The Best Laptop Screen Seller 15.6 Led 1366*768 Lp156Wh4 Tln2

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  The best laptop screen seller 15.6 led 1366*768 LP156WH4 TLN2



Detailed Product Description

Size15.6 inch wide screen
GradeNew A grade
ModelLP156WH4 TLN2
Packing20pcs per carton
Warranty3 months

1.Compatible model: LP156WH4 TLN2  LP156WH4 TLN1 LP156WH4 TLA1 N156BGE-L21 N156BGE-L22 B156XTN02.2 LTN156AT02

2.Applicability:normal 15.6 led screen for most laptop 15.6 inch

3.Packaging : Fragile Customized Package

4.Condition: Brand New, Direct from manufacture 100% COMPATIBLE


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Q:LCD power switch after opening
According to my maintenance of liquid crystal, there are several situations: 1, generally high voltage protection, not very serious kind of high voltage protection, you can manage the chip through the protection of the foot grounding. 2, the power on the board of a capacitor explosive pulp or drum bag phenomenon, replaced on the OK. The bad performance of the 3, one of the high voltage coil power supply board, now the general case is directly to the general high pressure, the poor performance of the lamp light a few seconds can be the perfect solution, because the general pressure did not set up the general protection. 4, if a few seconds feel bright screen than the normal use of dark words, there may be a bad performance caused by the bright lamp seconds phenomenon, direct replacement of lamp can be solved, or the third point is that the change of general pressure can be solved. These are generally more familiar with the point, the circuit principle can go to get, otherwise there is an electric shock risk, because the power on the board is energized with high-voltage, without electricity, the case is without high pressure. General take outside repair one hundred yuan less than normal, ha ha, hope to say these can help you.
Q:What is the difference between LCD monitor and LCD monitor?
The monitor is mainly industrial, so it's better than the monitor because it takes twenty-four hours to turn on the machine without interruption
Q:LCD bezel and LCD gap
What brand do you want to see?. Second line brands can be accepted. A line of brands is unlikely to happen
Q:LCD base is broken, how to do?
Remedial measures for damage of LCD base:1, contact the brand aftermarket, replace the base.2, buy compatible desktop display stand, as shown:
Q:How to set the resolution of 22 inch LCD?!
That's what the graphics card doesn't support. The computer system defaults to just showing the resolution of the graphics cards you want to see,Desktop right-click - properties - Settings - Advanced adapters - listing all modes is OK
Q:The LCD is black and bright
High pressure board costs, as long as 10 yuan or so, not more than 15. Charge you 150, do not know how much black.When you look at the monitor, when the screen is black, is the indicator light or black, and if the indicator goes black, it is not the problem of the high voltage board, there is a possible driver board. If the instructions do not follow the black, it may be the problem of high pressure plate.Now that it's all 150 dollars, look for it and keep it up until it's all right. Where can I earn such good money?.
Q:Why does the color change when the LCD is tilted?
Screen is not the same, low-end TN screen is like this, high-end IPS screen will not be like this!
Q:LCD highlights
That is bad.The 5 point is the following provisions, not a quality problem
Q:Can I use LCD for rendering images?
This question can not be generalized, which is good or not?.First, the LCD can render images completely, but the effect of the image is usually not high enough to meet your requirements.Second, not to say that the image of CRT is better than liquid crystal. Generally speaking, the brightness, contrast, color reduction and other indicators of a general CRT display are indeed higher than the average LCD display, which is determined by the principle of its image production. But the effect of high-end professional LCD monitors, absolutely not said. Similarly, low end (low bandwidth or less than 1M) CRT monitors do not meet the requirements of professional image processing.Therefore, only can not affect your work, do not change, and if it does have an impact, it is recommended to change a CRT above the end of the better, high-end LCD dedicated LCD is still relatively expensive.
Q:Is the LCD monitor out of the transformer?
The screen brightness is not enough, and then black, boot, "squeak" sound pressure plate that is mainly the high voltage transformer (i.e., the "yellow tape wrapped coil) winding interturn short circuit of the transformer can be replaced.

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