Thailand Fried Ice Cream Machine/Fry Ice Cream Machine/Rollled Ice Cream Machine

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Product Description:

Description of Ice Cream Machine:

Ice frying machine, elegant design, stainless steel production, to adapt to all kinds of fruit juices, milk, soy milk and other products processing, strong interest, good taste, rich nutrition, refreshing cool.100 % of the copper tube refrigeration system, 100 % soldering copper tube of the bottomof the pot, densityreaches 100%, good refrigeration effect, fast speed, is more than 2 times of the peer products refrigeration speed.

Festures of Ice Cream Machine:

Model: GL-F700 fired ice cream machine

Voltage: 220v/50hz, 110v/60hz


N.W.: 130KG



Specifications of Ice Cream Machine:

1, the production is convenient, according to the instructions, into the raw materials and a variety of food, along with fried.
2, a wide range of speculation, soft drinks, coffee, fruit juice, milk, soy milk, watermelon juice, etc. can be 


 3.Business scope: stations, theatres, schools, tourist attractions, leisure places, urban and rural towns, can set up business. 

 4, low cost, quick return


Images of Ice Cream Machine:

Thailand Fried Ice Cream Machine/Fry Ice Cream Machine/Rollled Ice Cream Machine


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:How to use the refrigerator automatic ice maker?
Aftermarket installation. Make sure the pipe is connected and the water supply is normal.2. press the "ice mode" button and choose an ice making model, ice or ice.
Q:Ice machine usually how to maintain?
Cleaning, the use of vacuum cleaners, brush and other cleaning surface condensation of oil and dust, can not use sharp metal tools to clean, so as not to damage the condenser. Keep ventilation smooth. The ice maker must unscrew the intake hose head at two months,
Q:The ice machine always stops and restarts. What's the matter?
Ice machine failure to stop, there may be condensation temperature is too high, resulting in self-protection of the machine to restart their own. Is your ventilation bad heat?
Q:What's the ice making mechanism?
There are probably several reasons for this:1. refrigerant pressure is too high or too low, resulting in abnormal compressor operation.2. refrigerant pipe with gas or debris or pipe deformation.
Q:Do you need to shutdown the ice maker after work?
Unwanted。Operation method:1. Ice making processIt must be checked before starting the automatic water supply device is normal, the level of water storage tank is reasonable (the factory has just adjusted level, users can not be adjusted).
Q:How to install water cooled ice maker
Water ice making machine should have four pipes, a water inlet interface is above two, the condensed water inlet below the water inlet, outlet is below two, the condensed water drainage outlet opening above, installation is not what is not the same, are ordinary installation, as long as the water drainage pipe is OK
Q:Milk tea ice maker usually needs big power
Power selection of ice maker for milk tea shop,First of all, is to see their milk tea shop every day with the amount of ice, according to their milk tea shop with ice amount to choose the right size of ice machine, general ice machine ice to be slightly larger than the amount of ice. Tea shop when it comes to holidays and more, the customer is time, but also in advance to prepare ice. The power of a common ice maker is about a few hundred watts.
Q:What equipment do you need to build an ice making plant?
The equipment needs only an ice maker to produce ice, rent the factory or build one by itself.Produce 20 tons at a time (can be custom-built), produce 60 tons 24 hours. Ice will come out in 8 hours, not so complicated. Ice type is cuboid, weight 50KG/ blocks (customizable).
Q:What is the principle of ice thickness sensor for ice maker? The best specific point, which master enlighten
The working principle of ice maker:1 ice machine correctly connected to water and power supply, control circuit board is energized to start, first determine the water level, such as the water level under the inlet solenoid valve opens to the sink when the water reaches a predetermined level after the hot gas solenoid valve open balance system pressure. The pressure balance system, compressor start delay 30 seconds, delay 60 seconds of water mercury running water pumping cycle, ice mold temperature is lowered and the ice on the ice when the ice mold reaches a certain thickness when hot gas solenoid valve open, the refrigerant flow through the heat of ice ice mold die is heated, the ice into the ice slide into the storage refrigerator. Ice fell away the skate board and quickly reset, thus ending the ice shedding and enter a new ice making process, so repeated cycle. From the inlet to the automatic control of the whole process of ice, do not need to turn off the power source box.
Q:Hzb-25/bf ice machine instructions
3. Place the ice bar in the original position and cover the upper cover. You can make ice by pressing the button.4, according to the different environment temperature and the choice of ice making model, each ice making time is 6 to 15min, ice makerIt is better not to use it outdoors or in direct sunlight.

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