The 316L stainless steel pipe

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316L is a stainless steel grades, said the main containing Cr, Ni, Mo digital percentage probably contains (not accurate, probably only), 316L is the material corresponding US label, Sus 316L is corresponding to the Japanese label. Standard of our country as 022Cr17Ni12Mo2. (new standard) of old brand 00Cr17Ni14Mo2

316L - C: chemical composition of carbon less than 0.030 silicon Si: less than or equal to 1

Manganese: less than 2 Mn

316L S: less than 0.030 sulfur

P: less than 0.035 P

Chrome Cr:16.00 ~ 18

Ni Ni:12.00 ~ 16

Mo Mo:2.00 ~ 3

Corrosion resistance

316L because of its excellent corrosion resistance is widely used in chemical industry, 316L is belong to 18-8 type austenitic stainless steel are derived, add the Mo element 2 ~ 3%. On the basis of 316L, and derived a lot of steel, such as adding a small amount of Ti derived after 316Ti, add a small amount of N derived after 316N, increased Ni, Mo content derived 317L.

The market of the existing 316L most is in accordance with the American Standard to production. Because of cost considerations, steel mills generally the Ni content of the products as much as possible to lower limit on. American standard regulation, Ni of 316L content for 10 ~ 14% day marks the regulation, Ni of 316L content for 12 ~ 15%. According to the minimum standard, American Standard and Japanese standard 2% of the difference in the Ni content, reflected in the price is quite huge, so customers in the purchase of 316L products still need to see, the product is according to ASTM or JIS standard.

Mo 316L content makes this kind of steel has excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, can be safely used in containing Cl - and halogen ion environment. As the main application of 316L is its chemical properties, surface inspection of steel on the requirements of 316L was slightly lower (relative to 304), higher on the surface of the customer must strengthen the surface inspection dynamics.

316L - Mechanical Properties of tensile strength B (MPa): 480

The yield strength of sigma 0.2 (MPa): 177

Elongation of 5 (%): 40

Section shrinkage (%): = 60 PSI

Hardness: = 187HB; = 90HRB; = 200HV

Hardness is less than or equal to 187HB = 90HRB = 200HV

Density: 7.98g/cm3;

Specific heat ratio (20 DEG C): 0.502J/ (g*K)

Thermal conductivity (W/ (m*K))

100 C 300 C 500 C

15.1 18.4 20.9

316L - heat treatment solution 1010 ~ 1150 DEG C fast cooling.

316L - metallographic organization characteristics for austenitic.

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Q:Stainless steel pipe 301 material and 304 material what is the difference?
On the surface, hardness is the test, then the material is NI, the difference is so small, the overall price is almost the same. Now, there are a lot of non German, this guy played with 301, when 304 sold.
Q:Can magnets attract stainless steel tubes?
There are two kinds of stainless steel, one is made of nickel as the main component of stainless steel, one is chromium as the main component of stainless steel. The magnet can absorb chromium containing stainless steel and can not suck nickel containing stainless steel.
Q:The difference between galvanized steel pipe and stainless steel pipe
Plastic pipe, plastic pipe, also known as plastic composite pipe, with steel pipes for the matrix, by spraying, rolling, leaching, absorption process in steel tube (bottom tube) steel plastic composite pipe internal surface is welded with a layer of plastic coating or plastic anti-corrosion layer on the inner surface and the outer surface of the weld. The plastic pipe has excellent corrosion resistance and small friction resistance. Delivery of epoxy resin coated steel pipe is suitable for water, water, water, oil, gas and other medium, PVC plastic pipe for drainage, water, oil, gas and other media delivery.
Q:SA-179 what kind of material is steel pipe?
SA179 corresponds to China's material is GB8163 10# seamless steel pipe.
Q:304 stainless steel will rust it?
Why is stainless steel rust? When the stainless steel tube surface appear brown rust (point) when people are surprised: "the stainless steel does not rust, rust is stainless steel, steel may be a problem". In fact, this is a lack of understanding of stainless steel one-sided misconceptions. Stainless steel will rust under certain conditions.
Q:What is the difference between the stainless steel tube and tube rolling
Stainless steel stands for material. According to the production process, steel pipe, sub welded pipe, hot rolled pipe, cold rolled pipe and cold drawn pipe. What you say should refers to the cold drawn pipe drawing. Pipe called cold drawn, round steel called cold drawn. Compared with these processes, cold drawing and cold rolling are close to each other. The accuracy is higher, because of the plastic deformation, the mechanical properties are better. The specific difference is that the cold rolling is less than the cold drawn processing track, the accuracy and surface roughness are higher, and the processing cost is high. Cold drawing hardness is high, processing cost is low, processing will be wasted.
Q:Stainless steel pipe pickling ratio
Usage: used for contaminant removal of various types of stainless steel parts, sheet metal surface and its equipment rust, oxide skin, after welding of yellow blue black spot welding, a silver white metal surface cleaning, and surface passivation, corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
Q:Disadvantages of stainless steel tubes
Stainless steel composite pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe in the structure of almost, to some extent, the performance is also relatively close. Similarly, due to the strength of the steel, the construction process is still a problem.
Q:Stainless steel pipe welding interface leakage, how can we not leak?
Welding process should be completely observed, especially between layers, and each layer shall be welded until the temperature is controlled;
Q:What color is stainless steel? What color is stainless steel pipe culture?
Stainless steel is usually silver, also has colored stainless steel

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