TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Product Description:

 Detailed profile

- High-precision DBF

- PC platform

- 10 inch LED screen, pretty, portable and light

- Two probe connector

- Two USB ports

- Powerful image and report management
- Large volume storage image and cineloop
- DICOM 3.0

- Multiple Language Interface
- Supportive of all PC printers and video printers
- Built-in battery


Revolutionary Tablet Ultrasound Scanner
H1 is a smart handheld B/W ultrasound scanner. With revolutionary design, it integrates
ultrasound power in a probe with a touchscreen tablet display. It’s an ideal device for emergency,
first-aid, bedside ultrasound diagnosis. It also makes a good choice for musculoskeletal
application, as well as for veterinary uses.


10” high-resolution tablet capacitive touch screen
Special USB-connected ultrasound probes, automatic identification, Auto-freeze
Full digital imaging technologyMicrosoft Windows 7 O/S
Compatible with all printers
Standard configuration:

 TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Q:What is radiation? How did radiation produce?
TV tower, telecommunications microwave tower, mobile phones, microwave ovens, motors, motors and so have radiation, electromagnetic field generated
Q:Can pregnant women sleep on the computer?
The more the number of computers in the room, placed more intensive, the lower the frequency of electromagnetic radiation in the air the greater the greater the harm to the human body. The northern radiation intensity of the computer monitor (screen) greatly exceeds the radiation intensity on the front of the display (screen). Some enterprises and institutions to use the computer's workplace, school computer classrooms and some Internet cafes before and after the left and right placed around the computer, the front row of staff back to the back of the computer monitor back, before and after the neighboring computer, Big. Even if a general radiation protection net (plate) is attached to the display can only block a small amount of radiation from the front of the display. Can not solve the fundamental problem. Many people mistakenly believe that as long as the LCD monitor to replace the computer on the ordinary (glass) display, you can completely eliminate the computer host, monitor, mouse, keyboard and related equipment on all the radiation. In fact, it is impossible to eliminate all parts of the computer in the whole part of the radiation, but only to high investment to reduce the local radiation on the display, but still can not eliminate the computer master, mouse, keyboard and related equipment on the computer radiation People's problems.
Q:Radiation 4 stable reflection platform how power
Build a lot of generators, provide at least 30 power, and then build a poles, respectively, the generator link to the poles, and then from the poles as a starting point, linked to the molecular reaction platform, and the controller on the line.
Q:Will the fiber optic box of the fiber be worn?
Mobile phones through electromagnetic waves for information transmission, these radio waves are known as mobile phone radiation. Cell phone radiation is measured by SAR value. There is no harm to the phone on the human body has no harm to the marathon controversy has never stopped. Some people think that mobile phone radiation on the health of human health is the objective existence of serious social problems, it will not because the mobile phone industry deliberately conceal and avoid can disappear. It was also suggested that mobile phone radiation on human health harmless. "Analysis of mobile phone radiation hazards health rumors" analysis of mobile phone radiation problems, "base station and health" analysis of the base station radiation problems, but also specifically explained the "if you want to reduce radiation, the base station should go into the district" truth. But there is no comprehensive introduction to the electromagnetic radiation standards of popular science articles, literature library of science and technology articles professional too strong, not suitable for public reading, so I compiled the relevant content to write this article, with a view to help the public have a clear and clear understanding. From the perspective of the potential impact on human health, there are two international standards for measuring electromagnetic radiation, namely, power density standard and specific absorptivity standard, the former is the field of electromagnetics, which is still related to the electrical, but has been extended To the field of biology.
Q:Mobile, Unicom, telecommunications equipment RU radiation? What is the best radiation distance?
Microwave is mainly through the launch of high-power micro-beam to harm the human organ is mainly the nervous system, reproductive system, eye, etc., on the cardiovascular system, liver also have significant damage effect. Electromagnetic pollution is the fourth largest public hazard National Institute of Electronics Electrotechnical Committee Zhao Yufeng teach It is said that any charged body has electromagnetic radiation, when the electromagnetic radiation intensity exceeds the national standard, it will produce negative Surface effect, causing human disease. At present, electromagnetic pollution has been recognized as the following air pollution, water pollution, Noise pollution after the fourth largest human pollution. According to reports, in our lives, electromagnetic radiation pollution is everywhere, there are television broadcasting tower, Radar station, communication transmitter, substation, high voltage wire, as well as electronic equipment, medical equipment, automation
Q:Are all factories required to carry out environmental impact assessment of radiation equipment?
No, look at the nature of the business. Such as power plant transmission lines more than 100KV need to do radiation EIA, and the need for relevant units to do the evaluation
Q:What is the safety value of electromagnetic radiation?
According to the International Radiation Protection Association and the International Labor Organization, the safety strength of the electromagnetic field is 0.2-0.4 microtra (which is 24 hours of contact with the computer when the electromagnetic field safety limit), below this strength is no harm to the human body. Some specialized research institutions have tested the electromagnetic field strength of the computer and found that the intensity of the electromagnetic field close to the screen was 0.9, but at about 5 centimeters away from the screen, the intensity was less than 0.1, and then further to 30 centimeters (this was the computer operator's The habit between the body and the screen distance), its strength is almost impossible to detect. In addition, the electromagnetic waves in space is indeed ubiquitous, but in general, this electromagnetic radiation intensity is very small, will not cause harm to human health.
Q:On the computer time to see a long time to vomit, which know how this is going on? The B
It is you can not adapt to the reasons for playing computer for a long time, the computer or less play, both damage vision, but also have to absorb a lot of radiation, if not necessary or less. If you really need to often play the computer, you can try to step by step practice.One day only one or two hours, and so on in the plus one hour, to adapt to a few days plus, so go on You will not be vomiting again for months
Q:Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Ultrasonic cleaning anti-scaling principle: Ultrasonic cleaning and anti-scaling device mainly consists of ultrasonic drive power, ultrasonic signal transmission cable, ultrasonic transducer and the installation of ultrasonic transducer pipe assembly components. Ultrasonic cleaning and anti-scaling equipment is mainly the use of ultrasonic "cavitation" effect, "chemical" effect, "shear" effect, "fake" effect, so that the strong sound field treatment of fluid, so that fluid fouling substances in the ultrasound field , Its physical form and chemical properties of a series of changes, so that scattered, crushed, loose, loose and easy to attach pipe wall formation fouling. In the role of acoustic anti-scaling device to produce two effects: First, the old scale on the tube can continue to peel off;
Q:What is the power supply voltage of the beauty amplifier?
The input operating voltage is not important. The operating voltage of the transducer is important.

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