The appliance of color coated sheet

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20 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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coil color:

RAL standard

coil weight:

3-5 ton

coil thickness:


coil width:



fireproof, waterproof, anti-erosion

main application:

appliances materials

other application:

electrical appliances, agricultural equipments, vehicle parts


galvanized, galvalume or prepainted

zinc coating:


special use:

high-strength steel plate

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Standard exporting seaworthy package, waterproof and anti-erosion. The sample is free.
Delivery Detail:20-25 days


1.China direct supplier 
2.color steel coil 
3.ppgi ppgl gi gl 
4.galvanized and galvalume 
5.fireproof and anti-erosion

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Q:Does electric water heater usually drive electricity?
Mainly to see the frequency of the use of water heaters, the use of high frequency, has been open, relatively power-saving.
Q:The difference between a hot water heater and a water storage heater
2. The former is easy to use and energy-saving. It is suitable for occasions with less water consumption but high frequency of use, such as taps at the hand washing table and little water used for hand washing, but the frequency of use is high at one time. The latter is suitable for occasions with large water consumption, but relatively energy consumption. Because the design principle of automatic constant temperature insulation, namely water heater to work, will be on the cold water heating, when reaching the set temperature, stop heating, insulation box for storage, when the storage temperature long time decreased to a certain temperature, the automatic heating, to ensure that the water temperature is not too low to drop.
Q:I want to buy an electric water heater, not too expensive, cost-effective, trouble for me to recommend one!
As much as possible to buy cost-effective, there is no need to buy expensive, I used 3 AO Smith electric water heater
Q:What do you mean by "H" and "L" on electric water heater?
3, electric water heaters are equipped with taps, and with reflux installation, usually with "blue" means cold water, red "hot water". When the utility model is used, the red water faucet is unscrewed, and the hot water flows out. At this time, if the water temperature is too high, the blue faucet can be unscrewed at the same time, and the water quantity can be adjusted to obtain the suitable hot water.
Q:Why doesn't the electric water heater run out of hot water for a while?
Electric water heater is powered on for a long time, the central water heater temperature sensor in the water heater, heating to warm water, just the upper part of the water heater only the set temperature, the temperature lower is not hot, to the upper and lower temperature and heating again, so repeated several times, the whole cylinder can heat water, (this process is automatic, as the use of the refrigerator for the same reason) the effective volume of water heater can be fully utilized, so the electric water heater is not as open with the use, but 24 hours open, of course, it must use a little more electricity to heat insulation from offset,...... Rather, it brings to us is a comfortable life, the use of foreign electric water heater is very popular, it is the use of comfort and reaction speed than the gas water heater, oxygen consumption, environmental protection is relatively good, no switching power supply that there is a great relationship and people's consumption level and consumption concept.
Q:How can the electric water heater dry the water and how to fetch water?
! Over a period of time of shower water, then close the mixing valve, without closing the water inlet valve, has been open, and then plug the power supply, open the power supply, for heating,...... For the first time, 1-2 hours later, you can use the hot water mixing valve open, with the open with the use, the inlet valve open not closed.
Q:What is the low cost of electric water heater and gas water heater?
Gas water heater costs low,1, usually the calorific value of the gas is 8000 - 8500KCal (kcal, kcal) / cubic meter, that is, a cubic day of gas combustion can release 8000 - 8500KCal of heat.
Q:Is the electric water heater safe?
Compared to other electric water heaters, water heaters are safe, but it is recommended to buy some brands, which are 3C certified. Such as Smith, Haier, Yang Zi, Vanward, MeiLing, and Macro to Yameina electric water heater, he has 2 sets of security system. The first is the PS security system, which was first adopted by Smith, but now the general brand has been adopted. Second is the three line disconnection protection system, once the leakage of electric shock occurs, his FireWire, ground, zero line will be disconnected at the same time, the loss will be reduced to the minimum, basically there is no possibility of electric shock. As long as the use of attention, the following points will not be the problem.
Q:Why is the heater suddenly burning out of hot water?
Treatment method:1. Clean the inner bladder and replace the magnesium bar.2 turn the power switch to the maximum power shift3. Replace the electric heating tube.
Q:What's wrong with an electric water heater on a power outage?
Whether it is tripping in extreme weather, thunder or lightning, if it is possible that the sensitivity of the leakage switch is higher, resulting in tripping, you can try another one, or you can not change;4, above is only my judgment of this fault train of thought, for reference only

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