TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Product Description:

 Detailed profile

- High-precision DBF

- PC platform

- 10 inch LED screen, pretty, portable and light

- Two probe connector

- Two USB ports

- Powerful image and report management
- Large volume storage image and cineloop
- DICOM 3.0

- Multiple Language Interface
- Supportive of all PC printers and video printers
- Built-in battery


Revolutionary Tablet Ultrasound Scanner
H1 is a smart handheld B/W ultrasound scanner. With revolutionary design, it integrates
ultrasound power in a probe with a touchscreen tablet display. It’s an ideal device for emergency,
first-aid, bedside ultrasound diagnosis. It also makes a good choice for musculoskeletal
application, as well as for veterinary uses.


10” high-resolution tablet capacitive touch screen
Special USB-connected ultrasound probes, automatic identification, Auto-freeze
Full digital imaging technologyMicrosoft Windows 7 O/S
Compatible with all printers
Standard configuration:

 TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Q:What is the concept of static electricity and radiation?
Static electricity is a charge in a quiescent state. In the dry and windy autumn, in daily life, people often encounter this phenomenon: undress in the evening to sleep, the dark often hear the crackling sound, and accompanied by blue, meet the handshake, the finger just a touch The hair will often "floating" up, the more chaos chaos, pull the door handle, when the faucet will be "electric shock", often issued by the hair, "Snapped, snapped, snapped" sound, which is happening in the body of static electricity. Radiation refers to the source of electromagnetic energy from the source part of the distance from the source to the distant transmission, and then return to the field of the phenomenon of energy to electromagnetic waves or particles (such as alpha particles, beta particles, etc.) in the form of outward diffusion. All the objects in nature, as long as the temperature above the absolute temperature of zero, are in the form of electromagnetic waves and particles kept out of time to send heat, this way of transmitting energy is called radiation. The energy of the radiation is radiated straight from all directions of the radiation source. The energy emitted by an object through radiation is called radiant energy. Radiation is calculated according to Roentgen / Hour (R). Radiation has an important feature that it is "reciprocal". Regardless of the object (gas) temperature are high and low radiation, a body can be radiation to the B object, while B can also be a radiation. The term is commonly used in ionizing radiation. The radiation itself is a neutral word, but the radiation of some substances may cause harm.
Q:Home downstairs telecommunications fiber and digital TV receiver (the whole district) will not have radiation, the human body has no harm?
Fiber has outer protection, almost no radiation, digital TV receiver is also very little cable radiation Wireless router for the electromagnetic radiation problem, the reporter comprehensive expert recommendations, lists some of the recommendations to reduce radiation, provided to the residents reference: 1, away from the wireless device. 2, do the isolation, but also reduce the radiation. 3, notebook wireless Internet access, do not be too close to the body. 4, computer operators eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges and milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement the body of vitamin A and protein. But also drink tea, tea, tea polyphenols and other active substances conducive to the absorption and resistance to radioactive substances.
Q:Is there any radiation from the telecommunications fiber?
Fiber light is generally lower than 0 dBmw, radiation effects can be ignored, but to avoid directly pick up the fiber optic connector terminal directly against the eye, the transmission of high power will cause damage to the eyes.
Q:Does LCD TV have radiation?
There is, but very small, generally watching TV when the TV is more than 3 meters away, can be ignored
Q:Neighborhoods: ultrasonic cleaning related knowledge, the more the better
 The United States produced more than 40 companies specializing in the production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, more than about 10 famous, Western European countries, the production of cleaning equipment is mainly Britain, France, Germany and Switzerland and other countries. China's ultrasonic cleaning equipment, about 10 major manufacturers, small-scale individual companies countless.     Foreign manufacturers are very concerned about the chemical cleaning agent supporting the supply and cleaning process consulting services, which is the most lack of domestic manufacturers, the domestic manufacturers to consider the production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, very few specialized departments engaged in the development of cleaning agents To meet the needs of different cleaning objects. If the ultrasonic cleaning equipment and chemical cleaning agent can be a good combination will get better results, because the main physical mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is the phenomenon of ultrasonic cavitation, and cavitation strength in addition to the ultrasonic power density, frequency and so on , But also with the cleaning fluid viscosity coefficient, surface tension, vapor pressure and temperature and other parameters. At present, from the perspective of environmental protection requires water-based cleaning agent instead of organic solvents for ultrasonic cleaning, and many domestic manufacturers have not yet been able to adapt to this challenge, but also need a wide range of cooperative development.
Q:As long as the electricity of the machine, have radiation?
We often say that harmful radiation, refers to the radioactive objects in a series of physical changes when the launch of a 'wave', it generally has high frequency characteristics, such as microwave inside the microwave, the phone signal radiation - Very small on the human body is basically harmless, fluorescent light Han, due to the large wavelengths of light emitted, the frequency is low, so harmless
Q:Does the fiber - optic broadband room have radiation to the residents downstairs and downstairs?
Light did not radiate But the engine room is not good to say, to see how to do to protect it
Q:Are all factories required to carry out environmental impact assessment of radiation equipment?
No. Only the radiation source unit to do evaluation, specifically asked the local environmental protection department
Q:Why when the hydrogen atoms radiate a photon, the potential can be reduced, nuclear power
Hydrogen atoms outside the electrons away from the nucleus, the greater the potential energy, the smaller the kinetic energy, but the greater the total energy,
Q:Do not work on household appliances affect pregnant women do
Many pregnant women are extremely worried about from the refrigerator, washing machines, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones and other household appliances and computer terminals, ultrasound and power line radiation affect baby growth, early wear "radiation" and avoid contact with home appliances and office equipment , Even worse, simply refused to do ultrasound examination and delay the diagnosis of early pregnancy. In fact, most of the investigation and study that, under normal conditions, these radiation has no significant impact on humans, but why do we read the "influential" report? This is because many toxic studies are in animals In vivo, and in these experiments the amount of radiation used in our lives can be exposed to the amount of radiation hundreds to thousands of times, the experimental method of radiation and we are not exactly the same. In daily life, we are less likely to come into contact with the same radiation.   Also pay attention to protection, it is best not to use electric blankets (especially 3 months before pregnancy), less exposure to microwave ovens. Pregnant women bedroom appliances should not be placed too much, especially color TV, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc., should not be placed in the bedroom of pregnant women,

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