Thailand Fried Ice Cream Machine/Fry Ice Cream Machine/Rollled Ice Cream Machine

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Description of Ice Cream Machine:

Ice frying machine, elegant design, stainless steel production, to adapt to all kinds of fruit juices, milk, soy milk and other products processing, strong interest, good taste, rich nutrition, refreshing cool.100 % of the copper tube refrigeration system, 100 % soldering copper tube of the bottomof the pot, densityreaches 100%, good refrigeration effect, fast speed, is more than 2 times of the peer products refrigeration speed.

Festures of Ice Cream Machine:

Model: GL-F700 fired ice cream machine

Voltage: 220v/50hz, 110v/60hz


N.W.: 130KG



Specifications of Ice Cream Machine:

1, the production is convenient, according to the instructions, into the raw materials and a variety of food, along with fried.
2, a wide range of speculation, soft drinks, coffee, fruit juice, milk, soy milk, watermelon juice, etc. can be 


 3.Business scope: stations, theatres, schools, tourist attractions, leisure places, urban and rural towns, can set up business. 

 4, low cost, quick return


Images of Ice Cream Machine:

Thailand Fried Ice Cream Machine/Fry Ice Cream Machine/Rollled Ice Cream Machine


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:Ice maker, 1 tons of water, how much ice and how much salt do you need? Do you have the process requirements of ice maker?
24 hours to count the words for one to 20 times the water loss of ice ice itself of the weight by 15 minutes time to count.
Q:On the whole, what are the advantages of an automatic solar ice maker?
There have been some applications for research and development of solar automatic ice machines, most of which are solid adsorption refrigeration. These projects are more research oriented, and the successful development of batch products seems to have not been seen.As an independent small system, such as the refrigerator size of solar automatic ice machine, there must be no economic benefits at all.
Q:Why does ice maker use flowing water to make ice transparent, and ice made from still water is milky?
There are a lot of defects, so the white hair (bubble and pore); the flow of the water is not easy to crystallization, may have begun to generate 1 to several nuclei, grew up on this basis, the formation of the crystal is perfect, so transparent.For example, the difference between ordinary quartz and crystal.
Q:Ice taking operation process of ice maker
When the magnetic reed switch is closed again when the machine enters again without stopping the ice making process; compressors are in the ice and ice shedding process; when the ice bucket with ice storage, magnetic reed switch can not be automatically closed when the machine stops working automatically, when removed enough ice, the magnetic reed switch re closed, delay 3 minutes after the machine start, re entered the ice making process.
Q:Do you need to shutdown the ice maker after work?
The plug, the ice machine starts to work, the first pump starts running (exhaust air pump for a short time) about 2 minutes after the compressor is started, the machine enters the state of ice.When the ice thickness reaches the set when the thickness of the ice plate probe started, a defrosting electromagnetic valve to work, the water pump stops working, the hot air into the evaporator, about 1 minutes of ice. When the ice falls, turn the ice down plate and turn on the reed switch. When the reed switch is closed, the machine enters another ice making process.
Q:What is the reason why ice making machines do not make ice?
In the process of making ice machines, there are always many small problems. Then, what are the reasons for the fact that they do not make ice? The following detailed list of a number of reasons
Q:Ice machine is no ice, the pressure and current are normal
See if the whole process is normal.About the ice machine principle, press work began refrigeration, normal 5 minutes, the evaporator back to the trachea strong frost,
Q:Why does the ice making mechanism stop suddenly during the ice making process?
4, the refrigerant charge too much water, can cause the ice blocking.5, dry filter aging failure, loss of proper drying, water absorption function. The 5, especially the 1, the 2, the two most prominent.
Q:Ice in ice machines can be melted in hot water. Can they be drunk?
Snowflake Ice Machine Series (40 kg - 350 kg)Freshwater ice machine series (0.3 tons - 60 tons)Sea water ice machine series (1 tons - 6 tons)
Q:What are the reasons for the ice making mechanism?
The ice making mechanism is thin because the condenser is too dirty, lack of gas, the probe is not allowed, and the expansion valve.Ice maker (English Name: ice maker or ice machine) is a kind of refrigeration equipment that uses water to cool the refrigerant through the evaporator to produce ice. The refrigeration system is adopted

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