers quality inspection report, warranty, ISO-9002 international quality certification, with these manufacturers are regular manufacturers, can guarantee product quality, the same price than the quality, the same quality than the price

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