The Best Laptop Screen Seller 15.6 Led 1366*768 Lp156Wh4 Tln2

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  The best laptop screen seller 15.6 led 1366*768 LP156WH4 TLN2



Detailed Product Description

Size15.6 inch wide screen
GradeNew A grade
ModelLP156WH4 TLN2
Packing20pcs per carton
Warranty3 months

1.Compatible model: LP156WH4 TLN2  LP156WH4 TLN1 LP156WH4 TLA1 N156BGE-L21 N156BGE-L22 B156XTN02.2 LTN156AT02

2.Applicability:normal 15.6 led screen for most laptop 15.6 inch

3.Packaging : Fragile Customized Package

4.Condition: Brand New, Direct from manufacture 100% COMPATIBLE


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Q:The Best LCD Monitor For Gaming, Movies And Internet?
that or any new samsung
Q:my LCD monitor color has changed to pink all of to get to normal color?
Were the setting options you tried related to your computer Desktop display properties? Or it could be a bad or loose cable/cord problem, so see if the cables/cords connecting your monitor are secure and connected. Or turn off the monitor and computer, unplug the monitor, remove and reconnect the monitor to you computer, and see if the problem is fixed. Try the monitor on a another computer if you can to see if that fixes the problem. If you use the same cable/cord, and the monitor is pink, could be a bad cord. If a different cord used, and still pink, could be a monitor problem (just by elimination here).
Q:lcd monitor lifespan?
LCD's last for quite a while, but time will affect them. You won't notice it, but after a few years they begin to dim. Most come with a 3 year warranty, so I would say usability is about 3-5 years.
Q:how can I Play PS 3 on LCD Monitor Without Computer?
Hiya okorder
Q:What's the difference between LED and WLED in LCD?
The liquid crystal display's earliest Cathode Lamp Fluorescent (Cold), we are used to CCFL, the drawback of this backlight is power consumption is relatively large, the price is relatively cheap. Later, due to LED brightness and other aspects of technical upgrading, and gradually introduced LCD backlight industry. The disadvantage of LED (Light, Emitting, Diode) backlight is the higher cost.As for the difference between LED and WLED you say this, these two things are a parent concept (LED), (WLED) is a sub concept of right, LED backlight display technology currently has two kinds, one is through the synthesis of LED white RGB three colors, the advantages of this approach is clarity and good color purity, disadvantage is high cost, complex driving, long response time, there is a LED backlight technology is through WLED (white Light Emitting Diode LED), this is what we usually say the high brightness white LED driver, has the advantages of simple, low cost, disadvantage is clarity and color purity exceeded.
Q:How do i hook up my lcd monitor to my computer (e- machines, if it makes a difference)?
need further clarification. there should be a VGA port that plugs in. also could be DVI or could be HDMI but given your situation i highly doubt that. s video seems unlikely as well. please locate vga port and cable and connect
Q:Best lcd monitor for gaming?
Refresh rate used to be a problem with older monitors. But LCD technology has advanced a lot and most games these days are played on flat-screen monitors. I've got a 1-year-old Samsung 2233RZ 120Hz monitor for gaming and it works well for most of my games. It's a 24 monitor but I recommend getting a 32 Samsung or Viewsonic LCD.
Q:Acer AL2216W 22 inch lcd monitor giving me eye strain?
Regardless of the brand, it isn't the monitors's your eyes. If you already wear glasses, maybe you need a different correction for that distance. If you don't have glasses alreadymaybe you need some. You are possibly just experiencing dry eyes also. Refreshing drops every couple of hours may help while on the computer. There is no ideal brightness and contrast. It's adjustable because not everyone likes it the same way. You should get an eye exam to help determine the problem. Hyperopia, astigmatism , dry eyes, could all be causes.
Q:What are the names of those cords that I can connect to an lcd monitor with speakers?
Err okorder
Q:do all LCD monitors have HDMI ports?
No and No There are known hardware differences between PS3 and LCD's this is due to compatibility in HDMI versions that was released over the past few years bets why: New PS3 and New LCD's very likely to be compatible but read reviews and do some Google searches to confirm this

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