TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Product Description:

 Detailed profile

- High-precision DBF

- PC platform

- 10 inch LED screen, pretty, portable and light

- Two probe connector

- Two USB ports

- Powerful image and report management
- Large volume storage image and cineloop
- DICOM 3.0

- Multiple Language Interface
- Supportive of all PC printers and video printers
- Built-in battery


Revolutionary Tablet Ultrasound Scanner
H1 is a smart handheld B/W ultrasound scanner. With revolutionary design, it integrates
ultrasound power in a probe with a touchscreen tablet display. It’s an ideal device for emergency,
first-aid, bedside ultrasound diagnosis. It also makes a good choice for musculoskeletal
application, as well as for veterinary uses.


10” high-resolution tablet capacitive touch screen
Special USB-connected ultrasound probes, automatic identification, Auto-freeze
Full digital imaging technologyMicrosoft Windows 7 O/S
Compatible with all printers
Standard configuration:

 TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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In the residential wall within 2.5 meters is not allowed to apply for construction, is protected by law. Vertical distance of 12m away, the high-voltage wire radiation will not cause harm to the human body
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Extremely weak radiation, will not endanger human health

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